Public Service Announcement: Guest Blogging

Ladies and Gentlemen,

if you don’t speak German this one is not for you, however, if you do:

Photo 31-08-15 17 07 44

Dann möchte ich euch ganz herzlich die neue Serie von meiner allerliebsten Tabi ans Herz legen, die zusammen mit diversen anderen Bloggern über die nächsten Wochen Buchreihen vorstellen wird, die mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdienen. Yours truly wird auch einen Beitrag abliefern. Ausnahmsweise auf Deutsch. Sehr strange xD.

Der erste Beitrag ist schon online und zwar hier.

Mental Health Blog is Up and Running

The mental health blog is up and running and you can find it here:


and there is of course an update there dealing all with my insomnia. Do take a look if you fancy it.

The next big project is going to be the football/sports blog but that may take another week or so. And this blog will hopefully pick up the pace soon, too. Baby steps, people, baby steps!

Public Service Announcement: Splitting Blogs, YouTube, the Future…

Over the past couple of months things changed, I changed and I feel the blog has to change because I wasn’t really comfortable anymore with how things were going. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the posts (especially the pictures), I wasn’t happy with how it was a mish-mash of everything and I REALLY didn’t like how by nature relatively shallow beauty posts were followed by the more important things (to me at least) in the form of Up Close and Personal posts dealing with mental and physical health.

The obvious solution for this is to split up the blog. This one will remain as a beauty blog and hopefully a more active one as I do have better means to take pictures now and I am not inhibited anymore by worrying about fitting in Up Close and Personal posts which will move to a new adress which will launch over the next couple of weeks (the old posts will not move but all new ones will be on there). I will update you on here when the first post goes up.

Another thing that is going to happen blog-wise is I will launch a blog concerning all things sports, meaning I will weigh in on American Football mostly and probably World Football and Formula 1 as well as sports politics. When my head and heart are not with friends and family or school they are with sports (especially American Football). The sports blog is going to be a little bit of a training blog for me because long term I want to write for a living preferably about sports. I know I still have a long way to go, but this is what I love and I want to test my limits.

Now that we have covered beauty, health and sports here is something that has already changed: I started to make tiny little videos about books. Whilst I don’t like writing about books (probably because that’s what I do in school so much) I randomly like chatting about books. And here is a word of caution: While I am very concerned about the quality of my blogposts, YouTube is something I play with. I don’t have great equipment if any and my worst concern right now is to hold the camera steady so that people won’t get sick watching the videos and not to jumble up my sentences so I don’t have to re-shoot the clip. If you are into polished videos with perfect quality you’re not going to like mine, if you don’t mide the more haphazard grassroots approach: welcome! You can find me on YouTube here. I’m planning to upload a new video today.

There you go, this is all for now. If you come over to the channel from here, leave a comment if you like and with everything else, we’ll see how this goes. Thanks for tagging along on my journey so far!

Update All MAC Month and Project 100 Days/Mini Haul

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about doing an All MAC Month like I had done an All Essie Month in December. I started on February 1st and… couldn’t pull it off. I love my MAC make up I do, but after a while all the shimmer ( I don’t seem to have matte MAC shadows) and the lack of true neutrals got to me. On the 14th I called it quits. I will make an effort to wear my MAC shadows more but right now I need my Catrice All About Matt and All About Rose palettes as well as my Naked 2. The way I do my make up (post still to come as soon as I can get the lighting to cooperate) has changed so much the MAC shadows can’t pull it off anymore. So that was a fail.

My Project100Days was a bit of a fail too and then again it wasn’t.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 57 58
The first fail came when one of my DM’s of choice had 20% store wide and 50% on color cosmetics. That was too good to pass up BUT I only bought stuff that had been on my list for a long time like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, their gel eyeliner in blue (finally a blue liner that doesn’t stain my eyelids, I couldn’t be happier) and the Garnier micellaire water for acne prone skin. I also bought essie Merino Cool which has been discontinued since, but polishes are not banned so that was technically not a fail. I also bought two back up mascaras because I am about to run out of my regular one and have already run out of my water proof mascara (sucks when you have a funeral to host), again buying back ups is not a fail. So that sort- of- fail came about three weeks ago, the second one came today.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 55 53

Rossmann had 30% off of eye products (read shadows, liners, mascaras) and I treated myself to another  Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze/ On and On Bronze and one of the new essence I ❤ Nude shadows in my favorite tauping. The I ❤ Nude shadows have the same incredible quality as the shadows of the Cookies and Cream TE a while back and while I usually work with more grey and purple taupes this is ever so much browner and warmer, the perfect crease and possibly contouring color. Ever since I started wearing make up at work colors like this have become my best friend, in fact the Catrice All About Matt palette has become my ‘Work- Palette’. It is so easy to wear this really light and neutral so that it gives just some definition to the eyes without drawing too much attention or that it would be noticeable if something moved or smudged (which so far it hasn’t, the shadows are great quality, especially for the price).

Photo 19-02-2015 19 53 15

On top of that I bought a back up of my Rival de Loop Moisturizing Gel, which comes in a new packaging and doesn’t say ‘without silicones/parabens’ anymore. I’m rather weary of that and I can’t compare the ingredients because I don’t have the box the old one came in anymore. Makes me a little grumpy that. I also got a back up of the clear up strips.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 56 37

However, I have been really good at asking myself ‘Do I really need that? Do I have something comparable? Would I actually wear that?’ So yes, I failed a little bit, but over the past 8-ish weeks I have become so much better at buying only relevant make up, if that makes sense. For instance I stood in front of the Catrice Nude Purism display today and bought NOTHING even though everything looked SO nice and was reasonably good quality. For the simple reason that I either had something comparable or I knew I wouldn’t wear it for long. And even when DM had their 50% off I didn’t go completely cray but only bought the stuff I had thought about for a long time and would really get use out of.

Today February 19th is actually hump day. 50 days of the 100 are done and dusted. Even though I didn’t stick to the ban perfectly I feel like I have found a balance for buying make up. I feel very comfortable with my collection right now.

If I don’t muck up big time in the next 50 days, I think Project 100 Days was a success

Update Project100Days

It’s been almost 4 weeks since we started Project100Days and here we are:
Last week I bought the last item on my exempt list and I am now faced with failure everytime I buy a new make up item.

Over the past 4 weeks I bought one book that was not on my list.

I bought no music or dvds eventhough I wish I could right now, because I am going through a phase at the moment where I am heartfelt bored with the music I have, but I have started to rediscover some of the cds I haven’t listened to in a while and then there is Spotify.

The ban on candy basically didn’t work, whatsoever. I have reduced my candy intake but that is about that. On top of it all we are currently dealing with a sudden death in the family and I compensated some of it by eating comfort food. I wish I were stronger than that but it turns out I am not.

When it comes to make up I am actually happy with what I have in my stash. The last two items I bought were the All About Matte and All About Rose palettes by Catrice which I both greatly enjoy and let’s face it, the only other eyeshadows I reach for are my Urban Decay Naked 2 and my Sleek Au Naturel (I will do an update on the changes in doing my make up as soon as I get around to it). The only thing I am still hankering after is the dark blue gel liner by Maybelline and maybe the bad to the bronze color tattoo.

On top of it all I am thinking  about making February an All MAC Month. Meaning all color make up will be from my MAC stash (accept for basics like mascara, brows and powder which I don’t have anything from MAC from). If I actually do that, expect a lot of red lips and colorful eyes 😀 I did something similar back in December with my essie challenge which was a lot of fun and I think it is a great way for me to rediscover and appreciate the make up I so lovingly selected and spent a sh*t ton of money on.

All in all I am surprised how easy it was for me to not buy dvds and music. I guess Amazon Prime and Spotify cover most of my needs without me having to buy anything.

Except for that one slip up (which was the first book in the C.J. Sansom Shardlake-series for Kindle on a special deal if you must know ;D) I’m doing real well with books too. Ever since that death I am having some trouble with my suspense of disbelief which makes reading basically impossible and watching TV shows and movies a lot less enjoyable, but it seems to be getting better. It’s no fun when you’re grieving and you can’t even escape from it by reading or watching something.

I feel like the Project100Days is really starting now, when my exempt list is done and I have no excuse anymore to buy new make up, we’ll see how it goes from here on out.

Something that definitely has changed already is how I buy things. In everything I buy, even food, I have become highly selective and I am starting to come around and appreciate what I have. What helps me is to go through my things, especially make up and books about once a week to still my thirst for new stuff to buy by remembering what I have.

All things considered I’m good with how things are going, bring on the next 73 days!

New Year’s Resolutions 2015 Books, Beauty, Life and #Project100Days


– Finish reading all the books that are currently open in my Goodreads to read box

– Finish at least one of the ones in the to read box before starting a new one

– Read all the books that I borrowed from people (DO NOT borrow new ones until the ‘old ones’ are done)

– 2015 Goodreads Challenge: 25 books


– Use up before buying new – NO EXCUSES

– Be better about my skin care routine

-Further reduce my make up and nail polish collection


– Cut the carbs

– Work out 3-4 times a week

– Blog at least once a week

– Be organized and proactive


The lovely bookbeauty started her #Project100Days  from today until April (10th) and I thought: What the heck I’ll hop on the bandwaggon, even though I am going to adapt it a little bit to my needs.

My #Project100Days will mostly consist of a buying ban because I need to break some habits here. I’ve been banging on about it but I really want to keep it up for the 100 days and then go from there.

The buying ban encompasses books (exception: the new Veronica Mars book which is to come out in 3 weeks and is already pre-ordered), make up and cosmetics (exception is a small list of things from that I want to get in the big Catrice/essence sales that are coming up and obviously necessities that I have run out of) and DVDs (exception here is The Croods, which is already on it’s way here and pretty much mandatory for any American football fan out there). And last but not least I am cutting candy. I don’t know how I am going to go about this, because I know my body will go on sugar withdrawles and I have no clue how to break those without stuffing my face with gummybears in the middle of the night. If you have any tips I’d be happy to read them.

For me #Project100Days is about finding happiness in what I have and breaking the drive to fix anything that is amiss with consumerism. This is about longterm happiness and focusing on what is truly important (to me) over of what just scratches the itch for like 5 seconds and to a degree it is about who I am versus who I want to be, after all we have just this one life to get it right.

I’m sorry if it sounds preachy  but I feel like I have been getting really good at figuring out what really makes me happy over the past months and then sticking with it. I had to or I would have lost my mind. I’m just done being lenient with things and people and it is quite liberating.

On a happier note: I hope you all had lovely holidays and a safe positive start into 2015. May it be better in every way than 2014.

My Vanity Tour/ Make Up Storage – September 2014

I’m still easing myself back into blogging or normal life in general at the moment so I thought I’d do so with a rather picture- heavy post.

I’ve been working on my vanity for a while and I quite like it even though I am far from perfectly happy with it but it will do for  now. All elements are IKEA unless otherwise specified. I am going to let you peek into all of my drawers. If there is a drawer where you want me to go into detail, please tell me so in the comments.
A little disclaimer: 1) I have more products then any person alone would need but I am working on using them up 2) I am also not doing this to brag but maybe someone who has as little space as me can get inspiration how to fit a lot of make up into it *cough.

Let’s go from the top:

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 15

This is an overview as of now. The shelf is Billy, the drawers are Moppe (LOVE those, so convenient), the big mirror is our old bathroom mirror that I dressed up a little bit with aluminium foil and fake ivy strands.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 34

The top of the four drawer Moppe holds all of my day to day skincare (moisturizers. Cleansers are in the bathroom but I don’t want to store my creams there) as well as some random hair products and my beloved cotton swabs.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 54

The middle of the surface has the foundations and lip products that I reach for the most, plus my Naked 2 (still in its box, not ready to toss that) also bobby pins and random hoop earrings, love me some hoops.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 51 45

The other corner is home to my mascaras, eye liners in pencil form, chubby lipsticks and lip pencils.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 17

The top left drawer of my Moppe has my everyday-stuff: Eybrow set by Catrice, concealers, essence all about matt pressed powder, small black pencils that I want to use up, eyelash curlers, sharpeners and the mascara that I am currently using up.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 32

The top right drawer holds most of my drugstore palettes, quads and duos. I have a strict one in-one out policy for this drawer. I am only allowed to buy a new one when I am ready to let go of one of the old ones. Easier said then done I tell you. But I was strong and refrained from buying one of the Hello Autumn palettes so yay me!

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 47

The bottom left drawer has all of my cream shadows, gel liners, also loose shadows, pigments and my depotted UD Primer Potion samples.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 58

The bottom right drawer has all of my single drugstore shadows plus my sun club fiver and essence quads. Especially the essence quad that peeks through at the top of the pic is one of my faves, it’s absolutely fool-proof and easy to handle and gives a lovely neutral eye.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 52 06

Let’s move below the surface, shall we? Here you can see the contents of my back up drawer. It holds mostly shampoos and foundations because I tend to rotate through those, it has also back up lash curlers, brush cleanser, shower gels, etc.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 11

The top left drawer of my six drawer Moppe has random foundations and primers. I have to sort through these and see what still works and what doesn’t, maybe I can move my foundations from the back up drawer in here (doubtful, there may be too many)

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 21

The top right drawer has all my drugstore bronzers, blushers and highlighters plus one lonely Bronze Goddess sample. I already decimated this collection but there may be more movement soon.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 59 25

The middle left drawer holds all of my MAC lipsticks plus my beloved Benefit Ms. Behavin. They don’t fit into my MAC storage anymore but I like to have them seperate so I have them on my fingertips whenever I want to wear one.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 39

The middle right drawer is home to my lipglosses. For the fact that I don’t even like lipglosses I have about a sh*t ton of them. I already sorted a couple out but there are some that I can’t let go of, because I actually do really like them when I remember to wear them.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 53 48

The bottom left drawer of the six-drawer Moppe is reserved for my drugstore nude lipsticks. I still love my nudes even though they get swapped out a lot for bright or deep colors recently and that is why…

Photo 13-09-2014 16 54 02

… the bottom right drawer looks like this. Lots of deep reds and bright pinks and a lot of stuff in between. All of them drugstore except for the Chanel and Anayake samples which I need to move to the MAC lippy drawer. Anayake has the most amazing deep dark dried blood red lipstick I have ever seen. So glad I have this one in my arsenal for fall and winter.

Photo 13-09-2014 17 00 07

This is the rest of the bottom shelf that has make up-y stuff on it, oh, and my rings. I don’t wear those nearly enough. In the corner you can see my brushes, which I keep seperated by eyes and face brushes. The glossy box underneath has my suncare which I need to toss out because I had the stuff for two years now and you are only supposed to have it for one. Welp. The dark brown trunk-like box has my MAC stash, the little black box on the top my MAC single shadows.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 55 44

There you go.

Photo 13-09-2014 16 56 05

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘the perfect stash’ recently and I came to the conclusion that my MAC stash comes pretty damn close. If I lost all my make up but got to keep my MAC things and maybe my Naked 2 because I just bought that, all I needed to add would be a brown liner pencil, black liquid liner, mascara, setting powder and some brow powder and I would be good to go for every occasion. It is a bit of a shock when you realize that most of your drugstore make up may be pretty and hold memories in some cases but it is really superfluous.

As per usual you can click on the pics to make them bigger. I hope you had fun rummaging through my stuff 🙂