Haul and First Impressions: MAC Face and Body and more…

Photo 21-05-2014 13 41 10I hinted at it in my recent Sunday Round Ups but yeah, I have put two hellish months behind me and it seems I did well. Off I went to treat myself. Initially I didn’t want to splurge but that 10% off- Douglas Card offer vaulted me over the edge (that and the packaging for the Alluring Aquatics by MAC, I mean, O. M. G. … !!!)

I actually went in to get matched for the MAC Face and Body foundation. Recently my skin has been really great and I was craving a lightweight sheer foundation to get me over the summer and I knew MAC F&B would deliver and on top I knew from reviews that it also lasts very well on the skin. If that doesn’t scream summer I don’t know what does!
I got matched to C1, which is the lightest of the bunch. The Maccine tried N2 and N1 on me, but N2 was too dark and N1 came out too dark and yellow as well (weirdly enough). C1 pretty much hit the nail on the head, though. Generally I have to say I had a great experience at our MAC counter today, she even took me outside so I could look at my face in daylight and she was very nice and helpful.

And then Alluring Aquatic happened. I am a little upset that I didn’t get a lipstick anymore because they were all sold out already but I just HAD to get one thing from the collection because the packaging is the most stunning I have ever seen. Ever. I might actually go back tomorrow and pick one of the nailpolishes up as well (naughty). I was torn between one of the Extra Dimension blushes and one of the Extra Dimension bronzers and after my lovely Maccine swatched both on me I fell for the bronzer. Hard. So in the end and enabled by the 10% off I took it home with me.

Photo 21-05-2014 14 03 45

Look at the packaging with the droplets on it. Look. At. It. Oooooh!

Photo 21-05-2014 14 03 09

And here’s to the first impressions:

Photo 21-05-2014 13 47 30

Naked Face


In this picture you can see my bare skin. It is very hot over here today and I am very hormonal, so please do excuse the spots and the redness. I primed my skin by applying the Rival de Loop Hydro Moisturizing Gel, which I also hauled today. I used it underneath my Diadermine day cream because my skin was a bit sore after being cleansed three times in less than 6 hours (morning cleanse, cleansing wipe at MAC and taking the dirt of the city off before applying the new foundation -.-). The gel contains panthenol and duo-hyaluron and it soothed my skin immediately. It is very lightweight and sank in very quickly but it still felt really moisturizing. It also seemed to let my skin absorb my moisturizer better and quicker, I really enjoy it so far.
I also tried the soothing eye cream from the same range because I ran out of my Chanel Hydra Beauty eye gel- sample and I actually think I like the RdL eye cream better. It is even more moisturizing and a little creamier then the Chanel gel (it’s still a gel/cream formula just like the Chanel, though).

Photo 21-05-2014 13 52 36

Just Face and Body


You can actually see how the foundation calmed down the redness and evened out my skintone already. I buffed the foundation on with a flat top synthetic kabuki brush. F&B is waterbased, which means it is very liquidy when it comes out of the bottle, but it sets very quickly. It even feels a little bit sticky for a second or two, but really for just that long. On its own the foundation has a very glowy finish without being oily or moving around a lot and it is pretty much undetectable on the skin. It melted into my skin and set and it hasn’t budged until now, despite the hot sultry weather we have today. Granted at this point I only had it on for about 5 hours but I also ran around in the heat already and got sweaty and everything is still in place.

Face and Body and concealer

Face and Body and concealer

I used the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer under my eyes and around my nose and the Catrice Camouflage on any spots (both in 010 Ivory). The concealers melted very nicely into the foundation. Another major point pro Face and Body: I suffer from enlarged pores mainly on my nose (ick-factor right there, sorry) and the F&B blurrs over the pores without sitting in them or otherwise highlighting them. That was my major concern, that it wouldn’t cover my pores well enough but it did.

F&B, concealer, powder

F&B, concealer, powder

I lightly powdered with my essence all about matt powder and a duofiber stipling brush. It didn’t stay matte for long, BUT I also didn’t get overly oily. The foundation just went back to being glowy and skin-like.

Photo 21-05-2014 14 08 42


And here is the final look with MAC Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Bronzer Aphrodite’s Shell on my cheeks, Max Factor Masterpiece Glide On Liner in black/brown in a half-line and L’Oréal Miss Manga in black on my lashes. I filled in my brows with the Catrice Brow Set.

Aphrodite’s Shell only got a C on Temptalia but mainly because it is such a sheer veil and won’t show up on medium to darker complexions, but on me as the extremely fair dainty doll that I am this bronzer is borderline perfect. It gives me a wash of sunkissed color, melts into my skin and gives almost like a soft focus effect. It doesn’t show up very well on pictures, though. In reality I have this very soft bronzey glow on my cheeks, but my camera won’t cooperate. It looks like I have some splotch of brown color on my cheek, oh well….

To sum this up I am in love with all of my purchases today! It seems I had the Midas touch with all of the things I bought. Keep in mind that this is a first impression not a proper review and a bit of a rave at that. I will keep on wearing everything and see what happens. So far no MAC foundation has broken me out and I sincerely hope it stays that way, same goes for the skin care.
If you are looking for a review of that green polish check back on sisterhoodofthetravellingnailpolish.wordpress.com in the next couple of days, I will get one up there soon.

Do you have any experience with MAC F&B or MAC in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Read y’all on Sunday, have a good one 🙂

March ’13 Beauty Favorites

I know, I know I once said I wouldn’t do monthly favorites because I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I used over the month. And then it dawned on me: The Lord in his great wisdom has given us that funny white stuff with those sticks to smear color on it, and what can I say I made use of it and here we are 🙂

 Perfumewise this month has been a transition from the warmer winter-scents to my favorite spring fragrance.
The first on the left is Kylie Minogue’s Pink Sparkle (head: grapefruit, peach, lily of the valley; heart: champagne, gardenia, jasmin; base: musk, vanilla, vetiver). To me it smells like a warm sweet scent, somewhere in the middle between floral, fruity and hint of gourmande.
The one in the middle is Miss Sixty’s Rock Muse (head: plum, gooseberry, red currant, grapefruit and bergamotte; heart: jasmine, tea, heliotrope, rose; base: sandal wood, basmati rice, vetiver, patchouli, musk). Still warm but not as sweet as Pink Sparkle. And on the far left one of my all time favorite perfumes dkny be delicious fresh blossom (head: grapefreuit, cassis, apricot; heart: lily of the valley, jasmine, rose petals; base: apple, light woods). Looking at the composition of this I have no idea how this is called ‘fresh blossom’  or why it smells so floral to me. Either way it does and it is one of my favorite spring/summer scents. It is so fresh and lovely, quite potent, so a little goes a long way and it lingers all day on my skin. I’m really excited to wear this more.

 On to nailpolishes: I loved to wear the combination above! I used essence color and go 140 go bold as a base color and essence Oz The Great and Powerful cracking top coat 02 Winds of Change on top. This was actually born when I looked up the opening date for Iron Man 3, the gold with the shattered red on top screams Iron Man, no?

 The other three colors that I wore a lot were all by Catrice (officially my favorite nailpolish brand of all time):
875 All I Can Blue – The brightest most stunning blue I have ever seen with a hint of purple
C03 Madame Butterfly (from the Neo Geisha Collection) – such a beautiful muted pink-red
900 Steel My Heart – This is a brushed metal effect polish. It has a purple-y grey base with a lot of green and blue glitter. It dries matte and textured and I just love the effect of matte gritty-ness with the blue and green glitter catching the light, such a beaut! Too bad they kicked this from the new standard range…

 My most-worn lipsticks of the month are both by Rimmel and not available in Germany anymore. This is the second brand after Revlon in two years that pulls out of the German market just before they put out a boat-load of brilliant products (I think Rimmel is still available via asos.com but I am just not comfortable buying make up I don’t know online).
Oh well, back to what I actually wanted to blog about!
The lipstick on the left is Lasting Finish by Kate in 16 a light, bright opaque peachy coral. The lipstick contains 4g (0.14oz), it has a light sweet scent to it that is not noticeable once on the lips. It is not drying and lasts roughly 3-4 hours on me.
On the right you can see the beauty that is Moisture Renew Lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink. I could kick myself that I never actually shelled out the 8€ that those babies cost until it was too late. The formula is brilliant: buttery, smooth and super moisturizing and despite all that butteryness they don’t move all over your face but actually stay put.
I picked up two different colors of the range and they both behaved the same way (two is not enough to tell whether a formula is consistent but still…) If you have dry lips like me these will come as a godsent!
Vintage Pink is a purpley mauve, and on me it is actually a little bit like ‘my lips but better’. Despite my very pale skin (MAC nw 10) it is not harsh against my skin if anything it brightens my complexion the way purples tend to do on me.
If you can get your hands on these, and you need a new lipstick check them out, they are worth a look.

 After being stuck on bebe young care chapsticks for over a year I gravitated back to my blistex this month. I enjoy the thin but extremely moisturizing formulation a lot. I use the Lip Relief Cream before bed and the Lip Tone throughout the day. They are cooling and a little minty but don’t sting my lips. They also work very well under lipsticks I find.

 I wore excessive amounts of eyeliner this month and skipped the eyeshadow almost completely. The Max Factor Liquid Effect Pencils (Black Fire/Brown Blaze) were with me for the ride. They have a very soft, gel-like texture and just glide on without tugging. After a few seconds they set and won’t budge all day. I believe Covergirl makes a similar pencil (Liquid Last?). I love them, again if you are on the look out for a good new pencil liner take a look! Another plus is that the Brown Blaze one is actually rather cool toned and not too red at all. I had problems before with brown pencils that were too red and made me look like I had a sore eye.

 My most worn mascaras this month were the Max Factor 2000 Calorie when I was in a hurry ( it has quite a dry formula, gives instant volume, holds the curl and I generally don’t blob with it) and if I had a little more time I used a combination of Maybelline The Rocket and Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof. On its own I didn’t like the Rocket at all: It gave volume and length allright, but my lashes drooped within seconds, enter the FLE. I don’t like this mascara. There is only one eye make up remover that gets it off but it takes time, and I really can’t be bothered. Anyways, to save the Rocket I dug the FLE out and applied it only to the roots of my lashes and then the Rocket on top and what can I say? I never had lashes like this before in my life: all the staying power of the FLE + the volume and length of the Rocket = thick, fanned out, ultra long lashes, holy crap! I would never recommend each on their own and much less would I recommend to buy them both together (what a waste of money!) but if you happen to have both, try and combine them, you might like what you find! (oh, the Covergirl Lash Blast is the same as the Max Factor FLE, but I’m not sure whether they do a 2000 calorie mascara version too [they should, it’s brilliant])

 Most worn blush for months and months now has been MAC Darkly My Dear. If I ever run out of this I’m gonna cry! But for now it is the gift that keeps on giving, you can barely tell that I touched it at all and I wear it almost every single day. This is another product that seems so dark in the pan but actually brightens my complexion and gives me a nice flush. After what has to be two years I’m still very much in love with it.

And last but not least my favorite hand cream of all time. And yes it says Limited Edition and no they don’t do this anymore. It smells like ripe mangoes, it is moisturizing, it does take a moment to sink in but for the scent alone I don’t mind giving it that moment. It is a 100ml tub and it will take me a while to go through this but I already dread the day I am done with this.
This year’s scent they brought out is a berry scent. And it is a nice scent for a berry scent, but it is still a berry scent which I just don’t like. Lord help me I just don’t. I know my best friend loves it and I’m happy for her, but can I just have my mango-scent back, please?

Looking back on this post I have come to the conclusion that my super power is to write the world’s longest, most ramble-y blog posts. If you made it until down here you should receive a medal or something, if you even enjoyed yourself a little bit it would make my day if you left a comment telling me so.
Either way thank you for reading! Have a lovely day!

Sneak Peek*: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10

when i heard that MAC would put out shade extensions for the studio fix fluid and that there would be nw13 and nw10 amongst them, i was psyched! nc15 had even in the summer been too dark for me. i got matched today and it came down to nw10 ( no surprise!). i still love my matchmaster in 1.0 which works perfectly especially in the summer months when i go from chalk white to off-white, but the sff blends seemlessly into my skin now when i’m back to chalk. so far i like how it feels on my skin and the stronger coverage, since my skin is really acting up at the moment. i can’t wait to play around with this more!

(*sneak peeks will be posted straight from my phone)

Mini Haul: MAC + Marilyn

 Today the MAC + Marilyn Monroe Collection launched in Germany and for the first time in quite some time I was tempted to head out to my trusted beauty department store to be one of the first to get their hands on the new stuff. The promotional pictures had me lusting after a blush and a lipstick and after both products scored A’s on temptalia.com I had to get them. And I was lucky, I was able to get both. So here we go:

 All products (except for the pencils and the nailpolishes I believe) come in a glossy black packaging with a gorgeous Marilyn print on the front.

 I just love MAC’s attention to detail 🙂

 And here is my first baby: The Perfect Cheek blush (matte). The powder comes in a glossy plastic compact of the typical MAC design.

 On this picture you can actually see the color as accurately as my camera gets it. I would describe it as a soft almost taupy pink. The powder itself is soft and pigmented without being dusty. When applied, it softly melts into my skin and gives me a beautiful soft flush

 Here you can see the lipstick packaging in the typical MAC bullet form but glossy with a Marilyn print like the blush.

 I managed to get Deeply Adored (matte), which despite looking quite brown in the bullet, pulls a deep berry pink/red color on my lips. This is my first MAC matte finish l/s and I am happy to report that in the past 6 hours that I have worn it, it did not dry out my lips at all.

 And again the attention to detail
Below you can see the look I did in honor of the launch. The eyes are based on the Marilyn make up Lisa Eldridge did here (opens in a new window!) I just used products I had here already. The blush and lipstick are The Perfect Cheek and Deeply Adored which the lovely MACcine applied on me instore.

The ‘slightly’ yellow pic above shows was taken without flash and shows that the blush actually shows up on my skin.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase, I hope Deeply Adored will be an incentive for me to wear more dark lipstick and not only my nudes 😀

Are you planning to get anything from the collection?

Picture Post: Favorite Spring/Summer Color(s)

Just a super quick picture post because the sun is so lovely outside 🙂


(all current HandM collections, most of them ‘basic’ collection)

Catrice Princess for a Day (d/c)
Catrice Revoltaire Colorbomb (l/e)

Maybelline 422 Coral Tonic
p2 Mission: Summer Look Pretty in Pink (l/e still available)
Catrice  Revoltaire Colorbomb (l/e) (no typo, the lipstick and the nailpolish have the same name)

Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Call me Bubbles (especially Full of Flavor) (l/e)

MAC MSF Collection Spring ’12

 After a somewhat prolonged absence due to finals, termpapers and easter (I’m catholic and it is a rather big deal at my house), I’m back and I thought I’d start with something simple but nevertheless very dear to my heart.
When I started into MAC about 2 years ago I was also introduced to the Mineralize Skinfinishes and fell in love (like so many before me). As you can see I only own four but that is due to the fact that I am extremely picky when it comes to MAC: I will only buy products that are of high quality and go with my skintone. The  four I compiled are the following:

 MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are baked mineral powders that give a very strong almost metallic sheen to the skin. They are usually used as highlighters, but can also serve as blushers or bronzers according to the preferences of their owners.

Pink Power

 Pink Power was part of the Wonder Woman collection and it is GIGANTIC, twice the size of a regular MSF. What I especially love about it is that I have bronzer (MATTE!!!) a blush color and a highlight in one compact, or I can swirl them all together, which creates a glowy orange-y blush color. I love this especially in the summer.

Gold Deposit

 Gold Deposit is a standard range product and I am aware that it seems horribly dark for my light complexion, but I love the color and the typical MSF-sheen it gives me. On a particularly bold day I used it as a bronzer on my cheeks and down my nose and temples and loved it. Not everybody’s cup of tea but certainly mine!


 Soft&Gentle is another standard range one and my favorite highlighter, I’ve been using this for months and months at a time.


And finally Redhead. My favorite blushcolor. Again one of those I used months and months at a time. It gives my pale skin the most beautiful, natural looking, glowy flush. Amazing! I use the darker strips for blush and the lighter ones for highlighter. Too bad this was also limited edition.

What are your favorite MSFs?

Picture Post: Unwrapping MAC Call Me Bubbles

       So, on Thursday the Shop MAC Cook MAC collection was released in Germany and ever since temptalia.com had blogged about it I had an eye on the Call Me Bubbles quad and since my beauty department store had delivery issues I ordered it online. The MAC online shop though is legendary for its issues and cancelled orders and I usually avoid ordering there. And it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked. The status on my order never (until now) changed from ‘In progress’ to ‘Dispatched’ or anything the like and that along with the bad experience other people I know made caused me some distress, however, the parcel arrived damaged but thankfully unopened as you can see below. I love unwrapping blog posts so I hope you will enjoy this one too: here we go! (as always: click on the pics to enlarge them, all pics are my own)
The package was damaged when it arrived here :/
If you check my unwrapping post from 2 years ago you’ll see that MAC definitely upped the amp on the packaging. LOVE it!
Thank you card and voucher for 20 mins with a MAC artist, very nice!
Blonde moment of the day: WTF! I didn’t even order something round oO
TADAAH! Apperantly I was among the first 500 to order from the Shop MAC Cook MAC LE and got the stickers, such a nice surprise!
Oh look what’s peering through the black paper! 🙂
Despite all the pink I quite like the design on this collection!

Underneath the colorful cardboard slip case is the usual black packaging

Also as per usual the sticker with the name on top

And finally here it is! It was love at first sight when I saw it on temptalia.com

It is the warmest of the three quads that were released with the collection and I can see myself getting a lot use out of this over spring and summer ❤

Click to enlarge and see the names of the individual shades better