Sunday Round Up #29 With A Side of Up Close and Personal

This was about the hardest week I had to endure in a long time.
I hate it when things are out of my control and I have to have faith in other people. This week I had to trust people to get the documents for my Master application ready and of course there was a shitload of drama involved. I’m not going to go into detail because it’s pretty pointless, suffice it to say that I got everything I needed but I had to put up big fight. If someone tries to tell you Germany is organized and punctual and shit; No we are not, especially not the authorities. Absolute disgrace for a reasonably developed country, just saying.

Either way I survived. And a lot better than I thought I would. I managed to stay positive throughout the whole week. I did have a panic moment on thursday (because of course everything accumulated on friday), but I did something about it by writing an e-mail and making a plan how I would tackle friday. Staying organized always helps me. It was a brief moment and didn’t  paralyze me for long like it used to. I managed to find ways to treat myself right and take the edge off the pressure. Working out helped but I have to say when the stress hit me hardest I skipped two days because I just didn’t have the time or the energy to do it. I allowed myself yolo food, stressfree reading, a wee bit of shopping and some light weight tv-watching (more on that further down). The insomnia didn’t hit me all that hard. I fell asleep relatively easily throughout the week. It may have helped that I worked 4 out of five days. Long story short, I found a way to treat myself right without completely falling apart and over-compensating. I drew a lot of strength from little happy things like my colleague saving me a chips container to put away so I had something ‘easy’ to do after the mildly annoying drugstore container I had to put away, my boss complaining about the drugstore aisle but being stopped short when my other boss told him it couldn’t have been a recent mess up because little old me worked the drugstore aisle this week. You know, the little stuff. And looking forward to hanging out with my bestie on saturday really helped.

So here’s to a mini Sunday Round Up:

Make up-wise my skin was finally healthy enough again for me to go back to MAC Face&Body. I had major hormonal break outs and cystic acne induced by the Nivea Protect and Bronze face cream that I talked about earlier, not gonna wear that again then. Instead I went back to my trusted Diadermine Lift+SPF cream, in fact I had to buy a new pot this week. I just love that stuff. BTW my face still tans despite the SPF 30 but it doesn’t burn.
I also got my first Real Techniques brushes, as they were sold at my local TK Maxx. I got the travel essentials set with the essential foundation, domed shadow and multitask brush. I have used them all already and they are SO good. Even the essential foundation even though I am usually not a fan of flat foundation brushes. I think I won’t use it for foundation but for concealer and eye primer. The domed shadow brush is denser than any brush I own and I am still playing with it, but I really like it so far.

Media-wise I finished City of Lost Souls yesterday and yep, I still like it. The book got me safely through the week. It is not particularly deep or demanding and therefore a really nice companion for a stressed mind like mine. I am currently reading J.R.Ward’s Lover Mine part one (book 8 in the series). I accidentally started to read that before reading book 7 and I didn’t even notice. So much for the quality of that series. It is rather entertaining though and I’ve gotten that far so I might just continue reading.
I marathoned Mistresses and really liked it. It is a show with Alyssa Milano whom I really like, lovely Lost lady Yunjin Kim and a dear old friend, Brett Tucker aka Dave Brewer of McLeod’s Daughters fame. The cast is great in this show, the storylines are somewhat predictable but still entertaining. To be honest for me it is really the cast and characters that make the show not so much the storylines. Other than that I started Suits last night and it may grow on me.+
Music-wise I am really in love with my black album by Metallica. The older I get the more I fall for Metallica, especially the old stuff is great.

Anything else? I think that was it.

I hope your week was not as stressful as mine and let’s hope I can finally manage to get a new rhythm to my days and get stuff figured out. Everything is moving at the moment and I have a little trouble to get a routine down, and we all know, not having routines makes me antsy. On thursday I have another appointment with my professor about the thesis and they are usually really inspiring and motivating.
Let’s all go into this new week with a positive attitude, don’t let anything strike you down, we got this!

Read you soon!

(Oh, I will add a pic later so that it’s not such a dry read.)

Sunday Round Up #28

Time for another short and sweet Sunday Round Up, you know the drill by now 😀 Let’s jump right in:


1. Reverse washing
I just bleached my hair about a week ago (I’m still a little undecided on it but generally I think I like it) and the result is that my hair is dry (d’uh bleach). I’ve been piling on hair masks and oils and this has been helping a lot but a general problem is that working out gives me the urge to wash my hair a lot more often. Having sweat literally dripping sweat from your face and having no dry fiber on your body by the end of the work out will do that to you. Dry hair  and washing often don’t mix all that well. I remembered a tip that Glamlife Guru Tati had on her channel a while back and she said that she read somewhere to reverse wash her hair and that it has worked well for her. What is reverse washing then? Reverse washing is when you put in your conditioner first, let it sink in really well for several minutes, massage it in (even into your scalp), then rinse and THEN you shampoo your hair. This technique has worked really well for me. The shampooing takes the access oil and moisture from the conditioner out of my hair without stripping it from the stuff that has already sunk in, genius! My hair feels really soft and healthy after the shower. Oh another thing: The Balea’s purple shampoo takes out the brassiness and is extremely smoothing and moisturizing for a shampoo plus it smells amazing. I love that stuff!


2. Everything is Germany and nothing hurts
The world cup is on and I am loving it. I’ve been a football fan from a very early age on and having games on every single day is heavenly. Now, being a German fan has proven to be a rollercoaster. The first game was brilliant the second was heart wrenching. And now we have to win against the US or we are in trouble, ugh!
Anyways, being the beauty girl I am I had to play with the German colors a little bit. If you want to now what I did on my nails you can see that on the Sisterhood blog here on my eyes I tried a Germany liner:

Photo 21-06-2014 20 03 22

I used a white eyeliner and a lipliner as the base for gold and red respectively and then set them with yellow (gold) and red powder shadows, the black is my new Manhattan gel liner, which printed a little bit on the upper lid but I usually don’t wear my black liner that high, so it’s okay, next time I’m just gonna set it with black shadow as well. I whacked on black mascara and blended a sheer black through the crease and here we are. I was pretty wonky, but for the first time I guess it was okay. I’ll try again should we reach the best of 16 round (for thursday’s game I am extremely anxious that I won’t be home on time to watch because of work -.-)

Photo 19-06-2014 15 46 45

3. Everything is Pitch Perfect and nothing hurts
When I watched our opener at my friend’s house on monday we watched Pitch Perfect afterwards and I fell for it. It is not the best movie ever made, in fact it has plot holes so big you could park a 14ton truck in, but it is so damn nice. It has great voices and a whole lotta heart. Rebel Wilson is awesome in this and I always liked Anna Camp and Anna Kendrick, so wins all around.
In other media news I am still reading and enjoying City of Lost Souls, I am devouring Mistresses at the moment AND I started season 5 of Sons of Anarchy. You see there is a lot of TV watching going on to help me come down after the stressful days. I’m just glad that I am making progress.


How was your week? I hope it was all you wanted it to be and now let’s all happily and faithfully move on the next, keep fighting all!
Read you later!

Sunday Round Up #26: Summer Edition

It is hot in GER at the moment, not warm but HOT (everything over 30°C is hot in my book).  So this week was mainly spent adjusting to the weather conditions.

Something I learned the hard way this week was that it is that time of the year again where I can’t go out without sunscreen on: I forgot my daily moisturizer (which has SPF30 ), sat out in the sun for about 90 minutes and went home with a slightly burned face and chest. -.-

Photo 08-06-2014 21 12 58

My favorite brand of sunscreen is Nivea’s protect and bronze. I use SPF 30 on my body and SPF 50 on my face (after reading on A Model Recommends though that SPF 50 only neutralizes about 1% more of harmful rays than SPF30, I will happily go back to my SPF 30 all over). I love the protect and bronze, because for one it really moisturizes my skin and it does help me bronze, if ever so slightly. I don’t know exactly how that works because it says it has no self-tanner in but I visibly get some color when I wear it.

Summer read

Photo 08-06-2014 21 14 17
Probably due to my reading a lot of theoretical stuff for school, I needed a lighter read for my down time and as you saw last week I picked up Cassandra Clare’s City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire and started reading CoLS this week. I know I was a bit underwhelmed with City of Fallen Angels but I thoroughly enjoy City of Lost Souls so far. I haven’t read anything from Cassandra Clare  in over a year and picking up CoLS felt a bit like snuggling up with something very cozy and familiar. I really like meeting all of these characters again even though the story itself is pretty farfetched but not too tired and overdone, at least in my eyes but I generally don’t read those kinds of YA books anymore so I probably have nothing to compare it to.

Favorite Summer Look

Photo 08-06-2014 10 08 51 Photo 08-06-2014 10 08 13
I think I found my summer make up for 2014. Man, that Catrice It’s A Mat World lipstick was a great investment! This nice slightly orange red is definitely the center piece here. The look itself is inspired by a Lisa Eldridge/Charlotte Tilbury video that I watched a while ago, Charlotte did it on Kate Moss for a cover shoot.
For my variation I wore MAC Face&Body in C1 (I will not harp on about this anymore, you know this is my favorite foundation for summer and in general at the moment. I primed my eyes with essence I ❤ stage eye shadow base, filled in my brows with the Catrice Brow Set and lined my upper lashline with the Max Factor Masterpiece liquid liner in brown (there is a reason to them discontinuing it, it is actually not a great product at all: super streaky and wears off quickly, must go back to my brown gel liner). Then I powdered and put on my trusted L’Oréal Miss Manga mascara (gah, I love this stuff. I smell holy grail). After that I contoured and bronzed with the Catrice Hip Trip Hydrating Bronzer and blended the contour with MAC Aphrodite’s Shell which I also used  as a blush, I just loved the bronzey glowy result. To add some color other than bronze to my face I put on Catrice It’s a Mat World, blotted and reapplied. The lipstick lasted almost 9 hours this way without touching up through eating and drinking, it is non-drying but matte (as the name indicates). Best 1.75€ ever spend.  It is not available anymore though, sorry about that.

Other Media Shizz

Photo 08-06-2014 21 02 45
I arrived at my favorite Sons of Anarchy season which is number three. The Sons go to Ireland. All hell breaks loose. Nuff said. I don’t know if production was really moved to Ireland, if not they did one hell of a job faking Ireland, it looks very authentic.The theme song got a celtic make over and all of the episode titles of the eps that take place in Ireland are in Gaelic.
Music-wise I’ve been loving the EP that was released accompanying season 3 called The King is Gone. It has a song performed by Katey Sagal, who plays Gemma on the show and has an incredibly beautiful voice, the Celtic version of the theme song and other tracks from the show which trigger a lot of memories for me. I just love this show and everything about it.

Anything else?
I’m about to finish my first week of the regular work out calandar and I am way more sore than with the beginner one, but it feels good! When you start seeing results it becomes an addiction. I read that on Instagram and it is true.

I finally made some progress with the thesis and I am about to hand in my abstract. Yay.


That was about it I think. Now, let’s make a big tick under this week and focus on the new one. Let it be productive and focused or whatever else it is that you want from the new week.

Read you all soon!


Sunday Round Up #25

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I am coming up for air really quickly to review my past week with you all. How was yours?
Work continues to be messy and annoying, seriously it is such a nuisance at the moment, but I finally got a grab on the thesis! I should be able to hand in the abstract and outline by mid of next week, yay me 😀 Here’s to deadlines!

Photo 01-06-2014 21 31 55

Let’s start with books this week!
Because of the thesis I mainly re-read the book that will be at the center of my thesis, D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. In which group were you? Be honest! The one that was like, ‘Err, whaaaa?!’ or the one that was like ‘Oh the one with all the sex!’?
I had to read the book for a seminar a year ago and I fell in love with it. Not because of the sex, but because this book has some elemental things to say when it comes to the destruction of the environment and the relationship between men and women, and I intend to prove that (whilst leaving out the sex, science has focused on that long enough in my opinion). I may not agree with Lawrence in all points but I believe the book still has some relevance almost 100 years after it was first published.

And, uh, this happened:

Photo 30-05-2014 11 40 27

I didn’t even mean to and then I lost my mind when I saw City of Heavenly Fire look all pretty on its shelf. I have the Walker edition of City of Lost Souls, I am okay with that but if anybody has the McElderry edition and would like to trade, I am up for that because the rest of my Cassandra Clare books are all in the McElderry edition with the lovely foil cover. I have to admit I wasn’t even that keen on reading the rest of the Mortal Instruments series after City of Fallen Angels but now I’ve read the prologue of CoLS and now I’m kinda hooked again. I guess you have to compartmentalize with this one, take the first three as one trilogy and then the last three also as a trilogy of their own. We’ll see if that works for me. Generally I have to say though that I am not too happy that Clare is dragging out the series the way she does. The Infernal Devices was excellent from the beginning to end, the first three Mortal Instruments lost steam throughout the series and I WAS iffy on the fourth.
But for now I am hooked again and we’ll see if it stays like that for me. I can still re-sell them if I don’t like them after all.


Everything is Sons of Anarchy and nothing hurts. I had a bit of bad sleeping spell and the Sons are great companions for long nights. This show, I can only repeat myself, is messing with your head though. It takes me about five seconds to get back into the outlaw mindset and all of a sudden the police are the bad guys. What I love is the discrepancy between the family life, which is so normal almost conventional compared to the club reality of gun running, pot smoking and drinking oneself into a coma. I wouldn’t last in a club like that for 10 minutes. I still love Sons of Anarchy, though, for the feeling of triumph when the club gets another ‘get out of jail free’-card, for the brotherhood between the members, for the devious and strong women, who don’t mind to ‘be the girls’ as Gemma puts it, and for the fact that in the end there is no black and white but a sea of grey.


Pilates? Pilates!
If you have been following me on twitter (which you can do here), you may have seen that I have been tweeting about working out. I have been doing between 30 and 45 minutes of Pilates with some Cardio blasts six days a week for the past roughly 5 weeks now. For the last 4 weeks I have been following blogilates’ ‘beginners calendar’. I didn’t want to talk about it because I thought I might not make it through but I have. I finished the beginners calendar yesterday and as of tomorrow I will try to follow her regular calendar as best as I can. I will make some modifications, though and keep one rest day in. Pilates has very smoothly found its way into my evening routine, I really enjoy working out before going to bed. It helps me to calm down a little bit and just makes me feel good. I may do a proper post on my experience with blogilates. Would you like me to?
I don’t know if I have visibly changed from working out six days a week, after all it was only half an hour, and I see myself in the mirror every day so I don’t really see subtle changes. You would have to ask my friends if they  saw any differences in me. Fact is I feel better and I have become WAY stronger ever since beginning my work outs five weeks ago.


Anything else? Nah, not really. My skin breaking out a little bit and I don’t know whether it is just the weather getting warmer, hormones or my RdL moisturizing gel. I seriously hope it is one of the first two and not the last. Either way I have stopped using the gel for now and hope my skin will calm down soon. How I know it is not MAC Face&Body? I haven’t worn that in 5 days, had it been the foundation it would have calmed down by now.

That was it. My week. I am moving forward. Finally! I hope you all are making progress, too wherever you want to make progress!
Here is to the new week. We got this guys, let’s keep on moving! Read you soon!

Sunday Round Up #24: The Consumerist Version

Good Day, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I hope you had a good week, mine was a bit crazy and left me rather scatterbrained, so I’ll try to keep this week’s Sunday Round Up organized but I can’t promise anything.


Photo 23-05-2014 15 40 42

how cute is my little parcel?! ❤

First things first, I won a giveaway on my lovely friend Ginger’s blog and the prize arrived on friday. I won the Manhattan and Only Square Dancer eyeshadow palette which includes a shimmery white, a matte pinky-red, a slightly blue-toned satiny grey and a warmer yet deeper grey. As a little extra present she included two Miss Sporty products: the Mini-me lip liner in 050 Red red wine which is indeed close to my beloved Kate Moss for Rimmel 107. I tried it on today and it is very soft and doesn’t tug on the lips at all, I really enjoyed wearing it. She also included a Miss Sporty Dr Balm Gossip Kiss SOS, which is a very nice sheer tinted lip balm, it smells like melon and is super moisturizing. Unfortunately it arrived here broken but I will fix that, I just haven’t decided if I am going to melt it down completely and put it in a tin or if I can just kinda melt it back on.
And because I am me I already did a little face of the day with the new eyeshadow palette. The colors are nice if a little sheer but that’s nothing a good primer can’t fix.

Photo 25-05-2014 18 39 28

FotD with Manhattan Square Dancer and Kate Moss 107

Photo 25-05-2014 18 25 55 Photo 25-05-2014 18 33 36 Photo 25-05-2014 18 34 29

I love love love my gift, it was such a lovely pick me up to win in the first place and to receive a parcel in the mail is always great, no? Thank you so much, Ginger! ❤

Oh by the way, wanna see me with freaky eyes?

Photo 25-05-2014 18 43 06


There you go. iPhone noir filter at work and no, I don’t have any contacts in.

What else?
I went a bit mental in the stores this week. I picked up the MAC Face&Body foundation which is quite possibly one of my best decisions ever. It is healthy glowy skin in a bottle. Seriously, it is so friggin’ amazing, it lasts all day and it is completely invisible on the skin and super light. I accidently made another friend of mine, The Bookbeauty, buy the foundation as well and she said it goes on like water. Which hits the nail on the head pretty much, but I will stop freaking out right now because I have done that in my haul post already. I know I have quite a bit of redness in my skin at the moment because hormones but once that calms down again, the foundation should be perfect.

On top of that I popped my Under Armour cherry and picked up raspberry pink layering top and a grey v-neck shortsleeve which will come in super handy in the summer because it is a special material that is super light and soft and on top keeps you from sweating. It IS work out gear and I will wear it as such but let’s face it I will wear those tops out and about as well. I am so glad that Under Armour is available in Germany now (even though it pisses me off that everybody and their mother is wearing Under Armour now, when I have been pining for it for years and just couldn’t get it until now, gah.) Next months funds will be sunk in Under Armour as well, fyi. I really need those work out clothes!

Photo 25-05-2014 22 35 26

Oh, and my Veronica Mars movie finally came. I got it from the UK and I am so glad I got it. I loved that movie in German but in English it is even better. And they already announced the second Veronica Mars novel for October ’14, so I am an all around happy marshmallow this week.

Aside from that there is not much more to report. I am re-watching Sons of Anarchy at the moment and it is SO good even though it really messes with your head I find. Still love it though.

Music-wise I’m still stuck on what I’ve been listening to for the past weeks.

I’ve been wanting to include my empties but there are so many and the post is already so long that I decided to put them in an extra post.

And now it is time to put a ginormous tick under this week and move on into a new hopefully mega productive week! Let’s do this!

Sunday Round Up #23: Roses, Happy Endings and New Beginnings

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

my weekly therapy is in session. How was your week? Mine was stress- but uneventful.

I am still struggling to properly get my regular work and work for the thesis in order, I just can’t focus properly. However, one of the major stress factors and distractions should be sorted as of thursday. Here’s to hoping it will get a little more peaceful around these realms now.

Speaking of the thesis, I sorted out some hiccups and this means, granted I pass my thesis (which I damn well should [if I get my shit together]) there is a seat at my university of choice with my name on it. Near academic future sorted.

As to stressfactors or my symptoms of stress: one is definitely a messy room. If I can’t bring myself to get up and tidy my room it is bad. Insert 5 empty coffee cups on the desk and random clothes on the floor here. BUT [drumroll, please!] today I finally got my room in order again. Including stripping my be, washing all my pillows and turning around the mattress. Boom. Only my desk is still a wee bit messy, but that can wait. Babysteps!

Photo 19-05-2014 00 23 08

Make Up of the Week
And once again I changed up my make up a little bit. This one is inspired by my lack of time and a make up Lisa Eldridge did on Kate Moss I believe. All I do is create a flawless base with my MAC Matchmaster foundation in 1.0 and some concealer (Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 Ivory and Catrice Camouflage in 010 Ivory), then I powder my face and do my brows. Sometimes I apply a brown flicked half-line on my upper lashline with the Max Factor Masterpiece Glide&Define liquid liner in black/brown, then I whack some of my Miss Manga mascara on and contour my cheekbones heavily with the Catrice Hydrating Bronzer from the Hip Trip LE. The star of the show is the essence Guerilla Gardening mat lip cream in 02 floral glam. That thing is almost neon red. It is mega bright and yeah, it stains. It lasts long on the lips before it fades. I love this thing and I’m glad I found it in my stash again. Total showstopper.

Media Stuff
I can’t leave my hands off Sebastian Bergman. I currently started reading book 3 of the series, which apparently hasn’t been released in English yet. Once again, Sebastian is sort of involved with a serial killer case but his connections and relationships with his colleagues are almost as much the center as the case itself. I learned to love the style in which this series is written: A lot of internal stuff about the characters, literally all of them, creates an intense and complete view on the story. It takes some getting used to, but when you’re in it is so rewarding. I really really enjoy this and I can’t wait for the new book to come out.
I am all caught up on Veep (brilliant show) and I finished Happy Endings, man that made me sad 😦 It was such a good show!

Art Nouveau and Roses

My sister and I went to the Art Nouveau festival in my hometown by way of the rosarium and damn, I had forgotton how beautiful my city can be. I will have to return to the rosarium in a week or two, at the moment only a few roses are in bloom. If you don’t know what a rosarium is, it is basically a park with roses over roses in it. They have some lillies, fuchsias and geraniums, too, but the roses are the main focus and since I love roses, I really want to move in there. I love tulips, too but they were already withering.

Photo 17-05-2014 20 20 41

Photo 17-05-2014 20 25 11

Photo 17-05-2014 20 10 49

The Art Nouveau festival was spectacular. My hometown is a bit of the capital of Art Nouveau and many of the buildings and fountains and parks have survived the war. During the festival some of the houses and museums are open for visitation and come nightfall everything was illuminated with candles and  lampions and the color of the year was red so everything glowed slightly eerily but heartbreakingly beautiful in red.

Photo 17-05-2014 21 29 05

Photo 17-05-2014 21 30 14

At one of the Art Nouveau houses the garden was open for visitation and seriously, the second this thing is open for visitation again I will be there again. The garden was very carefully created by the artist(s) living in the house and it is a masterpiece of light, water and glass in all its aspects. And despite the many people trekking through it with us it had a very soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Photo 17-05-2014 21 13 28

Photo 17-05-2014 21 10 59
Photo 17-05-2014 21 06 22That was it for my week, I hope y’all had a good one! And now let’s move on into the new week and be productive and happy and healthy!


Sunday Round Up #22: Tomboy Edition. Football, Metal…


Good evening  Ladies (and Gentlemen?),


it’s time for a Sunday Round Up again, but first of all can we take a minute and celebrate what an awesome day for tolerance and love we had yesterday? Europe voted voted an Austrian drag queen to be song contest empress for a year, a resounding slap in the face of His Gross Idiocy Putin, and the twelve points from both Ireland and Spain were particularly remarkable (still two of the most catholic countries over here). For once I am actually proud of the lot of us. Also for the booing and whistling whenever anything Russian came  up. I know it must have been hard for the girls representing Russia and the lady reading their points and I am genuinly sorry that they had to suffer on behalf of their dickhead of a president but this was THE time to make it known what we think about Putin’s policies.

On top of that the NFL drafted its first openly gay player in Michael Sam. He made an extremely brave decision in coming out publicly even before the combine and now he gets the chance to compete and prove himself on the field. While I salute his bravery and I am glad that he received so much support from NFL veterans over twitter, etc. I can’t help but be saddened that we still make such a fuss about his sexual orientation. I hope we will soon reach the state where we don’t give a fig anymore about color of skin, religion, income/ education level and sexual orientation of a person.

That being said one last thing: Donald Sterling deserves all the bad things that are coming his way right now. That is all.

Photo 04-05-2014 22 02 28 (1)

screenshot from my phone: Epica~The Quantum Enigma cover


Let’s begin with some media shizz, shall we? I warned you, the Epica album would come up again and dear god it is a masterpiece! They went rather complex music-wise this time and every song includes both a choir and an orchestra. Production alone is exceptional on this piece, they managed to make everything sound incredible round and smooth without turning into a wishy washy blurr.
Epica may be the only one of my favorite bands  (whose new albums I already have, still have to wait about two more weeks to get Xandria and Lacuna Coil) who has not gone darker at all, they pretty much remained at their level, they may have even gone a little more positive (shock horror 😀 ). Epica have always had strong socio-critical and political messages in their songs, frontlady Simone Simons describes herself as a humanist (philsophical branch that I too subscribe to) and it shows. I am planning on doing a favorite quotes from my favorite songs series soon, because the music of Epica, Delain, Subway to Sally, Xandria, Within Temptation,… is one of the reasons why I am still alive right now. Without them speaking my mind when I couldn’t I wouldn’t have made it through.

Photo 11-05-2014 23 48 08

I am currently finishing the second book in the Sebastian Bergman-series (Hjorth&Rosenfeldt) and I really like it. It is more suspenseful than the first, and it has a lot of psychology in it, centering around a psychologist and all. I can really recommend it if you are into Scandinavian mysteries and some messed up shit. I have the third one already sitting here plus a new Rizzoli and Isles. I love my parrish library ❤

TV-wise I took it light this week and marathoned Happy Endings. Too bad it is gone, it was such a lovely comedy, one of the more intelligent ones. Speaking of dead shows, a ton of my favorite shows were cancelled over the last week  (May Madness). Over the last years I had been lucky but this time they got me good: no more Community, no more Suburgatory (those two hurt the most), then a couple of rookie comedies that I really enjoyed (Mixology, Bad Teacher, Enlisted, Surviving Jack) and 1 possibly 2 shows are renewed for a last season (Cougar Town, Hart of Dixie). Bittersweet that. At least Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back.

My girls are spoiling me rotten at a time when I can’t really spoil them back 😦 My lovely Munderoon gave me a signed copy of one of the German mystery series that I really like. It is SIGNED! I only have one more signed book and they are so special to me. Not sure where I am going to put it but it is going to be a special place.

Photo 11-05-2014 14 49 15

everyday make up… ’twas a lazy day today

What else is new? Well, nothing much so far. Make up is pretty much still the same stuff in the same combination as last week. I may do an updated skin care and hair care routine but I don’t want to put that here, right now.

I am in the process of getting my life back on track. Slow and steady. I will update you on that, too once I feel like I made sufficient progress.

Next week will see some decisions about my future and I will get to work with people who are writing their thesis right now, too. So loads of school stuff and hopefully 3 +1 days of work. That would be great.

Now let’s all make a tick under this week and move on into a new productive one!