Sunday Round Up #27

Evening, all! Let’s keep this short and sweet, shall we?


1.Being under the weather
I’m sick. For the past couple of days I hadn’t been feeling so great and now it has struck me down. At first I thought I had overdone it with the work out on thursday but my sore throat and my hurting joints say something else. You don’t get those symptoms from working out too much. Ever since friday I feel completely deflated, I don’t even have energy to work out which I find the most disturbing. I feel slightly better today but still not really great. I will try to do the beginner’s total body work out though just to get back into the swing of things.

Photo 12-06-2014 20 01 20

2.Addition to the Max Factor range
My local drugstore got the snazzy new Max Factor counter and lookie here they added a very light shade to their Facefinity 3 in 1 All day flawless foundation which supposedly combines primer, foundation and concealer in one. I wore it once already and this stuff means business: It is high coverage, sets semi-matte and lasts forever. I accidentally slept in it (told you I wasn’t feeling great) and in the morning my face looked exactly the way it looked when I first put the foundation on 9 or 10 hours ago.
The color matches me perfectly aka it perfectly matches my neck since my face is slightly tan from being burned last week. Even though I think it would probably last extremely well in the hot weather we are having right now, I prefer my MAC F&B for these conditions as it is so much lighter and I prefer my face to look like it has nothing on at the moment. Oh by the way, I set it with my transparent powder and it still looked matte in the morning. If you are oily this foundation may be a godsent for you.

Photo 13-06-2014 17 56 33

3. Random
– I paid 60€ to take a test that will prove to my new uni that I speak some English. I studied English lit for Christ’s sake, find the mistake -.-
– I finally put my outline together and pulled a ton of books from the library so I can get fully started into my thesis, yay!
-The cup is on!!! And I am going to watch the first Germany game tomorrow baking pizza with a friend.whoop whoop!
-Mountain Dew? Mountain Dew! My supermarket is currently having a bit of an American invasion. I tried Mountain Dew, I liked Mountain Dew but I feel it is probably really bad for you. I am going to fill the neon green bottles with moist sand to turn them into weights for working out.

Anything else?
– I made my peace with City of Lost Souls. The book is a bit slow but I am really enjoying reading it.
– This is war. No really! In times like these where stuff is piling up and I feel majorly stressed and it is starting to affect my body I turn to music that relaxes me and I remember that a few summers ago 30 Seconds to Mars’ album This is War used to do that to me and it still does. Great album.

That was that. Now let’s all kick some ass next week and get shit done. And get healthy (in my case).

Sunday Round Up #22: Tomboy Edition. Football, Metal…


Good evening  Ladies (and Gentlemen?),


it’s time for a Sunday Round Up again, but first of all can we take a minute and celebrate what an awesome day for tolerance and love we had yesterday? Europe voted voted an Austrian drag queen to be song contest empress for a year, a resounding slap in the face of His Gross Idiocy Putin, and the twelve points from both Ireland and Spain were particularly remarkable (still two of the most catholic countries over here). For once I am actually proud of the lot of us. Also for the booing and whistling whenever anything Russian came  up. I know it must have been hard for the girls representing Russia and the lady reading their points and I am genuinly sorry that they had to suffer on behalf of their dickhead of a president but this was THE time to make it known what we think about Putin’s policies.

On top of that the NFL drafted its first openly gay player in Michael Sam. He made an extremely brave decision in coming out publicly even before the combine and now he gets the chance to compete and prove himself on the field. While I salute his bravery and I am glad that he received so much support from NFL veterans over twitter, etc. I can’t help but be saddened that we still make such a fuss about his sexual orientation. I hope we will soon reach the state where we don’t give a fig anymore about color of skin, religion, income/ education level and sexual orientation of a person.

That being said one last thing: Donald Sterling deserves all the bad things that are coming his way right now. That is all.

Photo 04-05-2014 22 02 28 (1)

screenshot from my phone: Epica~The Quantum Enigma cover


Let’s begin with some media shizz, shall we? I warned you, the Epica album would come up again and dear god it is a masterpiece! They went rather complex music-wise this time and every song includes both a choir and an orchestra. Production alone is exceptional on this piece, they managed to make everything sound incredible round and smooth without turning into a wishy washy blurr.
Epica may be the only one of my favorite bands  (whose new albums I already have, still have to wait about two more weeks to get Xandria and Lacuna Coil) who has not gone darker at all, they pretty much remained at their level, they may have even gone a little more positive (shock horror 😀 ). Epica have always had strong socio-critical and political messages in their songs, frontlady Simone Simons describes herself as a humanist (philsophical branch that I too subscribe to) and it shows. I am planning on doing a favorite quotes from my favorite songs series soon, because the music of Epica, Delain, Subway to Sally, Xandria, Within Temptation,… is one of the reasons why I am still alive right now. Without them speaking my mind when I couldn’t I wouldn’t have made it through.

Photo 11-05-2014 23 48 08

I am currently finishing the second book in the Sebastian Bergman-series (Hjorth&Rosenfeldt) and I really like it. It is more suspenseful than the first, and it has a lot of psychology in it, centering around a psychologist and all. I can really recommend it if you are into Scandinavian mysteries and some messed up shit. I have the third one already sitting here plus a new Rizzoli and Isles. I love my parrish library ❤

TV-wise I took it light this week and marathoned Happy Endings. Too bad it is gone, it was such a lovely comedy, one of the more intelligent ones. Speaking of dead shows, a ton of my favorite shows were cancelled over the last week  (May Madness). Over the last years I had been lucky but this time they got me good: no more Community, no more Suburgatory (those two hurt the most), then a couple of rookie comedies that I really enjoyed (Mixology, Bad Teacher, Enlisted, Surviving Jack) and 1 possibly 2 shows are renewed for a last season (Cougar Town, Hart of Dixie). Bittersweet that. At least Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back.

My girls are spoiling me rotten at a time when I can’t really spoil them back 😦 My lovely Munderoon gave me a signed copy of one of the German mystery series that I really like. It is SIGNED! I only have one more signed book and they are so special to me. Not sure where I am going to put it but it is going to be a special place.

Photo 11-05-2014 14 49 15

everyday make up… ’twas a lazy day today

What else is new? Well, nothing much so far. Make up is pretty much still the same stuff in the same combination as last week. I may do an updated skin care and hair care routine but I don’t want to put that here, right now.

I am in the process of getting my life back on track. Slow and steady. I will update you on that, too once I feel like I made sufficient progress.

Next week will see some decisions about my future and I will get to work with people who are writing their thesis right now, too. So loads of school stuff and hopefully 3 +1 days of work. That would be great.

Now let’s all make a tick under this week and move on into a new productive one!


Sunday Round Up #21

So. This week was by far less yucky than the last, but it still could have been better (what a spoiled brat I am). Either way I managed to take small steps forward, like finishing my first primary source for the thesis. There is still a lot to work on but here is to celebrating the small victories.

Photo 04-05-2014 22 05 10

1.Make Up Shizz + Pink Is The New Nude
Remember when I was whining about how I didn’t like my make up and nothing felt really right? Well, I took steps to fix that. For one, I went back to the essence I ❤ stage base. It may work not as well as the Maybelline Color Tattoo but it is matte, it suits my skin tone and it works well at concealing my veins on my eyelids in other words it gives me a completely blank canvas.
Step two was to switch from the shimmery blushes to the matte The Perfect Cheek by MAC. This one was a great investment, it gives me the most natural flush.
What else? I switched back to matte or semi matte shadows as well, for some reason I can’t stand the shimmers anymore. My favorite combo was a matte medium gray from an ancient Catrice duo and my essence light brown shadow from the Kalinka Beauty limited edition, that with some smudged black liner and the Miss Manga mascara just really floats my boat at the moment.

I never thought this would happen but I turned away from my concealer nudes to soft ‘my lips but better’ pinks. Favorites here are the Rimmel Airy Fairy/ No 7 High Shine gloss in Smile combo, which I mentioned before and the Catrice absolute moisture in Gentle Nude (this one is not available anymore but if you want to check out a similar shade you may take a look at Catrice’s Gentle Nude is Back).

Photo 04-05-2014 22 03 14

2. Empties
I finished a pack of the Lacura face 3 in 1 cleansing wipes with salicylic acid. They are amazing! My skin in general loves salicylic acid and these wipes leave my skin super soft and clean. Unfortunately you can only get these about twice a year at my Aldi. Yeah, you heard right, some of the Aldi skin care is actually great. I still have another pack of those, but after that I will have to find a replacement *sadface*. I use them when I come back from work to take all the dust and sweat off that has accumulated on my face and decolletage (I have a physically demanding job and I never wear make up at work).

I used up a tube of the L’Oréal EverPure volumizing conditioner. It smelled incredible and it was okay but not really something to write home about. At the moment I am using up the moisturizing conditioner from the same range which is actually a little too rich for my hair at the moment.

Next up I finished a hairmask by Isana, but I didn’t use it on my hair but as a shaving cream and it worked beautifully for that. It is really thick and moisturizing and helped me to get a really close range minus the razor burn. I will definitely pick this up again.

One of my showergel baubles died. The showergel inside smelled like peach and mango and it was really nice but nothing special. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I don’t think I will hunt it down once I am all out of my showergels that I still have in my back up drawer.

Another alverde Body Butter from the christmas limited edition heaved it’s last breath. We all know by now I like these a lot. This particular one smelled like cranberry and chocolate. It was nice and moisturizing but I don’t think I will pick up another one as my next project after finishing my last back up body butter is trying out some of the in-shower lotions.

Last but not least I finished a sample of the Lancome Arome Blue body spray. It smelled nice, but it didn’t wow me so I won’t pick up the full size of this. Also I am more of a Eau de Parfume girl than a body spray girl.

Photo 04-05-2014 22 02 28

3. Media Shizz
Soooo, I caved and I just downloaded the new Epica album ‘The Quantum Enigma’ today. I am on my second run through and DAYUM this is good. They have absolutely outdone themselves. Can’t say more about this just yet, trust me it will be a topic again next week.

I am loving loving loving Delain’s The Human Contradiction and the more I listen to it the more the lyrics grow on me. Delain lyrics have never been trivial or insubstantial but the lyrics on THC are incredibley well articulate and the messages come through loud and clear. Such a gem.

This week was a bit of a movie week. One of my resolutions for 2014 was to watch more movies and this week I watched Dark Shadows (okay but not great) and I will finish Baytown Outlaws again for the umpteenth time tonight. There is a handful of movies that I always come back to, god knows why.

Vikings is currently on German telly and I’m loving it, especially as the ratings are pretty good all things considered. I also loved the season 2 finale. I will not give anything away but yeah, I love Ragnar. That is all.


This is it for this week. Here’s to the next! To a productive, successful new week.



Sunday Round Up #18

Good day, guys! How was your week? Mine was stressful, with a lot of work strewn in but towards the end it got much better. Once again hard work paid off, I am always glad when that happens. Also, my contract at work turned into an unlimited one, not that I would want to work there for the rest of my days but it is nice to know, that my job is not going anywhere. Anyways, here is what I’ve been playing with over the week:

Photo 06-04-2014 21 51 29

1. Make Up Stuff

I did some shopping this week and I picked up two basics that I will get a lot of wear out of. I chose essence Cookies&Cream eyeshadow in 02 Macaron, c’est bon a light peachy-pink shadow with a silver-white sheen. It is a baked shadow, which I am normally not a big fan of, but all of the baked powders from the Cookies&Cream collection be they shadows or the blush are incredibly soft and smooth. I believe I have never touched any powders that were so soft. And I was a good girl, too! I only picked up the shade that I didn’t have in my collection yet and left the other shadows and the blush which were dupes to colors I already own at the store. Yay me!

The other shadow I picked up was Babushka me from the Kalinka Beauty collection which was on clearance. It is a medium neutral golden brown with a satin-y sheen. I didn’t have such a brown in my collection and it is a great crease color, very subtle but gives a nice sculpting effect. I am wearing a look with these two shadows today  and I am really pleased. The shadows hold up great and are very nice and subtle.

I found a new lip combo while going over my stash  and it contains – lo and behold – a lipgloss. Over the last couple of weeks I had a big issue with dry flakey lips and nothing could heal them. The only thing I could do was keep them as moisturized as possible. Recently I have been wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in 070 Airy Fairy a lot. I still like my nude lips but when I don’t have time for a strong eye I need a little more color on the lips I find, so I don’t look completely dead. Airy Fairy does that. It is a light mauvy pink with a creamy finish, it is not drying but it is also not the most moisturizing lipstick on the block (blog?). To add a specialy moisture boost I added the No 7 High Shine lipgloss in Smile. The color is similar if a little lighter than Airy Fairy. The gloss goes on very balmy with a creamy sheen and it is indeed very moisturizing as promised on the tube. In combination with Airy Fairy it becomes an opaque moisturizing cream with a beautiful buttery shine on the lips, very cushiony and soft. It really covers imperfections and smoothes over the lips, I am in love with it!


2. (Cold) Tea

‘This is a bit of a sensitive topic. I feel like I fell for a scam. Let’s face it I DID fall for a scam. And hundreds of people with me. Turns out every tea is a cold tea. So there.
Well, the weather has become really nice and warm here, finally and I had to break out my favorite tumbler again and dig out my cold teas. Only problem: I have a green tea, a black tea and only one caffeine- free peppermint tea (what else). Now, after my mum said that those cold teas must have been processed in some way to yield flavor in cold water I kinda had to prove her wrong and went ahead and dipped any tea bag in my collection in cold water and lo and behold (I have to stop using that expression!) it worked. Cold water may not be able to pull as much color out of the bags but it definitely flavors the water enough for me. What I like about my cold teas is that the flavoring is light and therefore really refreshing and at the moment I have at least two usually three or more cups a day. Needless to say that I have been really good about meeting my hydration goal lately.


Photo 06-04-2014 21 54 41

3. Broken Book Ban and new Music

Well, well, well. I did it. I broke the book ban. I bought a new Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, devoured it and it was okay. Next I received the new Veronica Mars novel. I devoured that and it was REALLY good. I am so sad it is over and we don’t know yet when the next one will be out, only that there is going to be another one. If you loved the series and the film you will love the book. Oh, by the way, I’m still not able to download the film from iTunes. I should just give up and wait for the dvd (which will be out in July).
Aaaand I went to the library today. I wanted another Fitzek but I ended up with two Hjorth & Rosenfeldts’, books 1 and 2 in the Sebastian Bergman series. I’m about 15 pages into the first and I like it a lot so far. But really, if you got something from the library you are not really breaking the book ban, right? Right!

The new Delain album The Human Contradiction (can we please stop for a second and appreciate that name?) launched on friday. Because I ordered directly from their record company my copy arrived on wednesday, woohoo. And woohoo indeed, it is really really good! The lyrics are probably a little darker and the sound is heavier but I love that. All of my favorite bands seem to go heavier at the moment and I am so ridiculously pleased about that! I still need a little more time with this album but, yeah, so far I really REALLY like it.


4. Empties

Quick round of empties before I let you go: I finished a pack of my peppermint green tea. It happens to be a cold tea but I love this flavor so much I would have bought it anyway and it so happens I already have a back up, it is just so good. Next up is my Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe At Night shower gel, love the scent, I’m on the second bottle of the perfume and really liked the shower gel. This came with one of the perfumes, I won’t buy the full size though, I still have enough shower gel to finish up before I can even think of buying a new one.
I finished a bottle of my Elnett  Ultra Sleek hair spray. Smells nice (roses!), does the job and doesn’t make my hair crisp or oily, already have a back up of this in use.
Last but not least I finished my trusted Balea Wellness Foot Lotion Grapefruit Mint. Liked this stuff a lot and will have to get a comparable product soon. Unfortunately they don’t do this particular scent anymore, will see what they came up with for the new version. Actually I might even take a look at their more moisturizing offerings, whatever tickles my fancy.


That’s it, a big tick under this week and now on to a happy successful new one!

Sunday Round Up #16

Photo 16-03-2014 22 11 10

What a week this was! I don’t even know where to begin, I had so many wonderful things coming my way both material and things that really touched my soul. In a way this Sunday Round Up is a list of things I am grateful for.

My job(s):
At the beginning of the week the boy I tutor basically told me he enjoys working with me, and that makes me so happy! If his exam turns out better than the one before on top of that I will be over the moon! He is a great guy with a great mind but his orthography escapes him sometimes a little bit. It was a bit scary at first but now it seems to work out fine. I sincerely hope it stays that way.
Later this week I returned to one of the stores I helped out at over the summer. That earned me money and a big hug from the one store manager and I got told off semi-seriously for not having heard the other one saying hello to me. It was so nice to come back to people who seem to genuinely like me. I feel really blessed about that.

I’m not telling you that to show off. From all those years of being bullied I am still surprised when people actually like me and accept me the way I am. I am not used to that. And it makes me beyond happy when someone does like me. Just like that.

Veronica Mars:
The Veronica Mars movie came out this thursday in Germany in a limited number of theater across the country. One of those theaters was in my hometown and my fabulous Snowhoney came home from work early to go directly to the theater with me and watch the movie on opening night. I had so much fun. The film was a total marshmallow (Veronica Mars fan)-pleaser. If you know the show, there were so many little things that made it special, but I think it is easy to understand for people who don’t know the series as well. My theater here in Germany was far from being sold out but it was fuller than I expected it to be. In the US the movie made the Box Office Top 10 (despite being released to only a limited number of theaters there as well, way to go US marshmallows!) and was sold out in places. If you like sassy blondes, murder mysteries, high school reunion type movies, great father daughter teams, epic love stories or any combination thereof  I can only urge you from the bottom of my heart to go see the movie, I know you will enjoy it!
I have a bit of a bone to pick with iTunes Germany, though. We were promised a worldwide release for the download version for friday. It seems to have worked everywhere but in Germany. I still can’t download the movie. I met with my best friends on saturday hoping to be able to share the experience of watching the movie with them (again). Imagine how upset I was when I couldn’t. I can only hope that the movie will be released as soon as possible (as there is no indicator by iTunes when it will become available). I really want to watch the movie again and I really want to watch it with my friends. It would make my day if I could get it on monday (hint hint).

Subway to Sally- MitGift:
Another exciting release this week was Subway to Sally’s new album MitGift  (play on the German word for dowry which can also be devided to spell ‘with poison’. German is a weird language sometimes. Or strangely accurate. Who knows.)- Mördergeschichten (murderer stories). The title is rather apt since it is a concept album in which every song is inspired by famous murder cases and old legends (like the cruel sister- legend) I won’t go into detail for every song that would go beyond the scope of this post. Suffice to say that all of the songs are everything that makes Subway to Sally for me only darker and better. Music-wise every single song is headbang-ready with a hardcore baseline, heavy drums and some electronic elements here and there. But the lyrics are still as beautiful as ever and the melodic parts have stolen my heart. Some of them are so gentle and heart wrenching that they seem to be the only thing that keeps the thrumming base and drums at bay,  keep them from swallowing you whole and dragging you down into the darkness. I love this album, not with the usual bright burning excitement, this time it is a dark flame but one that will keep on burning for a very long time. This album comes even closer to my all time favorite Engelskrieger (Angel Warrior) than Schwarz in Schwarz (Black in Black) did two years ago.

Make Up:
This week wasn’t much of a make up week at all. I am still testing mascaras for the next chapter of Confessions of a Mascara Addict. Snowhoney picked up the new L’Oréal Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara for me and it is awesome for a non-waterproof mascara. I also went back to my Catrice All Matt Plus that seemed to break me out last time I wore it. We’ll see if it does it again, or if it was something else.

Books and TV Shows:
In this particular case this week was a bit of a lost week. I started watching Vikings again, but was so distraught and distracted that I couldn’t really enjoy it. I was also too jumpy to read a book. I started to read Sons and Lovers (D.H. Lawrence) again in preparation for my thesis but I gave up after taking over an hour for one page. I just couldn’t concentrate. I will try very hard to do better this week. In fact I will HAVE to do better this week as I have a deadline in about 15 days and I am not nearly as prepared as I should be.

NFL Free Agency:
Wanna know why I was so distraught? Yep, free agency started last tuesday. For non- Americans like me who have not grown up with it: Free agency means that all the football players whose contracts are up at the end of the season are now on the open market and free to negotiate with any team they like and by extension that also means they can sign with any team they like. I understand this is rather exciting for Americans who have grown up with it and are used to going through this every year. Now try to imagine you are a little German girl who goes through this for the first time, has nothing but a basic idea how this works, is really awful with new situations and change and on top of everything her favorite player is out on the open market as well. And about three times it looked like he was coming close to sign with another team than the one she kinda lost her heart to. I just came off of an anxiety episode and my body was all too ready to go back to those patterns. Since tuesday I have slept only a couple of hours at night and whenever my phone went off I jumped. Last night around 8 (German time) finally the relieve came, where tweets popped up saying that finally my team and my fave player had reached an agreement. (I hope to God it is not another one year one. If it is I will have to personally swim to California and kick his ass, I really can’t go through this mess again next year. *welp)

Post Scriptum:
In order to restore my calm I am now re-watching Friday Night Lights and re-reading The Mists of Avalon for the umpteenth time. Any of the Avalon-series books is always great to give me rest and ease my mind.

This was it from me for you about this week. I hope yours was as bright and shiny as mine (the fact that ‘my’ player re-signed really blots out the mess of the FA 😀 ). Now let’s all check off this week and move on in a productive, anxiety-free new one!

Photo 16-03-2014 22 12 33

Sunday Round Up #11

I’m a little late, I’m sorry! This week was really busy and my life will continue to be so until the immediate exams are over, but it’s okay, I feel like I am on top of everything, I’m focused and I manage to get things done, yay :)) Now let’s see what else has been going on this week

Photo 26-01-2014 22 56 31

Linkin Park
Last week was an Eminem week this week was a Linkin Park week with some Eminem on the side. I seem to be reliving my teenage years music-wise at the moment. At the moment I have Meteora and Hybrid Theory on my phone and they are just angry enough for me. You know me by now and you know that I am no good with pink sugar pop and need some oomph and some anger at times and Numb, Figure.09 and Somewhere I Belong cater perfectly to that.

Lipton Teas
When I changed my diet my worst fear was that of the unsweetened drinks. I still can’t drink a glass of water without a mini splash of juice but tea has been my savior. I started with the Lipton black tea with blueberry muffin flavor and this stuff is brilliant. It smells like blueberries with hint of creamyness to it, but not artificial at all. My next little helper to get over the white flour withdrawels is the green tea with strawberry cupcake flavor. I like green tea a lot because it really helps with my skin. Again it doesn’t taste artificial, it doesn’t get bitter and smells amazing. When I’m more into caffein-free options I go for the Canada fruit infusion (apple and maple syrup *YUM) and for my absolute favorite combination peppermint and cinnamon called Morocco. Lipton has really hit it out of the ballpark with their flavors for me, if you like and can find them give them a try.

Finding BookTubers
I am currently expanding my YouTube palate and I have gotten greatly into bookshelf tours, book hauls and reviews. Unfortunately I haven’t found a booktuber (other than booksandquills whom I adore) that I would like to subscribe to. (I am subscribed to CassJayTuck as well but she doesn’t really upload anymore and therefore doesn’t count) And that’s where you guys come in: If you watch booktubers, which ones do you like, can you recommend any? I am also playing with the thought of just shooting some footage of my bookshelves and putting it online, we will see.

Finishing Scherbenmond
Sticking with the topic of books, I finally finished Scherbenmond. I had issues with this book. I really really wanted to love it, but, boy, did Ellie get on my nerves and her relationship to Colin… I don’t know, it seemed to be so unsubstantial. Maybe I am just too old for this I don’t know, but I think if any relationship makes you this unhappy, maybe  it is time to finish the task at hand (save your brother) and then cut your losses and move on. Strangely Colin seems to agree with me. I am planning to read Dornenkuss (thorn kiss, book three) right after but  I don’t know if I have the patience to finish it, especially since I have already read that Ellie does not get her shit together in the last book.

Alright, guys, I hope you had a good week that held everything for you that you were hoping it would, and now let us all together move on into a productive new week! 

Sunday Round Up #3: Coming Up For Air

New Foundation Combo, Old New Perfume, Someday Someday Maybe, Tudor England Won't Let Me Go, Goodbyes and Twinklelights

New Foundation Combo, Old New Perfume, Someday Someday Maybe, Tudor England Won’t Let Me Go, Goodbyes and Twinklelights

This week was slightly less stressful than the last and I feel like I can make things work again. There is no other way than taking one day at a time and listening to my body and my soul and getting my priorities straight, which is something I am working on right now.

New Foundation Combo
German drugstore chain Rossmann had 30% off of all powders and foundations at the beginning of the week and I caved and picked up the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in 010 Light Beige. It is one of the lightest shades the drugstore has on offer. It sets a little too dark, but really just a smidgen nothing to get too upset about and I paired it with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 1 Fair. Those two work perfectly together, AND there will be a full review up some time this week.

New Old Perfume
It’s been getting cold around here, we are down to the single digits. As it gets colder I tend to reach for the richer heavier scents and the original Glow by J.Lo is one of those. It was one of the first proper perfumes I ever owned and despite asking for it for christmas, when I received it I realized it was way too heavy for my 16-year-old self.It took me almost 10 years to fall for the scent but now I love it. I already dread the day I run out of it!

Someday Someday Maybe
Whenever I have to do chores around the house, laundry, cleaning, tidying the like OR when I’m taking a bath, I put on  an audiobook to pass the time. Earlier this week I started listening to Lauren Graham’s Someday Someday Maybe, read by Lauren Graham herself. What can I say, it is lovely! If you don’t know her, Lauren Graham played Lorelai Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls, now she is a lead of NBC’s Parenthood. Someday Someday Maybe is about chaotic but sweet Francis ‘Franny’ Banks, aspiring actress in mid-nineties New York. The book so far is charming, witty and all around warm-hearted. The story may not be the most original but is composed and presented in such a sweet way that I have no problem at all to overlook that. I just love to listen to Lauren’s voice and I find myself quite a lot in Franny and not only because we share a first name. If you are looking for something cute and lighthearted to read or listen to, look no further, this is for you!

Tudor England Won’t Let Me Go
You know about my on-going Tudors obsession and my sister fueled that fire even further when she gave me Elizabeth Fremantle’s Queen’s Gambit to read. The book is about Catherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII. It begins with the death of her husband Lord Latymer and her reluctant return to court. Of course Cathrine Parr looks like Joely Richardson in my head and Henry like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, what else did you expect :D. The book is written in present tense, which is one of my favorite techniques when I write fiction but I have rarely found an author who does that too. I’m not that far in yet but I really like it so far.
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With a very heavy heart I bid two of my most beloved series goodbye; The All Souls trilogy for now and the Borgias for good.
Shadow of Night, part II of the All Souls trilogy  was just as beautiful as A Discovery of Witches. Matt and Diana travel to Tudor England (Elizabeth I’s England that is) on the hunt for the book of life. Aside all the adventures they have there the book also focuses on their growth as a couple and Diana’s coming of age as a witch. I loved snuggling up with them in Woodstock, looking over London from the windows of their place at Blackfriars and travelling to Prague with them to meet with Emperor Rudolf.
Deborah Harkness let me meet all these wonderful characters Jack, Annie, Phillippe, Pierre, Gallowglass and Goody Alsop just to take them away from me again, as Matt and Diana have to return to their own time. Yes, I shed tears for them, I will miss them so much! Especially Phillippe. Thankfully there will be a third part but I will have to wait until July 1, 2014 to get my hands on it. 232 more days ;(
And then there were the Borgias. I finished it last night. It was a surprisingly good ending considering that it wasn’t supposed to be one. And yesterday I didn’t even feel so bad about it all, but today I feel pretty upset. I don’t want to leave Lucrezia, Rodrigo, Vanozza and of course my darling angel of death Cesare. I wish I could have seen how the writers would have gotten themselves out of the corner they seem to have written themselves in at the end of the finale. Alas, that is not going to happen and my heart is very heavy. At least I have all three seasons sitting here so I can re-watch them whenever I like.

Let’s end this Sunday Round Up literally on a lighter note (get it? 😀 ). As I mentioned before winter is coming around here and I dug out more of my twinklelights, I’ve been wanting to wrap some around the headboard of my bed and today I finally got it done, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to go to bed later!

I hope y’all had a lovely relaxing sunday and now on to a successful productive week!