Hair Masterpost and First Attempt with a Conic Wand

 I talked about writing this post for months but I always thought I wasn’t ready, something was missing another thing not perfect yet. Then again, I’ve been using the same stuff for months now and even re-purchased a shampoo, which usually doesn’t happen, since I never found one that seemed worth it. So I decided to ignore everything that was not perfect yet and dive right in, I mean, I can always post updates, right?

I was blessed with rather thick and sturdy hair in a nice reddish brown color. My hair was so thick and sturdy in fact, that an old hairdresser of mine complained she couldn’t handle it. Needless to say I switched the hairdresser after that. I mean she is the expert, if she can’t handle my hair she can’t be really good, eh?
Over the past I went through phases of coloring my hair and leaving it be until about five years ago, I decided to dye it much darker. For about a year I dyed it every  5 weeks with the result that my hair was in such a horrible state that I had to cut it off to my earlobes and let the rest grow out. Mental note: If you dye your hair let a professional do it and don’t dry it out further by using a volumizing shampoo!!
Generally speaking my hair is rather dry but I suffer from a greasy scalp, due to this the past 4 years were dedicated to finding shampoos and conditioners that would not weigh my hair further down but still keep it intensely moisturized. And yes, it took me until now to find a combo that I am content with. 
One important step on my way, was to change around my way of washing my hair, by only applying conditioner from my earlobes down and the shampoo only on my scalp, ever since then my hair has been doing a lot better. 
After an odyssee of trying out everything from high end brands to the lowest end drugstore, this is what remained: 


In the picture above you can see the stuff I use every time I wash my hair.
(left to right)

L’Oréal Elvital Glatt- Intense with Argan Oil and Thermo- Protect Shampoo and Conditioner 

(The equivalent for this in the UK and the US seems to be the L’Oréal ELVIVE Smooth-Intense range)
This shampoo leaves my hair shiny, clean and deeply moisturized (yes, the shampoo alone!). It worked miracles for my hair. The scent is very light and fresh and not at all your typical heavy oil smell.
As mentioned before I apply the conditioner from the earlobes down. It is a thick yellowy paste of the same scent as the shampoo and is as well deeply moisturizing without weighing my hair down.

Kérastase Specifique K Bain Gommage Intervention Antipelliculaire
I might switch this shampoo out once it is empty, in fact I will have to, since it has been discontinued. This shampoo stands for the fact that I always pair my argan oil shampoo with a shampoo for greasy hair, I know this sounds as if they would cancel each other out but in my case they really don’t. On the other hand the Kérastase shampoo does not work as spectecularly as I would like and I won’t miss it much when I run out. My next candidate to try out is actually the Redken shampoo for greasy hair.

Nivea Styling Mousse Volume Sensation
Again a ‘I can’t live without this and will repurchase’-product. This mousse gives my hair longlasting volume and for some reason it holds my grease at bay, when I use this product I get a lot later greasy than if I don’t. I just massage it into my roots before blow- drying my hair (again I only blow-dry the scalp and at a very low heat-setting).

L’Oréal Elvital Öl Magique
(L’Oréal ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil)
This is my latest addition and it caused an absolute addiction. I use this oil every day and sometimes twice. For one I put 4 pumps of this through my hair before I wash it, before blow-drying I put two pumps through the still wet ends, and every day after brushing out my hair I put a pump of this again through my ends.
Nothing has ever left my ends so soft and healthy-feeling than this product. My hair absorbs the oil fully and does not become weighed down at all no matter how many times I use it or how much I pack on.
Using hot tools on my hair used to be a complete nightmare because my ends would need days and days to recover from it, this oil erases the dryness caused by the heat from my hair and leaves it soft and smooth without ruining the curls, I couldn’t rave about this enough. Another plus is that it comes at a significantly lower price point than Moroccan Oil.   



Syoss Anti- Breakage Milk
I use this whenever I wash my hair but mainly to use it up. This doesn’t seem to do anything for my hair but it doesn’t hurt it either.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive and Ultimate Repair Express Repair Leave- In Conditioning Spray
I used to wear these every day but the argan oil conditioner and the hair oil have made them pretty much redundant and I only use them when my hair seems to need an extra kick. I still love these though I think they are great products and definitely worth checking out!  


 Styling Products

L’Oréal Elnett Absolute & Shine Hairspray
Smells like dead grandma but this is certainly one of the best hairprays I ever had and worth every penny, it gives me all the hold I need but leaves my hair feeling soft and natural, in other words it does exactly what it says it would.

Balea Shine Gel Wax
I don’t think this is available outside of continental Europe but than again it is not too unique either. This comes as a clear jelly, smells nice, gives my hair a nice shine and gets the job done. I mainly use this to calm down fly-aways when I put my hair up in a ponytail or a bun.

Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel Heat Protectant up to 220°C
My go- to heat protectant. I love the smell and it makes my hair very glossy. I use this whenever I use hot tools. I might switch this out for something that protects my hair more from drying out but for now  this bottle is still quite full and I will use this up.

A little Bonus for your patience:
Today a little dream came true: I received the conic wand I bought from a fellow blogger and of course I had to try it out right away and this is the result of the first attempt. It will take some more practice but I am really very happy with it. (I am planning a seperate post on my hot tools, this one is too long already 😉  )


Favo- Sunday English Edition (calendar week 8/2012)

I used to do this last year and vowed not do it again this year but actually I feel like it today, and since most of the products featured are available internationally (or they are not available anymore at all) I thought why not do this in English for a change. (If I butcher the language anywhere I’m deeply sorry I didn’t mean to, also if you want to see a bigger version of the picture just click on it!)

Let’s begin with the hair stuff:

I finally ran out of my old hair spray and needed to pick up a new can. A while ago I wanted to find out what all the fuzz about the Elnett sprays was about so I picked up a sample size of the ultra strong hold- ultra silky version and was immediately convinced. This spray did everything it claims which means: no hard, crisp hair even after using a fairly big amount of spray and a strong hold even in my thick heavy hair. This week I finally picked up a full size and even though this spray smells horribly like dead grandma it’s still the best spray I ever used and I see this becoming a staple in my everyday routine.
The other hair ‘thing’ that stood out to me this week was my new brush. I needed a new one because I lost my old one at the pool (so me #epicfail). So I picked out a large paddle brush with a combination of artificial and natural bristles and I am very much in love with it, it makes my hair super soft and smooth and seems to add shine to my long sometimes rather dry hair, perfect!

As for skin: In the past icy cold days here in Germany I learned the hard way that I have to moisturize at least once a day to keep the dry skin on my body happy and healthy. After using up all of the body lotions I still had flying around at home (I suck at using them up: I open the bottles, use them twice and then they are sitting around collecting dust) and throwing out half a tub of Clinique moisturizer because it had gone bad (before time I might add 😦 ) I picked up the Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion and I am really impressed. It has a cream-gel formula that sinks in really fast, is non-sticky and super rich. And it DOES have ‘visible effects’: My skin looks and feels smoother and healthier than it has in a long time.

When it comes to skin care products for my face I couldn’t recommend the LUSH Tea Tree Water more. The skin on my face is actually combination-oily and acne-prone and in the past nothing has ever worked to keep it in check. Ever since I started using this toner twice a day my break-outs have healed up and my skin is not quite as oily as it used to be.

Make up staples this week have been my Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation in 105 Porcelain Ivory, MAC MSF Redhead (limited edition, most likely not available anymore), Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Top Brass, the essence Liquid Eyeshadow in Ice Crystals On My Window (limited edition n/a anymore) and the essence Multi Action Smokey Eyes Mascara (d/c). Why they pull the Smokey Eyes Mascara from the permanent range is a mystery to me. I got one of the last tubes and I am going to miss this product very VERY much.

Nailpolish-wise I take turns in wearing essence Colour and Go #66 shiny goddess (sparkly pewter-gold) and #92  better late than never (red-pink creme). These polishes have amazing quality (opaque in two coats, quick dry, long lasting) and that for 1,29  € a pop. I love to buy these tiny bottles because that way I have at least a shot at emptying them, also the colour and go range is very up to date.

Now, since you made it to the end of this ginormously long post here is a little treat: My favorite book this week was Richelle Mead’s ‘Succubus on Top’. Mead is probably best known for her Vampire Acadamy books but since I am sick and tired of vampires a friend of mine kindly lend me this series which is mainly about a succubus (d’uh), angels, demons and a little bit about vampires too. I really enjoy reading this, if this is up your alley and you are on the lookout for something new go check it out!

And last but not least the dvd’s I’ve been watching this week have once again been season 1 of Hawaii Five-0. You’d think I’d get sick of this at some point. In short: Hawaii Five-0 is the remake of a 70s crime procedural with Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim starring as Steve ‘Steven’ McGarrett, Daniel ‘Danno’ Williams, Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly. This is obviously not the most innovative series in the world but it is funny and sweet with a lot of action and of course the wonderful Hawaiian landscapes. The chemestry and dynamic between the ‘core four’ in general and Scott and Alex in particular makes me love this show (season 2 is currently airing on CBS).

This completes a ridiculously long Favo- Sunday, if you made it until down here congratulations, you are my hero, have a cookie on me 🙂

I hope you guys continue to have a lovely day, laters!