First Impression and Face of the Day: Catrice Even Skin Foundation 005 Even Ivory

My most anticipated addition to the Catrice range was definitely the Even Skin foundation especially after they promised that it would include an extremely light shade and after stalking several drugstores in my area here we are.

The foundation promises:

-to be longlasting and caring

– instant reduction of redness and dark spots (medium to full coverage)

– more even skin tone within 8 weeks of daily usage

-luminous matte finish

-SPF 25

It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump, very straight up, very basic, no frills, no fuzz. The bottle contains the standard 30ml/ 1.01 fl.oz. and costs €7.45.

As per usual you can enlarge all pics by clicking on them.

Let’s have a look how it applied on my skin:

20150729_154547 20150729_154505

Here you see my naked face, cleansed and prepared with my Nivea day cream for dry and sensitive skin. My skin is coming back from a nasty spell dehydration, black heads and bumps. I finally switched back to the Neutrogena Anti Black Head Daily Scrub and within two days of using it the bumps have been visibly reduced and the inflammations have gone down what you see here is mainly scarring.


The foundation is really creamy and looks quite yellow against my skin when it comes out of the bottle.


In this picture I applied the foundation on the right side of my face with my Rossmann flat top buffing brush.


And here is the left side applied with the Essential Foundation brush by Real Techniques. The foundation works with both, if anything the coverage is sheerer with the Essential Foundation brush. The foundation goes on very smooth and creamy and a little goes a long way. It is lightly scented but the scent is not noticeable once the foundation is applied.

I know Magi of said for her this is too light a coverage to warrant the label ‘medium’ but if you look at the following pictures especially you can see that the redness has been blurred over and other blemishes have been covered up, to me this is medium coverage. The foundation is buildable, so you may actually get this to full coverage if you like.


This is the foundation after about 10 minutes. It settled slightly in the lines under my eyes but once that was blended out it was fine. Within those 10 minutes the foundation did not noticeable oxidize. The finish of the foundation is semi matte and has somewhat of a soft healthy glow.


Here you can see my face powdered and contoured and the brows filled in.


Aaand here is the final result and here


you can see my jaw line better. You can see that the redness has been taken down quite a bit but it is still shining through. I personally like it that way. I did not use any concealers on my face. Neither under my eyes nor anywhere on my skin, this is all the foundation.

On my dry skin the foundation works a treat. It feels creamy and moisturizing, I can feel it on my skin a little bit but it is not crazy heavy.
I’ve been wearing it for about two hours now and despite the oily residue from my moisturizer the foundation hasn’t creased or crawled in any lines and pores and even my oily(er) nose is still matte.

So far the foundation gets a BIG thumbs up from me, of course I’ll have to see how it goes over time but at this point it is holy grail material.

Here is the foundation after 7hrs of wear and a run.


The bronzer has come off a little bit and my nose and forehead got slightly shiny. When I looked into the mirror close up the foundation had settled slightly into the fine hairs of my skin, but not to a degree where it would have bothered me. Can only repeat what I said before: I really like the foundation, definitely one that is going into the daily rotation, especially as it gets colder and I need more moisture in my skin.

Lastly let’s have a look how it compares to other light foundations:


from left: Catrice Even Skin 005, MAC SFF NW10, L’Oréal True Match N1, Manhattan Endless Perfection 56 Light Porcelain, Astor Perfect Stay 091

It is the lightest of the bunch, even lighter than my MAC SFF NW 10

And here it is swatched next to the foundations that are readily available in German drugstores



bottom to top: Catrice Even Skin, Manhattan Endless Perfection, Astor Perfect Stay


and the three foundations blended out

You can see in the swatches that the Catrice foundation looks almost scarily yellow but it doesn’t look like that on my skin. Astor and Manhattan look more pink. I think the yellow in the Catrice foundation helps to cancel out the red.

There is no swatch of my beloved Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless it is for the simple reason that I am out, and I haven’t gotten the chance to pick up a new bottle. From memory I can tell you that it is more neutral than Astor and Manhattan and colorwise sits closer to the new Catrice foundation.

I hope this help some of you with the decision whether to pick up the new Catrice foundation or not. It is very light, quite possibly the lightest on the market.

My Favorite Summer Nude


Nail swatch of Crew First! also absolutely LOVE the bottle design!

Part of my Project100 was to teach me to only buy things that I really need and would wear more than once and so far I am doing really well. One addition to my nail stash (which still needs to be broken down further – I’m still far away from my goal of 50 bottles period) is Crew First! from the essence nauti girl limited edition. I absolutely loved the idea of the collection with it’s nautical inspiration and mixture of crisp white blue and red.

Crew First! is a very light salmony pastell color. Not quite as light and airy as essie fiji or find me an oasis, but close enough that I can pull it off. The color is a few shades lighter than my skintone so to me it is the perfect nude. To me it makes my hands look really clean and put together. One of those colors that you can chuck on and it is going to be appropriate for any event that is coming your way that week.

The polish goes on a bit streaky but it was okay for me in two coats, but I would let the first coat dry a little bit before the second to avoid bald spots. Three coats would probably make it completely perfect.

It lasts 3-4 days on me until it starts to chip, which is solid especially when you take into account that I work with my hands a lot.

In the picture you can see 1 coat of OPI Nail Envy, 2 coats of essence nauti girl Crew First! and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

The polish is limited edition but the trays just arrived in my hometown so I think you’ll be able to still get it if you like. I bought this polish with my own money.

Btw: Crew First! is ever so slightly lighter and less brown than essie spin the bottle. Close enough for a dupe? You decide!


Crew First! vs. essie spin the bottle

The No-Aluminium-Experiment

This may be a bit of an icky, TMI- topic, but a) this is my blog and this is important to me and b) it kinda is about beauty and health, so….

Photo 05-05-2014 23 17 21

A couple of weeks ago I switched to aluminium free deodorants. Aluminium and its salts are suspected of causing breast cancer as the body can not reduce the concentration and it remains in the tissue. I have breast cancer cases in the family so the switch was a no-brainer.

And this is where the problems started. I sweat easily. Always have. And I usually rely on the super dry, spread- their- powder- everywhere deodorants or anti-transpirants basically. I have a job that is physically demanding and I tend to be under a lot of stress, to run everywhere and summer is coming. What I’m saying is deodorants have to be heavy duty to keep me happy.

So far I have tried two different aluminium-free deodorants. One is by Isana, the brand of the German drugstore Rossmann the other is by CD a brand that is available in various drugstore- and supermarket chains.

The Isana one is from the Isana med line, claims to keep you fresh for 24 hours, is for ultra sensitive skin and is free of aluminium compounds, alcohol and allergenic scents. Problem #1 with this: it smells kinda dodgy to me. Kinda soapy with a hint sickening. I have no clue why that is. Maybe it has gone bad, maybe it is just me but if you want something that gets you through the day without smelling weird it defeats the purpose when it smells weird in the first place. Problem #2: it didn’t last long enough for me. Around the 6 p.m. mark I got the feeling I started to get smelly, even earlier at work. Super frustrating.

The CD one (the waterlilly scent) also claims to keep you fresh for 24 hours and leave no white residue behind. It is free of mineral oils, silicones, parabens, dye, suitable for vegetarians and cruelty free. It doesn’t say so on my bottle but if you read the ingredients on the back there are no aluminium compounds in the formula (the newer bottles have a sticker on them that says aluminium free). It smells infinitely better, but it too doesn’t last long enough for me. I get sweaty and eventually I get smelly. It works a little better than the Isana one.

I also tried to layer them but that doesn’t make them last longer either.

For now I switched back to deodorants with aluminium compounds. I try to make sure that it is low on the ingredients list (the lower on the list the less compound in the formula). I am currently using the Nivea satin sensation deodorant with kaolin powder and I am quite impressed. Aside from not being aluminium free it ticks all the boxes for me and the kaolin powder really helps. And because I am weird I always have two deodorants on the go, the second one is by DuschDas in the Traumland (dreamland) scent. I used to use this when I was a teenager and it smells sooo good. It comes in the new compressed version which means they found a way to stuff the same amount the can held before into a smaller bottle. Meaning it’s a wee bit better for the environment (um, yeah.) and it’s nicer for carrying around in your handbag.

I know that dm (another German drugstore chain) also has some alunminium free deodorants and I will try them out after I used up the ones that I have on the  go right now, but I have to admit I don’t really have high hopes anymore.

Have you tried any aluminium free deodorants? What was your verdict?

[Project Clean Up] My Catrice Lipstick Collection (+ Swatches)

Remember way back when I started to declutter my make up? Yeah, I made some progress. I still have too much stuff but for now I have a big ass plastic bag filled with all kinds of make up and skin care that will make it to the wheelie bin soon. Either way I decided to leave my Catrice lipstick collection untouched for now, even though there are a couple of colors that I think will be cut sooner or later. In total I own a whopping 15 Catrice lipsticks and most of them have been discontinued, 5 of them are actually from before the relaunch. If you’d still like to see what I’ve got, right this way please!

Photo 14-04-2014 22 08 40

Let’s begin with some basic information. The lipsticks come in metal tubes. The Ultimate Shines in the silver tube are sheerer and glossier than the more creamy and opaque Ultimate Colors in the black bullet. The Ultimate Shines contain 3.5g /.12oz whereas the Ultimate Colors hold 3.8g/.13oz, they look as if they were the exact same size though. It may just be that the Ultimate Color formula is slightly heavier than the Ultimate Shine formula. Both formulas retail for 3.95€


Photo 14-04-2014 21 54 18

l.t.r.: Hollywood’s Fabulous 40’s C04 The Nude Scene, Out of Space C02 Discover Purple Pluto, Revoltaire C01 Colour Bomb, Urban Baroque C01 Marie Antoinette

The first swatches are those of limited edition colors. The Nude Scene and Colour Bomb are mattes, Discover Purple Pluto is multicolored glitter in a sheer purple base and Marie Antoinette is a creamy peachy nude. The formula on all of these is fine. The mattes are not as moisturizing as the other two, which was to be expected. The lasting power is good, better on the mattes than on the other two in this case. Colour Bomb is easily my fave out of those above, it is such a nice almost neon coral, can’t wait to wear this more again as the weather gets nicer.

l.t.r.: It's A Matt World, Hey Nude!, Frozen Rose

l.t.r.: It’s A Matt World, Hey Nude!, Frozen Rose

Above you can see the three regular lipsticks I own of my favorite formula Ultimate Color. It’s A Matt World is a matte orangey- red, think Lady Danger only a little redder. I LOVE this color because on top of being simply gorgeous it is also really creamy and comfortable to wear, you can barely tell it’s a matte lipstick unless you look into the mirror. Hey Nude! is a pinky nude and it is still available. Frozen Rose is a cool pink that I used to wear a lot. Generally the Ultimate Color formula is really creamy and moisturizing, deep colors and mattes naturally last longer than the nudes  and lighter shades, but generally I would say they come in around 4-6 hrs of wear.

l.t.r.: And The Oscar Goes To, Pink Panther, Simply Rosewood.

l.t.r.: And The Oscar Goes To, Pink Panther, Simply Rosewood.

The next batch are all from the Ultimate Shine line. Simply Rosewood is a rosewood color with some gloss and slip to it. This is more of a fall color for me. Pink Panther is a bright Barbie-pink with glitter. Don’t ask me why I bought it, this color is a lot of things but not me. For some reason I can’t part with it though. I’ll try to make it work over the summer. And The Oscar Goes To is the newest of my Catrice lipsticks. It is a purpley berry pink with a borderline metallic sheen to it. I love how this shade works with my skin. The Ultimate Shine lipsticks are glossier and slippier than the Ultimate Colors which means that the wear time is not as long, they just come off easier but again they are really comfortable to wear and not drying at all and despite having glitter in the formula Pink Panther doesn’t feel gritty on the lips.

l.t.r.: Rouge Satin Midnight Red and Spanish Red; Absolute Moisture Soft Coral, Gentle Beige and Gentle Nude

l.t.r.: Rouge Satin Midnight Red and Spanish Red; Absolute Moisture Soft Coral, Gentle Beige and Gentle Nude

These five above are all from before the relaunch. The Rouge Satins are a classic and wine red cream finish and formula. The Absolute Moisture lipsticks are just that really moisturizing with a little more shine and a little sheerer maybe. Soft Coral is a metallic orange coral, Gentle Beige is just that -a beige- but weirdly enough it is my favorite from the Absolute Moistures. It blends really nicely with my natural lip color and gives a very nice creamy nude. Gentle Nude is a rosy pink, a little muted maybe, a very nice your-lips-but-better color. It’s one of those that I definitely need to wear more, especially now where I am a little over the extremely nude lips.


If you were looking for good drugstore lipsticks I can recommen those two lines. The Ultimate Shines come in 8, the Ultimate Color come in 16 shades and they range from nudes to brights to darks.


Confessions of a Mascara Addict #2: L’Oréal, Manhattan, Catrice and Max Factor

Finally I got around to photograph the second installment of Confessions of a Mascara Addict. I put 6 new mascaras to the test and here are the results:



Photo 05-04-2014 16 50 13

Naked Eyes

My lashes are naturally rather straight and stubborn and a little sparse towards the corners. I am looking for a mascara that really holds a curl and emphasizes my corner lashes, makes my lashes in general really black, long and thick.


1. L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes

Photo 05-04-2014 16 37 02

Black, rubber brush, gold packaging;  this is almost a classic. I like it a lot. It holds a curl, volumizes and seperate the lashes. You can see one coat, in fact all of the pictures show one coat on my lashes. The wand is a really hard rubber brush that kind of stings when it touches the sensitive upper waterline  and the formula is perceptibly scented. The wand is a weird stumpy shape and really thick, all of those things aside though, it gives a nice result.


2. L’Oréal Miss Manga Mega Volume

Photo 05-04-2014 16 36 23

This one I am really impressed with. Super black, holds a curl and gives length and volume. It builds up really nicely. A couple of days ago I just wore two coats of this, some blush and natural lipstick and my lashes were really prominent on my face. Really thick and long and black without being clumpy. This mascara seems to have been received really controversely, some people love it, some people hate it, I count myself safely in the group of people who loves this mascara. The wand has normal bristles, is really big and flexible, it is cut in a conical shape with a sort of wave-profile along the outline. The thicker end really helps to catch the outer lashes.

3.Manhattan Ultimate Long & Curl

Photo 05-04-2014 16 37 44

I used to wear a previous version of this when I was maybe 14 or 15 and fell back in love when I picked this up when it was in offer. The formula seems to have fibres in it, which I quite like but  I know some people don’t. It makes my lashes really thick and long, doesn’t hold the curl that well but it is still pretty great. With this you have to be a bit careful that it doesn’t clump up, but I think as love as you don’t layer coat over coat on, you should be fine. This has a garden-variety mascara wand with normal bristles, if anything it is a little shorter than other brushes.

4. Manhattan X-treme Last WP

Photo 05-04-2014 16 38 13

This gives a very natural result and if you like that, this mascara is your thing. I prefer a little more oomph to my lashes so this is not really my thing. Aside from that it is not a bad product at all. The brush is long, slim and has normal bristles. It tints the lashes nice and black, holds a curl but doesn’t really volumize or lengthen.


5. Max Factor Clump Defy WP/ Covergirl Clump Crusher WP

Photo 05-04-2014 16 49 32

This is another one with a very natural result. Thankfully I got that 30% off or I would be really upset  about spending a lot of money on a mascara that I won’t wear or at least won’t wear much. This one really separates the lashes it holds the curl but the lengthening powers are not that great and it is not really volumizing. It has a slightly curved rubber brush, which generally I like but the formula just doesn’t do for me.  I am a little disappointed with this. Again, not a bad product, just not enough oomph for me.


6. Catrice Glamour Doll WP

Photo 05-04-2014 16 48 41

Out of the mascaras shown here this is by far my favorite. It lengthens, volumizes, separates and holds the curl until I take it off in the evening. I may have found a holy grail mascara here, plus at 4,45€ this is VERY affordable. I really like the slim long rubber brush, too. It allows me to apply the mascara without smudging it all over my eyelid.


Round up:

None of these mascaras irritated or stung my eyes, they are all easily removable with my bebe young care quick&clean cleansing lotion for sensitive skin. The ones that are on power rotation right now are the Glamour Doll and because I try not to use WP mascaras all the time not to dry out my lashes too much I switch it out with the Miss Manga on a regular basis.


If you still like to see some more mascara mini reviews you can read the first confessions chapter here.

Review: Catrice All Matt Plus 010 Light Beige

Bare Faced

Bare Faced

Just Foundation

Just Foundation

Foundation and Concealer

Foundation and Concealer

Full Face of Make Up Including Brows, Eyes, Cheeks

Full Face of Make Up Including Brows, Eyes, Cheeks

As I had mentioned in my last Sunday Round Up I have purchased the Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation in the shade 010 Light Beige. This particular shade was celebrated in the German blogging and vlogging community as the lightest shade available in the German drugstore. I had been curious for a while but it took the 30% off offer to convince me to buy it.

The foundation claims to be mattifying, longlasting, oil free, hydrating with lightreflecting pigments for a satin-matt finish.

Creamy Consistency

Creamy Consistency

The consistency of the foundation is creamy and it goes on very moist, a little bit like a water-based tinted moisturizer, that is how it feels on the skin. It gives a medium, buildable coverage that has a luminous matte finish.
My skin is combination oily/dry with a very oily t-zone and dry cheeks, so everything that is satin, dewy or glowy tends to freak me out, my t-zone is very ‘glowy’ all by itself, thank you very much! This luminous matte finish does look really nice on my skin though, just like I had a very-good-skin-day.

As for the mattifying part: The foundation doesn’t stop me from getting oily anymore than any other foundation I have tried so far, it is very moisturizing which is nice for the coming winter and I have noticed that my blush and eyebrows last considerably longer when I wear this foundation. After 8 hours they look exactly like they did just after application in the morning. Impressive.

The foundation sets maybe a smidgen too dark and yellow for me, but not to the point where I have dark lines or that it looks like I had a weird tanning accident. Please keep in mind that in MAC terms I am a NW 10 with neutral undertones, so if this foundation is just a wee bit too dark for me it may work for most other pale beauties out there.

Photo 13-11-2013 21 42 53

All in all, I like the foundation and Iwill wear it whenever I feel like a slightly less heavy skin option (both my MAC foundations can be quite heavy). If you like the finish and the coverage and your skin leans a little bit on the yellow side of things this may be for you. Skintype-wise I’d say slightly dry to normal to combo-oily skins will get on with the foundation fine. It is 6.45€ for 30ml/1.01fl.oz. and comes in a hefty glassbottle with a pump.
My 2 cents? Finally a decent drugstore option for us dainty dolls in Germany!

Little Bonus: Final Make Up (unfortunately the sun had gone). On my lips I am wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107

Little Bonus: Final Make Up (unfortunately the sun had gone). On my lips I am wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107

The Eagle has Landed! Manhattan Lip Lacquer Swatch and Review

A couple of months ago the news hit that Rimmel’s runaway hit lipgloss/stick hybrid Apocalips would be picked up by Manhattan. You have no idea how hard I was partying on the inside when I read that.

I had been lusting after the Apocalips ever since Fleur de Force featured them on her blog but since then Rimmel had pulled out of the German market making it difficult to get my hands on them. I was thisclose to just hang my head and give up on them until I read that they would return under a different name.

Either way, they are here! I spotted the display with them a couple of days ago and yesterday I caved and picked one up. They were launched in six shades at 4.85€ for 5.5ml/.19fl.oz.

I chose a wearable creamy pink. On the display it said Reds Rock as the name, on the actual packaging it just says 50G (Manhattan uses numeral/letter combos as ‘names’).

Lip Swatch: Manhattan Lip Lacquer 50G Reds Rock

Lip Swatch: Manhattan Lip Lacquer 50G Reds Rock

The formula is very creamy and highly pigmented, it seemed to be neither drying nor overly hydrating but still very comfortable on my lips and is completely non-sticky. The doefoot applicator has a dip that holds the perfect amount of lacquer for my lips. The color is opaque in one sweep, lasted several hours on my lips and faded evenly to a light stain before disappearing completely.


Doefoot with a Dip

Doefoot with a Dip

If you are looking for an opaque lipcolor with a creamy sheen, stop looking, this is it!

Confessions of a Mascara Addict: 10 Reviews and 2 First Impressions


My eyes au naturel

Hello and welcome to my blog at the new address! As I started a nailblog with my two best friends here on wordpress just recently (you can find us under if you are interested shameless selfpromotion) it seemed to make sense to pull my old blog from blogger and move it to wordpress to have my two playgrounds under one roof. Plus, if I see my so sadly neglected baby constantly while checking on the stats of my new baby maybe I can finally manage to update more regularly, fingers crossed.

As you read from the title this post is about mascaras. Along with my nailpolish problem I seem to have a mascara problem as well. I have ten. 1 0. For two eyes. And then essence had a promotion for their new get big lashes triple black in which you received either the original get big lashes or the waterproof version along with the triple black for free. Obviously I fell head first into this trap. I included the two new mascaras as first impressions at the end of this post.

Please excuse my bare and somewhat problematic skin, I thought I would put the mascara at the center of attention and leave everything else bare.  The mascaras are in no particular order, some I love, some I hate and some are so-so. You will notice that my eyes are various shades of red, this is due to the application and removal of twelve different mascaras, even though my eyes didn’t bother me as much as I thought they would. This I owe to my lovely cleanser which I will tell you about further down this post. BEWARE! This is a(nother) long one, grab a cup of tea, a snack and settle in! I hope you’ll enjoy.


Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof (Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof)

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this one. The result the Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof (this is the Euro sister of Covergirl’s Lashblast Waterproof) gives is beautiful. My lashes are flared out, lengthened, separated and it holds the curl like a dream. Alas it WAS a bitch and a half to remove. Recently I found two formulas that take the FLE WP off effortlessly: the bebe young care formula for waterproof eye make up be it the wipes, the liquid remover or the cleansing milk, all three take the FLE WP off. My favorite out of the three is the cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin because I can just massage it into my lashes when I take my face make up off and it removes the mascara completely without irritating my eyes. Now that I have a working remover I wear this quite a bit.


Catrice Evolution to Revolution Ultra Black Volume Mascara

The Catrice Evolution to Revolution is a 2 in 1 mascara. Step 1 gives a very natural finish as you can see above step 2 thickens the lashes and makes them quite spidery and clumpy which occasionally I absolutely love. This one has been discontinued but I will happily use it up. I love that I have this clumpy messy option on my arsenal.


Maybelline The Rocket Volum’Express

The Rocket is one of the most hyped up mascaras I have read about in a while. Everybody seemed to use it and I fell for the hype. In the beginning I absolutely hated it. It didn’t hold the curl at all which is one of the things that makes me toss a mascara out without looking at it twice. For a while I paired it with FLE WP and loved the results because it gives massive lashes, a bit like the Evolution to Revolution only better. The more it dries in the better it seems to get, though. I quite like the result you see above. I might give this mascara a second chance even though I won’t repurchase it. I can’t be bothered to wait for a mascara to become good. It better be great from the beginning.


essence multi action blackest black

I don’t even know why I still have this. It doesn’t do much: It doesn’t lengthen, it doesn’t hold a curl and now it’s almost completely dry even though I didn’t use it at all. Out it goes. It has nothing on the old discontinued Black Mania mascara which I loved. For me it’s a gigantic fail.


essence multi action

The original multi action is one of those that is quite hyped in Germany as well and with every right. It is a beautiful allrounder, quite an everyday mascara that you chuck on without worrying too much about it. Length, volume, curl, all there and at roughly €2,50 a complete bargain. One of my faves!


Mac Factor Eye Brightening

I got this one in a promotion for a Max Factor liquid liner and I am surprised how much I love this. It is a reddened black with shimmer particles. I like the rubber wand, it gives definition to my lashes, curl and length are good and the red gives it a softer more natural look. I’ve been using it quite a bit lately but I don’t think I will repurchase it.


Max Factor 2000 Calorie

This another one of my alltime faves. The 2000 calorie is super black and volumizing, holds the curl and lengthens. It is like a slightly blacker, fancier version of the the essence multi action. Even though at €8 it is significantly more pricey I’d still repurchase it, another great allrounder.


essence all eyes on me

I love tonal mascaras like the Max Factor Eye Brightening. The all eyes on me for green eyes is green toned. Unfortunately it does pretty much nothing for my lashes. I got it on sale and it has been discontinued so no big loss here, I was still at little sad that it didn’t work for me.


Catrice Lashes to kill

Another green-toned one is the Catrice Lashes to kill that came in a limited edition. Again I am no big fan of the formula. It just doesn’t give me the ‘oomph’ I am looking for. My lashes just look flimsy with this on.


This is one of the reasons why I am so upset that Rimmel pulled out of the German market. I remember when I first started into make up about 13 years ago (shoot me now! i’m ancient) the Extra Super Lash mascara was the first that I loved and repurchased for a while. And then came the waterproof version into my life. I love the results this gives even more than those of the FLE, AND it is easier to remove. I hate that I have to order this online now if I run out. This was a staple that I may have to kiss good bye long term.


essence get big lashes waterproof

Here we go with the first impressions: The result the get big lashes wp gives is quite feathery and flared which I like. It is a great option to have in my stash. It holds the curl. Even though I like the result it is not quite what I had in mind when I read get BIG lashes. I know essence is aimed at younger girls but they had way more dramatic mascaras in their range, and this is just not dramatic at all. We’ll see how this goes.

Same issues I had with the waterproof version. It’s nice but not quite the big lash result I thought it would be. It is black, holds the curl but it is still quite natural. I will use this up but it doesn’t seem to be something special.
And this is my make up remover of choice at the moment. The Hydra Active 3 Skin Perfecting Rich Cleansing Milk removes all of my make up in one go including the FLE and other waterproof mascaras without drying out or irritating my skin. I love this!
Round Up:
Loves: Max Factor 2000 Calorie, False Lash Effect Waterproof, essence multi action, Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof
Hates: essence multi action blackest black, all eyes on me,
The rest is somewhere in the middle.
Maybe this helped some of you, maybe you had at least a good time reading this, I had fun creating this post 🙂
What are your favorite mascaras, is there one you think I should try out?
Have lovely week end!

Review: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10 + Foundation Routine

In the past roughly two months I tested the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW 10. Since I thought that pictures would show a lot better than words how the foundation behaves on my skin, I took photos of my foundation routine I have been following during the past couple of weeks. Above you can see my skin cleansed and moisturized, completely sans make up or primers. You can also see that my skin is still acting up and fairly broken out and before you ask, it has been like that before I started using the Studio Fix Fluid (SFF) and I also checked but it is definitely NOT the SFF that is breaking me out! Generally speaking my skin type is combination with dry cheeks and an oily t-zone.

This is the amount of foundation I use. It is one pump with the MAC foundation pump(6€) that you can buy separately, since the bottle does not come with a pump. If you prefer you can obviously just pour out the foundation but I opted for the pump, because I believe it is more hygienic and a lot less messy. The pump is re-usable so you only have to buy it once (always a plus 🙂 ) One pump of foundation covers my entire face. I use a rather thin layer but the foundation is buildable.

In the two pictures above you can see the right half of my face with foundation the left one is without. You can see that the foundation covers the redness quite well but not completely. My freckles (quite pale at the moment because it is winter) still peek through, it also makes my pores around my nose appear refined.

This is how I apply the foundation: I dot it on my face and then blend it into my skin with a firm flat top kabuki brush with artificial bristles.

My face with foundation on both sides.

Here you can see my face with concealer and filled in brows

And last but not least my finished base: foundation + concealer + eyebrows + powder. I like the finish. My face matches the skin tone of my neck and I don’t mind that the blemishes peek through a little. Other than that my skin is refined and brightened .

Product break down:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW10 (+ Belial flat top kabuki brush)
Catrice Camouflage Creme in 010 Ivory (+ Catrice Smokey Eyes Brush double ended, tapered side)
Catrice Eye Brow Set, both sides (+ essence Gel Liner Brush, firm angled liner brush)
essence fix&matte translucent loose powder, old version. There is a new one in the new range, which I don’t have yet. (+ my mum’s old powder brush, I love that thing! It must be about 30 years old and is still going strong

Freshly applied, finished face make up (above).

My face roughly 10 hours later, no touch ups.
The eyeshadow and blush are slightly faded (the lipstick is gone, I didn’t wear the red one out but a nude one) and my forehead and especially nose started to shine after a couple of hours, but as you can see my base is still in place. I spent the 10 hours running to the library, picking up necessities, running back home and working for school, so it was an average day for me.

All in all I am very pleased with this foundation.
The coverage is perfect for me, I would say it is medium/ buildable.
You can feel the foundation on your skin, which I don’t mind at all (but if you mind it then it is not for you).
It doesn’t oxidize on me.
I don’t need a primer, despite my oiliness it stays in place.
It does have a slightly chemical scent to it which fades immediately after application.
It doesn’t break me out.
It comes in a heavy glass bottle with a rubberized black screw-on-lid. The bottle contains 30ml, costs 28€ in Germany and is available from e.g., and Douglas and MAC stores, etc.

I hope this was helpful for some of you!


Ich bin schnell gelangweilt. Seit ich klein bin ist das so, und geändert hat sich das bisher auch nicht. Und weil mir so schnell langweilig wird, kaufe ich in der Regel, wenn ich ein altes Produkt aufgebraucht habe, ein anderes. Und wenn ich dann mal das gleiche Produkt nochmal kaufe, muss es schon Liebe sein, wie bei diesen dreien hier:

  1. Balea Creme- Öl Dusch Peeling Indian Chai (Limited Edition [*wein]  200ml; 1,45€; dm ) Auf dieses Baby bin ich aufmerksam geworden durch YouTuberin Empathy25, die vor allem von dem wunderbaren, nicht ganz leichten Vanillegeruch schwärmte. Ich liebe Vanille, ich bin ein Peelingjunkie, also los zum nächsten dm gewandert, gerochen und…. es war Liebe! Der Geruch ist absolut traumhaft: warme, süße Vanille mit einem Anklang von Gewürzen, perfekt für Weihnachten. Das Produkt an sich ist okay, aber nicht überragend. Der Peeling- Effekt und die Pflegewirkung sind gut und für jemanden, dessen Haut weniger trocken und stressig ist, als meine, ist es vermutlich besser geeignet, aber gerade weil es LE ist und ich nicht weiß, wie lange es es noch geben wird und dieser Duft einfach perfekt ist, werde ich es so lange nachkaufen, wie es im Laden steht. Bunkern werde ich aber nicht, wenn weg dann weg.
  2. alverde Clear Waschcreme Heilerde (100ml; 2,25€; dm) Wo mein Körper zu trocken ist, ist mein Gesicht zu ölig und neigt zu Unreinheiten (immer noch, man sollte meinen das legt sich, wenn die Pubertät erst mal rum ist :/ ). Als es mal wieder besonders schlimm war, habe ich mir die alverde Waschcreme gekauft und war fasziniert: Nicht nur scheint sie meine Poren zu verfeinern, sondern auch die Unreinheiten gingen merklich zurück und klangen wesentlich schneller ab, als vorher. Die Creme trocknet meine Haut nicht aus und hilft dadurch, dass meine Haut weniger überschüssiges Öl produziert. Ich bin rundum zufrieden und möchte diesen Cleanser nicht mehr missen!
  3. Gliss Kur Ultimate Repair Express-Repair-Spülung (200ml; 2,45€; zB dm) Meine Haare sind ja auch so ein Thema: Durch vieles Färben hatte ich mein Haar beinahe komplett zerstört, jetzt lasse ich Stück für Stück diese Reste herauswachsen. Zudem sind meine Haare mittlerweile sehr lang. Um meinen Haaren eine Portion extra Liebe zu geben habe ich mir vor einigen Monaten, diese Sprühkur gekauft und benutze sie seitdem nach jeder Haarwäsche vor dem durchbürsten (aber nur in den Längen). Sie entwirrt meine Haare, so dass sie sich leichter kämmen lassen und versorgt sie mit viel Pflege und Feuchtigkeit ohne dass sie sich hinterher beschwert anfühlen. Und obwohl sie meine Haare glättet und glänzend macht stellt sich nicht dieses typische Plastik-Silikon-Gefühl ein. Den Duft kann ich nur schwer beschreiben, für meine Nase riecht die Kur ein wenig süßlich ohne schwer oder pappig zu sein. Ich verbinde diesen Geruch mit edlen schweren Nussölen, kann aber nicht sagen warum. Aber ich mag diesen Geruch der noch ein wenig in meinen Haaren hängt ohne aufdringlich zu sein. Diese Sprühkur ist mein kleiner Lebensretter und auch sie ist aus meiner täglichen Routine nicht mehr wegzudenken 🙂