Update All MAC Month and Project 100 Days/Mini Haul

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about doing an All MAC Month like I had done an All Essie Month in December. I started on February 1st and… couldn’t pull it off. I love my MAC make up I do, but after a while all the shimmer ( I don’t seem to have matte MAC shadows) and the lack of true neutrals got to me. On the 14th I called it quits. I will make an effort to wear my MAC shadows more but right now I need my Catrice All About Matt and All About Rose palettes as well as my Naked 2. The way I do my make up (post still to come as soon as I can get the lighting to cooperate) has changed so much the MAC shadows can’t pull it off anymore. So that was a fail.

My Project100Days was a bit of a fail too and then again it wasn’t.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 57 58
The first fail came when one of my DM’s of choice had 20% store wide and 50% on color cosmetics. That was too good to pass up BUT I only bought stuff that had been on my list for a long time like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, their gel eyeliner in blue (finally a blue liner that doesn’t stain my eyelids, I couldn’t be happier) and the Garnier micellaire water for acne prone skin. I also bought essie Merino Cool which has been discontinued since, but polishes are not banned so that was technically not a fail. I also bought two back up mascaras because I am about to run out of my regular one and have already run out of my water proof mascara (sucks when you have a funeral to host), again buying back ups is not a fail. So that sort- of- fail came about three weeks ago, the second one came today.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 55 53

Rossmann had 30% off of eye products (read shadows, liners, mascaras) and I treated myself to another  Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze/ On and On Bronze and one of the new essence I ❤ Nude shadows in my favorite tauping. The I ❤ Nude shadows have the same incredible quality as the shadows of the Cookies and Cream TE a while back and while I usually work with more grey and purple taupes this is ever so much browner and warmer, the perfect crease and possibly contouring color. Ever since I started wearing make up at work colors like this have become my best friend, in fact the Catrice All About Matt palette has become my ‘Work- Palette’. It is so easy to wear this really light and neutral so that it gives just some definition to the eyes without drawing too much attention or that it would be noticeable if something moved or smudged (which so far it hasn’t, the shadows are great quality, especially for the price).

Photo 19-02-2015 19 53 15

On top of that I bought a back up of my Rival de Loop Moisturizing Gel, which comes in a new packaging and doesn’t say ‘without silicones/parabens’ anymore. I’m rather weary of that and I can’t compare the ingredients because I don’t have the box the old one came in anymore. Makes me a little grumpy that. I also got a back up of the clear up strips.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 56 37

However, I have been really good at asking myself ‘Do I really need that? Do I have something comparable? Would I actually wear that?’ So yes, I failed a little bit, but over the past 8-ish weeks I have become so much better at buying only relevant make up, if that makes sense. For instance I stood in front of the Catrice Nude Purism display today and bought NOTHING even though everything looked SO nice and was reasonably good quality. For the simple reason that I either had something comparable or I knew I wouldn’t wear it for long. And even when DM had their 50% off I didn’t go completely cray but only bought the stuff I had thought about for a long time and would really get use out of.

Today February 19th is actually hump day. 50 days of the 100 are done and dusted. Even though I didn’t stick to the ban perfectly I feel like I have found a balance for buying make up. I feel very comfortable with my collection right now.

If I don’t muck up big time in the next 50 days, I think Project 100 Days was a success


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