June Playlist 2015

I’ve always loved music, but over the past few months, especially since my Gran’s death, music started to play a huge role again in my life. We all know I’m mainly a metalhead and I am sure that this love will never end, I have started to explore other fields lately. Especially country. A couple of years ago I started with a Gloriana song, then Lady Antebellum made an appearance (to whom I returned this winter for their Christmas album). Through one of my recent mega-favorite youTubers Casey Holmes I found Kip Moore this late winter. I still love his album but have since expanded my palate. Now let’s see what is actually on my playlist:

Photo 04-06-2015 22 52 28

Pitch Perfect 2 OST
PP2 must have been one of my most eagerly awaited movies of 2015. I was lucky enough to be able to go see the preview with my best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even if the German accent of DSM is cringe-worthy, but the story was ditzy and semi- parodiacal with a ton of funny moments and great cameos. I still can’t get over Clay Matthews et. al. , he was so great (for a Packer, anyway… jk 😜) The music they chose for the movie didn’t seem to be as mainstream as in the first movie but that maybe a German perspective because for instance the Country parts of the Riff Off (yes, there is another one and it is great IMO) don’t translate that well here, we simply don’t know them. I loved the movie’s rendition of the Universal fanfare (which is my favorite movie fanfare to begin with) as an a cappella piece for Elizabeth Banks’ and John Michael Higgins’ characters, perfect beginning!  Next on my list of tracks that stood out to me is the Kennedy Center Performance. This one ties almost seamlessly on to the last performance of the original PP movie with its different styles and upbeat tone. Then I got the Car Show performance, which introduces DSM and I loved their dark edgy set up and I love that they used Muse’s Uprising which is a song that we desperately need in this day and age. The Riff Off was one of my most anticipated parts and it was almost equal parts mainstream pop, country and 90’s hip hop (major throwback moment). I also loved the Bellas’ Back to Basics mash up and the campfire edition of Cups.

Last but not least the two world championship performances. Again I loved both DSM and Bellas, especially Flashlight was a nice touch. Sidenote: I would have loved to have Katey Sagal actually contribute a full track for the soundtrack, she has such a great voice.

Photo 04-06-2015 22 57 51

Carrie Underwood – Greatest Hits: Decade #1
After PP2 I was obsessing over the Riff Off, especially over the country part. I really loved Beca’s part and went looking for the title and voilà here comes Carrie Underwood with Before He Cheats. Demolishing someone’s property just because is neither legal nor morally correct, but fantasizing about is just fine IMHO. Either way, because of Before He Cheats I listened into Carrie’s Best of- Album and loved it. Some songs just make me dance around the room (Cowboy Casanova, Last Name and Undo It), some are just freaking cute (All-American Girl), some just strike a chord with me (Wasted, Little Toy Guns, Blown Away, So Small) and some I still can’t listen to in public because they still make me cry everytime (Just A Dream, Temporary Home, Don’t Forget to Remember Me). And some I love just so, like Mama’s Song, Two Black Cadillacs (don’t get me started on that one, I’m obsessing over it -.-) and surprisingly Jesus, Take the Wheel and Something in the Water, even though everything with an even borderline christian message makes me run screaming for the hills. I have settled for neo-humanist with agnostic tendencies and I am very comfortable with that.

A lot of Carrie’s songs tell stories, some are a bit cutesy and poppy but I really like that at the moment. I love her voice and the warmth her music seems to have in it (obviously all due to how it is arranged, etc.). Due to the ‘all out of hope and all out of fight’ I was in the past months, all I want right now is to curl up with music that just envelopes me and gives me peace for a while and Carrie Underwood and before her Kip Moore do that to me.

Photo 04-06-2015 23 10 57

Xandria – Sacrificium
Boy, their new singer has an angelic voice o_O She essentially beats everybody else I have ever listened to before. Btw, here is your metal for the month. Our Neverworld , The Undiscovered Land and Come With Me are the perfect songs to be lured away to better places, Until the End keeps me going and Little Red Relish and Stardust kinda tell stories. And OH MY GOD that voice.

So there you go, this is what will get me through the month, it’s a tough one too, with a paper due in the second half of June that I simply am not allowed to screw up.
I miss singing, too. I used to sing a lot and in a band but I haven’t done it in a LOOONG time and now when I use my voice I can’t hit the high notes anymore the way I used to and it sounds all scratchy and dusty. Meh. Need to get back to just belt sh*t out. It’s good for the soul.


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