March ’13 Beauty Favorites

I know, I know I once said I wouldn’t do monthly favorites because I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I used over the month. And then it dawned on me: The Lord in his great wisdom has given us that funny white stuff with those sticks to smear color on it, and what can I say I made use of it and here we are 🙂

 Perfumewise this month has been a transition from the warmer winter-scents to my favorite spring fragrance.
The first on the left is Kylie Minogue’s Pink Sparkle (head: grapefruit, peach, lily of the valley; heart: champagne, gardenia, jasmin; base: musk, vanilla, vetiver). To me it smells like a warm sweet scent, somewhere in the middle between floral, fruity and hint of gourmande.
The one in the middle is Miss Sixty’s Rock Muse (head: plum, gooseberry, red currant, grapefruit and bergamotte; heart: jasmine, tea, heliotrope, rose; base: sandal wood, basmati rice, vetiver, patchouli, musk). Still warm but not as sweet as Pink Sparkle. And on the far left one of my all time favorite perfumes dkny be delicious fresh blossom (head: grapefreuit, cassis, apricot; heart: lily of the valley, jasmine, rose petals; base: apple, light woods). Looking at the composition of this I have no idea how this is called ‘fresh blossom’  or why it smells so floral to me. Either way it does and it is one of my favorite spring/summer scents. It is so fresh and lovely, quite potent, so a little goes a long way and it lingers all day on my skin. I’m really excited to wear this more.

 On to nailpolishes: I loved to wear the combination above! I used essence color and go 140 go bold as a base color and essence Oz The Great and Powerful cracking top coat 02 Winds of Change on top. This was actually born when I looked up the opening date for Iron Man 3, the gold with the shattered red on top screams Iron Man, no?

 The other three colors that I wore a lot were all by Catrice (officially my favorite nailpolish brand of all time):
875 All I Can Blue – The brightest most stunning blue I have ever seen with a hint of purple
C03 Madame Butterfly (from the Neo Geisha Collection) – such a beautiful muted pink-red
900 Steel My Heart – This is a brushed metal effect polish. It has a purple-y grey base with a lot of green and blue glitter. It dries matte and textured and I just love the effect of matte gritty-ness with the blue and green glitter catching the light, such a beaut! Too bad they kicked this from the new standard range…

 My most-worn lipsticks of the month are both by Rimmel and not available in Germany anymore. This is the second brand after Revlon in two years that pulls out of the German market just before they put out a boat-load of brilliant products (I think Rimmel is still available via but I am just not comfortable buying make up I don’t know online).
Oh well, back to what I actually wanted to blog about!
The lipstick on the left is Lasting Finish by Kate in 16 a light, bright opaque peachy coral. The lipstick contains 4g (0.14oz), it has a light sweet scent to it that is not noticeable once on the lips. It is not drying and lasts roughly 3-4 hours on me.
On the right you can see the beauty that is Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink. I could kick myself that I never actually shelled out the 8€ that those babies cost until it was too late. The formula is brilliant: buttery, smooth and super moisturizing and despite all that butteryness they don’t move all over your face but actually stay put.
I picked up two different colors of the range and they both behaved the same way (two is not enough to tell whether a formula is consistent but still…) If you have dry lips like me these will come as a godsent!
Vintage Pink is a purpley mauve, and on me it is actually a little bit like ‘my lips but better’. Despite my very pale skin (MAC nw 10) it is not harsh against my skin if anything it brightens my complexion the way purples tend to do on me.
If you can get your hands on these, and you need a new lipstick check them out, they are worth a look.

 After being stuck on bebe young care chapsticks for over a year I gravitated back to my blistex this month. I enjoy the thin but extremely moisturizing formulation a lot. I use the Lip Relief Cream before bed and the Lip Tone throughout the day. They are cooling and a little minty but don’t sting my lips. They also work very well under lipsticks I find.

 I wore excessive amounts of eyeliner this month and skipped the eyeshadow almost completely. The Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencils (Black Fire/Brown Blaze) were with me for the ride. They have a very soft, gel-like texture and just glide on without tugging. After a few seconds they set and won’t budge all day. I believe Covergirl makes a similar pencil (Liquid Last?). I love them, again if you are on the look out for a good new pencil liner take a look! Another plus is that the Brown Blaze one is actually rather cool toned and not too red at all. I had problems before with brown pencils that were too red and made me look like I had a sore eye.

 My most worn mascaras this month were the Max Factor 2000 Calorie when I was in a hurry ( it has quite a dry formula, gives instant volume, holds the curl and I generally don’t blob with it) and if I had a little more time I used a combination of Maybelline The Rocket and Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof. On its own I didn’t like the Rocket at all: It gave volume and length allright, but my lashes drooped within seconds, enter the FLE. I don’t like this mascara. There is only one eye make up remover that gets it off but it takes time, and I really can’t be bothered. Anyways, to save the Rocket I dug the FLE out and applied it only to the roots of my lashes and then the Rocket on top and what can I say? I never had lashes like this before in my life: all the staying power of the FLE + the volume and length of the Rocket = thick, fanned out, ultra long lashes, holy crap! I would never recommend each on their own and much less would I recommend to buy them both together (what a waste of money!) but if you happen to have both, try and combine them, you might like what you find! (oh, the Covergirl Lash Blast is the same as the Max Factor FLE, but I’m not sure whether they do a 2000 calorie mascara version too [they should, it’s brilliant])

 Most worn blush for months and months now has been MAC Darkly My Dear. If I ever run out of this I’m gonna cry! But for now it is the gift that keeps on giving, you can barely tell that I touched it at all and I wear it almost every single day. This is another product that seems so dark in the pan but actually brightens my complexion and gives me a nice flush. After what has to be two years I’m still very much in love with it.

And last but not least my favorite hand cream of all time. And yes it says Limited Edition and no they don’t do this anymore. It smells like ripe mangoes, it is moisturizing, it does take a moment to sink in but for the scent alone I don’t mind giving it that moment. It is a 100ml tub and it will take me a while to go through this but I already dread the day I am done with this.
This year’s scent they brought out is a berry scent. And it is a nice scent for a berry scent, but it is still a berry scent which I just don’t like. Lord help me I just don’t. I know my best friend loves it and I’m happy for her, but can I just have my mango-scent back, please?

Looking back on this post I have come to the conclusion that my super power is to write the world’s longest, most ramble-y blog posts. If you made it until down here you should receive a medal or something, if you even enjoyed yourself a little bit it would make my day if you left a comment telling me so.
Either way thank you for reading! Have a lovely day!

Picture Post: Drugstore Nailpolish Collection and Storage (+Mini Reviews)

p2 polishes

 As I was organizing my drugstore nailpolishes today I thought, why not blog about them. (As per usual klick on the pics to make them bigger, I am aware that the lighting is not brilliant on these, but the colors are surprisingly accurate). On the pic above you can see all of the p2 polishes I own. The quality of these is really good, but the finish leans somewhat jelly-ish which I am not always a fan of. They come at 1,55€ a pop and in my opinion they are certainly worth a look!

essence color&go (relaunch)

 Here you can see the reformulated essence color&go polishes. I like the brush, the lasting power is quite good and the choice of colors is really nice, especially if you like glitters. These babies here come in at 1,55€ as well. The only problem I had with these is that if I use a topcoat over the ones with shimmer in them the shimmer seemed to disappear or to get really muted, other than that they are really nice!


 Catrice is my favorite drugstore brand, period and also my favorite drugstore brand when it comes to nailpolishes. I like the wide rounded brush, they apply nice and even and are usually opaque in two coates. The polishes have recently been reformulated and the brand will come out with a completely new range in March. I found a sneek peak collection on thursday and picked up one of the new shimmers (the very first in the top row) so far I can’t see any differences actually, except for the increase in price by 25 cents, the bottles are now 2, 75€ instead of 2,50€. It is still not a lot I know, but since I don’t really see a difference between the old and the new formula I’m not impressed by the price increase at all. Still they are the best nailpolish brand out there in my opinion with the most interesting and unique color range. If you get a chance check them out, I have yet to find a color in the standard range that misbehaved one way or another.

essence color&go (old)

 Above you can see all the old essence color&go’s I own. They have all been discontinued due to the relaunch bot some colors got reformulated and returned to the new range, as for instance the gold glitter at the far left end or the bright red-orange (4th from the right). They were really good as well and I was a little upset that the new ones contain 8ml while the old ones contained 5ml. The 5ml gave me the illusion that I would finish them up at some point, but than again, who am I kidding, right?!

Random essence LE polishes or d/c color ranges

 Not much to say about these. All of these are limited edition or were discontinued. Where the essence standard range is really good quality-wise the LE ones had a couple of odd ones out. I still keep them, God knows why. I probably should just throw them out…

 I keep all my polishes in a GlossyBox that my friend wrapped my christmas present in, and it works really well for me. Above you can see the bottom part that holds all of my Catrice, p2 and essence color&go polish bottles.

 The Manhattan polishes are usually really nice as well, but for some reason the colors don’t click with me the way for instance the Catrice ones do. From those up there I particularly love the one on the far left, which translates to a pretty metallic rose gold on the nails

 h&m nailpolishes. I use them not as much as I should, but they have a surprisingly good quality for a highstreet clothes brand…

 Astor polishes never seem to be worth the money I have to shell out for them, but they really are not bad at all. The coral one is one of my all time favorites actually. As you can see I am a little on the fence about this brand.

 essence and p2 base coats, top coat and nail hardeners.

 Random polishes by random brands. The NYX one in the lower right corner is one of my all time faves as well (black base with a deep burgundy-brown shimmer, perfection!!) Yes, there is a Catrice and a p2 one but they didn’t fit in with their brothers and sisters so I keep them with the other more random ones)

 The top part of the Glossy Box with essence LE polishes and the random ones.

 And this is how I keep them on my shelf. I love the way I can stack them up like this.

As a teeny tiny bonus, here you can see my nail-routine a.k.a. the stuff I use whenever I do my nails:
My remover of the moment is the moisturizing one by essence. It really IS moisturizing but I’m a little iffy on the smell which takes hours to disappear even after washing my hands various times, and it doesn’t remove the polish as quickly as I’d like. At the moment I’m still trying to figure out whether the moisturizing part is good enough to make me forget about the smell and the lack of ‘removing power’. We’ll see I guess…
As base coat I use the p2 Base+Care coat, which is a repurchase and it is working very decently for me. Abother base coat that JUST came out with the new essence range is the essence studio nails ultra repair base coat. But I only have used it just once, so I really can’t comment on it so far.
My top coat is my trusted and loved essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer. This must be my 4th bottle, it is just THAT good. It dries within seconds, makes the nails super glossy and prolongs the wear of the polish to easily a week if not longer. Even for me who is not particularly easy on her hands. For me this is a must-have. Get it if you can, it will blow every other top coat you ever had out of the water including seche vite.

I did not include my essie polishes in this post (despite the fact that they are sold in drugstores here, because they come at a significantly higher price point than the ones here). If you have any questions about the polishes ask away in the comment section, I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Picture Post: Make Up Mess Vol. II (+Mini Reviews)

 Time to unclutter my make up bag again. Usually only products that I’m either using on a regular basis or that I want to use more regularly end up in my bag, and every now and again it is time to throw out stuff that I’m not using, so here we go: (As per usual click on the pics to make them larger!)

 Bases and Primer:
I am using Max Factor Soft Resistant Make Up in 1 Light again and I’m loving it: It gives me more coverage than my beloved MAC Matchmaster which I need every now and then. It is light enough and long lasting AND it works as a great eyeshadow base, too: win-win-win situation!.
My concealer is still the Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 Ivory. Not much to say other than, that it is again light enough, it lasts all day without creasing or getting blotchy and has enough coverage for me.
The essence I heart stage base and my beloved NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk will leave my bag for now, simply because my foundation does what these two do just as well. But since I really like them I’m sure they’re gonna make a glorious comeback.

 Blushes and Bronzers:
I’m loving my essence Miami Roller Girl Blush which is my super-bright option at the moment. If I want something more subtle I’m going for Catrice Defining Duo Blush 020 Peach Sorbet which comes out more orangey- peachy on my cheeks. This one has been discontinued but Catrice brought out a very similar color in the new standard range. Catrice’s blush formular is flawless; highly pigmented, silky soft and it lasts a good 7 hours on me. The little round pot is from an alverde limited edition. It comes out more pinky- peachy on my cheeks but it is considerably less pigmented is therefore booted from my bag.
My favorite bronzer is also from Catrice (Sun Glow in 010 Light Bronze). It is completely matte, not too orange and buildable. I usually use this as a blush- stand in or as a contour powder. It stays.

essence Cherry Blossom lipstick pencil in 01 Cherry Cherry Girl. This should be still available even though it is limited edition. It is a coral- orange- red lipstick with a matte finish. It is fairly opaque in one go and despite being matte it is not drying at all (at least for me). I love how easily this applies since I usually mess up when I wear bright lips but this is great. 
The only slight downside is the strong sweet scent but since it is not noticeable once the lipstick is applied it is not too bad. This one stays!

 My two mascara options of the moment are the Rimmel Extra Super Lash waterproof and the new essence multi action blackest black. One is a great love the other is massive let down.
Let’s go over the let down first: I hate the essence mascara 😦 It may be black but it is not holding the curl at all. The second I apply it my freshly curled lashes droop and fall back into their usual super-straight state. Every other multi action I tried was great (and is not in the standard range any more) but this is really awful. I can’t even tell if it is lengthening or volumizing, because my lashes become pretty much invisible with this.
The Extra Super Lash waterproof on the other hand is BRILLIANT! It holds the curl all day, it defines, lengthens and volumizes my lashes in one go and I never want to be without it anymore. This one stays, the other one goes, maybe directly to the trash can, I haven’t made up my mind yet…

essence Marble Mania 02 Let’s get twisted. Lovely shimmery dark taupe. This one goes for now.
L’Oréal ColorAppeal Trio Pro 350 Pure Silver. Lovely, glittery silver trio. This one also goes for now.
essence pigments 20 black sparrow. This is apperantly a dupe for MAC Bluebrown pigment. Haven’t tried it yet. It stays. (Can’t wait to play with it!!)
MAC Club. This one needs no further comment. I use this on a daily basis at the moment, it SO stays. 😀
MAC Vapour. My base color of the moment. Velvet finish, light peach with a slight blue shimmer and clear glitter. The glitter doesn’t really show up on the eye but the duochrome didn’t need it in the first place in my opinion. It is super brightening on my eyes and also super lovely as an inner corner highlight. If you couldn’t tell this also stays 😀
Rival de Loop 04 hot chocolate. This one keeps reappearing in my bag and it has a considerable dent in it. For now it is leaving me, but it will be back I know. It is a subtly shimmery taupe, not too dark to be nsfw, I use this either alone when I just want a wash of color or with a darker shade in the crease to smoke it out. I love how it is just red enough to bring out the green in my eyes.

Catrice Eyebrow Set. This one is an every day- staple, it stays. Not much to say about this, it is not too red, it doesn’t make my brows look too fake and drawn-on, all around love it and expect to hit pan on this every day now.

I love pencils in all shapes and sizes and I finally found my perfect eye pencils in the Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencils. I own them in Black Fire and Brown Blaze. The formula is amazing: It is very soft, almost gel-like and it glides on effortlessly. After a few seconds it sets and from that moment on it won’t budge until I take it off in the evening. I’ve been looking for pencils that I can use on my upper lash line that won’t drag on the skin and these are perfect! What I also love is that the brown is not too red. I have a brown eyeliner pencil that makes my eyes look positively blood-shot.
Also in this picture is another Max Factor pencil a Kohl Kajal in 090 Natural Glaze. It is a skin-like color that I use if I don’t want to use a black or just to brighten my eyes.
Another one of my all-time faves is my MAC Feline Kohl Power Eye Pencil. Invincible on the waterline and extremely black, I’m so glad this is in the standard range now!
And another brow product smuggled itself on this picture: The Catrice Eyebrow Stylist in 030 Brow-n-eyed Peas. I just started to use this again. It is a subtler than my eyebrow powder, I quite like it.
All of these are staying!

These are the brushes and things that I use on a daily basis. This is pretty self-explanatory, right? All of these are staying except for the large powder brush, because I switched back from dusting my bronzer on to pack it on with the brush on the far left.

This concludes my ridiculously long Make Up Mess post, but I felt like I owe you guys after not having posted in what feels like forever… so yeah!
Have a great week, everyone!

NotD: Game of Thrones inspired

First things first: I’m not big on nail designs. In fact in 90%of the cases I don’t even find them appealing- top coats on the other hand I love and use quite regularly.

A while ago I painted my nails in a deep grey with a cream finish which I usually love completely on its own. On that particular day I felt a little adventurous though. Like so many others at the moment I am reading the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series (currently I am on the last 100 pages of ‘A Storm of Swords’) The overall title of the series inspired me and I dug out my Catrice Frost Top Coat (you can find pictures of that top coat in my Nailpolish Collection: Catrice post, alas the Frost Top Coat was pulled from the range last fall and is sadly not available anymore) to represent ice and my essence Flakey top coat (available in the standard range) to represent fire. As you can see down below I put the Frost Top Coat all over my left hand except for the ringfinger on which I put the Flakey Top Coat and the other way around on the right hand.
Taking pictures of this proved to be really frustrating since the camera wouldn’t do the Flakey Polish justice no matter what I tried 😦

Left hand, flash

Right hand, flash

Left hand, natural light

Right hand, natural light

Should you want to recreate this, you can obviously choose any base color you want, the grey reminded me so much of the Starks (one of the great Houses in the series) that I am sure it fuelled my inspiration/imagination even more. The Flakey polish is still available also every nailpolish brand and their mother seem to have put out a version of this so it should be easy to come by. As I wrote before the Frost Top Coat is not available anymore and I don’t know if any international brand does something similar, BUT there is not much difference between the Frost Coat and a normal widely available matte top coat  but the slight blue shimmer so you could always try and see if you liked that.

Favo- Sunday English Edition (calendar week 8/2012)

I used to do this last year and vowed not do it again this year but actually I feel like it today, and since most of the products featured are available internationally (or they are not available anymore at all) I thought why not do this in English for a change. (If I butcher the language anywhere I’m deeply sorry I didn’t mean to, also if you want to see a bigger version of the picture just click on it!)

Let’s begin with the hair stuff:

I finally ran out of my old hair spray and needed to pick up a new can. A while ago I wanted to find out what all the fuzz about the Elnett sprays was about so I picked up a sample size of the ultra strong hold- ultra silky version and was immediately convinced. This spray did everything it claims which means: no hard, crisp hair even after using a fairly big amount of spray and a strong hold even in my thick heavy hair. This week I finally picked up a full size and even though this spray smells horribly like dead grandma it’s still the best spray I ever used and I see this becoming a staple in my everyday routine.
The other hair ‘thing’ that stood out to me this week was my new brush. I needed a new one because I lost my old one at the pool (so me #epicfail). So I picked out a large paddle brush with a combination of artificial and natural bristles and I am very much in love with it, it makes my hair super soft and smooth and seems to add shine to my long sometimes rather dry hair, perfect!

As for skin: In the past icy cold days here in Germany I learned the hard way that I have to moisturize at least once a day to keep the dry skin on my body happy and healthy. After using up all of the body lotions I still had flying around at home (I suck at using them up: I open the bottles, use them twice and then they are sitting around collecting dust) and throwing out half a tub of Clinique moisturizer because it had gone bad (before time I might add 😦 ) I picked up the Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion and I am really impressed. It has a cream-gel formula that sinks in really fast, is non-sticky and super rich. And it DOES have ‘visible effects’: My skin looks and feels smoother and healthier than it has in a long time.

When it comes to skin care products for my face I couldn’t recommend the LUSH Tea Tree Water more. The skin on my face is actually combination-oily and acne-prone and in the past nothing has ever worked to keep it in check. Ever since I started using this toner twice a day my break-outs have healed up and my skin is not quite as oily as it used to be.

Make up staples this week have been my Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation in 105 Porcelain Ivory, MAC MSF Redhead (limited edition, most likely not available anymore), Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Top Brass, the essence Liquid Eyeshadow in Ice Crystals On My Window (limited edition n/a anymore) and the essence Multi Action Smokey Eyes Mascara (d/c). Why they pull the Smokey Eyes Mascara from the permanent range is a mystery to me. I got one of the last tubes and I am going to miss this product very VERY much.

Nailpolish-wise I take turns in wearing essence Colour and Go #66 shiny goddess (sparkly pewter-gold) and #92  better late than never (red-pink creme). These polishes have amazing quality (opaque in two coats, quick dry, long lasting) and that for 1,29  € a pop. I love to buy these tiny bottles because that way I have at least a shot at emptying them, also the colour and go range is very up to date.

Now, since you made it to the end of this ginormously long post here is a little treat: My favorite book this week was Richelle Mead’s ‘Succubus on Top’. Mead is probably best known for her Vampire Acadamy books but since I am sick and tired of vampires a friend of mine kindly lend me this series which is mainly about a succubus (d’uh), angels, demons and a little bit about vampires too. I really enjoy reading this, if this is up your alley and you are on the lookout for something new go check it out!

And last but not least the dvd’s I’ve been watching this week have once again been season 1 of Hawaii Five-0. You’d think I’d get sick of this at some point. In short: Hawaii Five-0 is the remake of a 70s crime procedural with Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim starring as Steve ‘Steven’ McGarrett, Daniel ‘Danno’ Williams, Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly. This is obviously not the most innovative series in the world but it is funny and sweet with a lot of action and of course the wonderful Hawaiian landscapes. The chemestry and dynamic between the ‘core four’ in general and Scott and Alex in particular makes me love this show (season 2 is currently airing on CBS).

This completes a ridiculously long Favo- Sunday, if you made it until down here congratulations, you are my hero, have a cookie on me 🙂

I hope you guys continue to have a lovely day, laters!

Make Up Mess

Make Up Mess!

 Das passiert wenn ich über mehrere Wochen hinweg nicht meine Kosmetiktasche aus- und aufräume, oops! (Wenn ihr die Bilder anklickt könnt ihr sie euch wie immer in groß anschauen, wenn euch denn danach sein sollte)

Zeitweiliges Lieblingsparfüm DKNY Be Delicios: Fresh Blossom

Clutter and Dust

Foundations+ Eyeprime+Pinsel= Mess

Durch das Chaos zur Ordnung

Jep, ich habe alle diese Pinsel benutzt, irgendwann, öh…

Drei Mascaras, weil ich mich offenbar auf eine nicht einigen kann…

Schwarz und Weiß

Splash of Color

Wangenprodukte (Redhead hat den Suede Blush abgelöst)

Random (Dailies+ Creme d’Nude)

Alles all!