The Sunday Riley Experiment – Drugstore Version

When I watched the Tuesday Talk the Pixiwoos did with Sunday Riley, something she said struck a cord with me: She said that when your skin feels tight and drawn after cleansing, under the microscope you can basically see the skin crack up like earth in the desert. And then those little cracks are actually the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Yikes, I know.

As I am getting older my skin has made a stunning transformation. I went from a VERY oily t-zone, to extremely dehydrated cheek-area and a normal to very slightly oily t-zone. It took me a while to understand what my skin needed and to react properly to it. As my skin is dehydrated oils don’t really work. Despite using a serum with hyaluronic acid underneath my alverde facial oil essentially just sat on my skin without properly penetrating and my face stayed dry.

On top of that I used very stripping cleansers to keep my two biggest nemeses black heads and subcutaneous white bumps at bay. These cleansers dried out my eye area (despite me trying very hard to avoid my eye area) to the point of flaking and texture on my eyelids and the inner corners of my eyes. My skin overall was angry sensitive and very very dry. Nothing would really help.

The first change came when I used a discontinued gel-based moisturizing mask by bebe. My skin inhaled the product and for the first time in weeks it felt almost comfortable. Because the product is discontinued I went to find an alternative and stumbled upon the balea line for dehydrated skin specifically which contains a cream gel (they also have an eye roll on, moisture serum and sheet mask ->Balea Aqua), bought it and BOY DID THAT THING MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

So this cream and the Tuesday Talk sparked the overhaul of my skincare routine. I decided to do this as a bit of an experiment and see what my skin feels like in the next 30 days. I don’t expect miracles, actually I am very weary of  the white bumps and black heads that I expect to get worse but I am ready to be surprised.

Here is my morning and night routine that I plan on keeping like this unless my skin deteriorates drastically. I am on a very tight budget at the moment so all of these products are drugstore.

Alterra cleansing emulsion for very dry skin with organic shea butter and aloe (cream cleanser)
Rival de Loop Hydro eye cream for dehydrated skin (gel cream)
Rival de Loop Hydro moisturizing gel (serum with hyaluronic acid)
Balea Aqua moisturizing cream gel

Rival de Loop cleansing oil to break down oil, dirt, make up (discontinued but I have two back up bottles,oops :] I really hope they bring it back)
Alterra cleansing emulsion for very dry skin to cleanse the skin
Balea 5% Urea eye cream for very dry skin (has cleaned up all texture and flakiness within two uses)
Rival de Loop Age intensive serum (hyaluronic acid and detoxifying properties, don’t know about those but it does give an extra round of moisture)
Balea Aqua moisturizing cream gel

I am on the second day for this routine and so far my skin feels very comfortable, there is no tightness whatsoever, instead my skin looks really healthy and ‘plump’ (I hate the word ‘plump’). AND it doesn’t make me oily. So much win. On top of that I am pms’ing like a pro at the moment, which traditionally means that I have problems eating right and my skin is all over the place with cystic acne, etc. So far the acne is at a complete minimum, though.

Another disclaimer: I am aware that most of these products may not be too too great on the ingredients side but a) they are all formulated in Germany abiding by our rather strict laws when it comes to cosmetics and b) I AM ON A BUDGET. I DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO SPEND 150.000€  ON SKINCARE PRODUCTS. I HAVE BILLS TO PAY AND A CAT TO FEED.

And another one: My only problem with this routine is that there is no sun screen in there, I am working on fixing that because, trust me I know how important sun screen is, especially with a skin as fair as mine.



June Playlist 2015

I’ve always loved music, but over the past few months, especially since my Gran’s death, music started to play a huge role again in my life. We all know I’m mainly a metalhead and I am sure that this love will never end, I have started to explore other fields lately. Especially country. A couple of years ago I started with a Gloriana song, then Lady Antebellum made an appearance (to whom I returned this winter for their Christmas album). Through one of my recent mega-favorite youTubers Casey Holmes I found Kip Moore this late winter. I still love his album but have since expanded my palate. Now let’s see what is actually on my playlist:

Photo 04-06-2015 22 52 28

Pitch Perfect 2 OST
PP2 must have been one of my most eagerly awaited movies of 2015. I was lucky enough to be able to go see the preview with my best friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, even if the German accent of DSM is cringe-worthy, but the story was ditzy and semi- parodiacal with a ton of funny moments and great cameos. I still can’t get over Clay Matthews et. al. , he was so great (for a Packer, anyway… jk 😜) The music they chose for the movie didn’t seem to be as mainstream as in the first movie but that maybe a German perspective because for instance the Country parts of the Riff Off (yes, there is another one and it is great IMO) don’t translate that well here, we simply don’t know them. I loved the movie’s rendition of the Universal fanfare (which is my favorite movie fanfare to begin with) as an a cappella piece for Elizabeth Banks’ and John Michael Higgins’ characters, perfect beginning!  Next on my list of tracks that stood out to me is the Kennedy Center Performance. This one ties almost seamlessly on to the last performance of the original PP movie with its different styles and upbeat tone. Then I got the Car Show performance, which introduces DSM and I loved their dark edgy set up and I love that they used Muse’s Uprising which is a song that we desperately need in this day and age. The Riff Off was one of my most anticipated parts and it was almost equal parts mainstream pop, country and 90’s hip hop (major throwback moment). I also loved the Bellas’ Back to Basics mash up and the campfire edition of Cups.

Last but not least the two world championship performances. Again I loved both DSM and Bellas, especially Flashlight was a nice touch. Sidenote: I would have loved to have Katey Sagal actually contribute a full track for the soundtrack, she has such a great voice.

Photo 04-06-2015 22 57 51

Carrie Underwood – Greatest Hits: Decade #1
After PP2 I was obsessing over the Riff Off, especially over the country part. I really loved Beca’s part and went looking for the title and voilà here comes Carrie Underwood with Before He Cheats. Demolishing someone’s property just because is neither legal nor morally correct, but fantasizing about is just fine IMHO. Either way, because of Before He Cheats I listened into Carrie’s Best of- Album and loved it. Some songs just make me dance around the room (Cowboy Casanova, Last Name and Undo It), some are just freaking cute (All-American Girl), some just strike a chord with me (Wasted, Little Toy Guns, Blown Away, So Small) and some I still can’t listen to in public because they still make me cry everytime (Just A Dream, Temporary Home, Don’t Forget to Remember Me). And some I love just so, like Mama’s Song, Two Black Cadillacs (don’t get me started on that one, I’m obsessing over it -.-) and surprisingly Jesus, Take the Wheel and Something in the Water, even though everything with an even borderline christian message makes me run screaming for the hills. I have settled for neo-humanist with agnostic tendencies and I am very comfortable with that.

A lot of Carrie’s songs tell stories, some are a bit cutesy and poppy but I really like that at the moment. I love her voice and the warmth her music seems to have in it (obviously all due to how it is arranged, etc.). Due to the ‘all out of hope and all out of fight’ I was in the past months, all I want right now is to curl up with music that just envelopes me and gives me peace for a while and Carrie Underwood and before her Kip Moore do that to me.

Photo 04-06-2015 23 10 57

Xandria – Sacrificium
Boy, their new singer has an angelic voice o_O She essentially beats everybody else I have ever listened to before. Btw, here is your metal for the month. Our Neverworld , The Undiscovered Land and Come With Me are the perfect songs to be lured away to better places, Until the End keeps me going and Little Red Relish and Stardust kinda tell stories. And OH MY GOD that voice.

So there you go, this is what will get me through the month, it’s a tough one too, with a paper due in the second half of June that I simply am not allowed to screw up.
I miss singing, too. I used to sing a lot and in a band but I haven’t done it in a LOOONG time and now when I use my voice I can’t hit the high notes anymore the way I used to and it sounds all scratchy and dusty. Meh. Need to get back to just belt sh*t out. It’s good for the soul.

Share the Love: Here’s to my Girls Jaclyn and Casey!

Remember how a few months ago I was complaining that I didn’t like my make up anymore, that I didn’t like applying it, that I didn’t like the outcome? That has changed pretty drastically over the last few months and it is largely because of Jaclyn Hill and Casey Holmes.

YouTube has always been a lot more about adapting techniques rather than picking up product recommendations (even though you might doubt that if you have read my xKarenina post from over a year ago). My first proper make up techniques I learned from copying xKarenina and the Pixiwoo sisters. A few months ago I had reached my limits with these techniques, they just didn’t do it for me anymore. That and my skincare was messing up my foundation situation, more on that later.

It was about that time that I randomly found Jaclyn Hill on YouTube. I couldn’t tell you anymore how at this point. However as soon as I did I fell into a Jaclyn-shaped hole and didn’t come up for air until I had binged on basically all of her videos that are available on YouTube. I remember that this Jaclyn-binge seriously messed with writing my thesis at the time but I regret nothing, NOTHING I tell you!

Jaclyn is a self-taught Florida-based make up artist who worked for MAC as well as doing free lance. Together with Gerard Cosmetics and Morphe she has launched lipsticks and lipglosses and a massive eyeshadow palette respectively. I wish I could get my hands on her eyeshadow palette but 18$ shipping to Europe is a bit hefty for my wallet at the moment. She has the most bubbly, sweet personality and never fails to put a smile on my face with her lovely goofiness. Her make up tutorials are little treasures to me that I HAVE to watch as soon as they hit my sub box, seriously I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried. Most of her looks are very full on. Always with lashes, at least 3-5 different shadows, contour, blush, highlighter, the like. But they are also little pieces of art everytime. Beautifully and very perfectly executed make up application.

What I learned from her is definitely to shade and blend my crease with warm brown transition colors before applying the lid color. I specifically like a mixture of Honeycomb and Toast (or Toast on its own) from the Sleek Au Naturel palette for that, while I like Bark and Regal to deepen my outer corner.

Photo 23-02-2015 19 21 47

When it comes to single shadows I like Go Charlie Brown by Catrice (also nice to deepen the outer corner for a lighter more nude look), and from the new essence I ❤ nude range my favorite tauping. Note that I mostly use matte colors in the crease, I have come to not really like shimmer in my crease.

Photo 23-02-2015 19 22 27

Two other palettes that have made my life  a lot easier are the Catrice Absolute Matt and Absolute Rose plettes by Catrice. Both palettes have great taupey matte shades that work perfectly as crease shades.

Photo 23-02-2015 19 23 00

Also because of Jaclyn I rediscovered my 224 brush by Sigma which had previously been collecting dust . The 224 is the best to softly blend together crease shades. I am going to invest into a little smaller crease brush soon just to have a slightly more precise option.

My other big YouTube crush of recent months has been Casey Holmes. Southerner, dog mommy of three and with the most amazing no-bullshit kinda personality. Super fierce, super feisty, kinda sarcastic and still really sweet. Girl after my own heart in other words. Make up wise she and Jaclyn are rather similar: Full on, lashy, colorful and incredibly precisely executed. Much like Jaclyn she applies her crease colors/transition shades before the lid color, does an amazing job at contouring and her lips look always top notch.

From her I got the tape trick, to get a super precise eyeshape, the way to do your contour with that narrow flat top kabuki by Nars (the name escapes me, it actually looks a lot like the brushes you get in powder compacts, and one of those I am actually currently using when I feel like contouring) and partially because of her I recently got away from my super nudes into darker nudes .

Both girls together helped my with my brows. They are still not where I would like them but we are getting there (me and the brows that is).

I’m really grateful that I found these girls,both their personalities and skills really enrich my life at the moment and if you feel so inclined go give them a look-see or a follow, I feel they’re really worth your while.

The post in which I show you what I am doing differently with my make up will come up as soon as possible, but today was another of those days where it has been sleeting and raining all day and the light was absolutely horrendous. Sun in February in Germany can be really hard to come by.

Update All MAC Month and Project 100 Days/Mini Haul

I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about doing an All MAC Month like I had done an All Essie Month in December. I started on February 1st and… couldn’t pull it off. I love my MAC make up I do, but after a while all the shimmer ( I don’t seem to have matte MAC shadows) and the lack of true neutrals got to me. On the 14th I called it quits. I will make an effort to wear my MAC shadows more but right now I need my Catrice All About Matt and All About Rose palettes as well as my Naked 2. The way I do my make up (post still to come as soon as I can get the lighting to cooperate) has changed so much the MAC shadows can’t pull it off anymore. So that was a fail.

My Project100Days was a bit of a fail too and then again it wasn’t.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 57 58
The first fail came when one of my DM’s of choice had 20% store wide and 50% on color cosmetics. That was too good to pass up BUT I only bought stuff that had been on my list for a long time like the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe, their gel eyeliner in blue (finally a blue liner that doesn’t stain my eyelids, I couldn’t be happier) and the Garnier micellaire water for acne prone skin. I also bought essie Merino Cool which has been discontinued since, but polishes are not banned so that was technically not a fail. I also bought two back up mascaras because I am about to run out of my regular one and have already run out of my water proof mascara (sucks when you have a funeral to host), again buying back ups is not a fail. So that sort- of- fail came about three weeks ago, the second one came today.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 55 53

Rossmann had 30% off of eye products (read shadows, liners, mascaras) and I treated myself to another  Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze/ On and On Bronze and one of the new essence I ❤ Nude shadows in my favorite tauping. The I ❤ Nude shadows have the same incredible quality as the shadows of the Cookies and Cream TE a while back and while I usually work with more grey and purple taupes this is ever so much browner and warmer, the perfect crease and possibly contouring color. Ever since I started wearing make up at work colors like this have become my best friend, in fact the Catrice All About Matt palette has become my ‘Work- Palette’. It is so easy to wear this really light and neutral so that it gives just some definition to the eyes without drawing too much attention or that it would be noticeable if something moved or smudged (which so far it hasn’t, the shadows are great quality, especially for the price).

Photo 19-02-2015 19 53 15

On top of that I bought a back up of my Rival de Loop Moisturizing Gel, which comes in a new packaging and doesn’t say ‘without silicones/parabens’ anymore. I’m rather weary of that and I can’t compare the ingredients because I don’t have the box the old one came in anymore. Makes me a little grumpy that. I also got a back up of the clear up strips.

Photo 19-02-2015 19 56 37

However, I have been really good at asking myself ‘Do I really need that? Do I have something comparable? Would I actually wear that?’ So yes, I failed a little bit, but over the past 8-ish weeks I have become so much better at buying only relevant make up, if that makes sense. For instance I stood in front of the Catrice Nude Purism display today and bought NOTHING even though everything looked SO nice and was reasonably good quality. For the simple reason that I either had something comparable or I knew I wouldn’t wear it for long. And even when DM had their 50% off I didn’t go completely cray but only bought the stuff I had thought about for a long time and would really get use out of.

Today February 19th is actually hump day. 50 days of the 100 are done and dusted. Even though I didn’t stick to the ban perfectly I feel like I have found a balance for buying make up. I feel very comfortable with my collection right now.

If I don’t muck up big time in the next 50 days, I think Project 100 Days was a success

Update Project100Days

It’s been almost 4 weeks since we started Project100Days and here we are:
Last week I bought the last item on my exempt list and I am now faced with failure everytime I buy a new make up item.

Over the past 4 weeks I bought one book that was not on my list.

I bought no music or dvds eventhough I wish I could right now, because I am going through a phase at the moment where I am heartfelt bored with the music I have, but I have started to rediscover some of the cds I haven’t listened to in a while and then there is Spotify.

The ban on candy basically didn’t work, whatsoever. I have reduced my candy intake but that is about that. On top of it all we are currently dealing with a sudden death in the family and I compensated some of it by eating comfort food. I wish I were stronger than that but it turns out I am not.

When it comes to make up I am actually happy with what I have in my stash. The last two items I bought were the All About Matte and All About Rose palettes by Catrice which I both greatly enjoy and let’s face it, the only other eyeshadows I reach for are my Urban Decay Naked 2 and my Sleek Au Naturel (I will do an update on the changes in doing my make up as soon as I get around to it). The only thing I am still hankering after is the dark blue gel liner by Maybelline and maybe the bad to the bronze color tattoo.

On top of it all I am thinking  about making February an All MAC Month. Meaning all color make up will be from my MAC stash (accept for basics like mascara, brows and powder which I don’t have anything from MAC from). If I actually do that, expect a lot of red lips and colorful eyes 😀 I did something similar back in December with my essie challenge which was a lot of fun and I think it is a great way for me to rediscover and appreciate the make up I so lovingly selected and spent a sh*t ton of money on.

All in all I am surprised how easy it was for me to not buy dvds and music. I guess Amazon Prime and Spotify cover most of my needs without me having to buy anything.

Except for that one slip up (which was the first book in the C.J. Sansom Shardlake-series for Kindle on a special deal if you must know ;D) I’m doing real well with books too. Ever since that death I am having some trouble with my suspense of disbelief which makes reading basically impossible and watching TV shows and movies a lot less enjoyable, but it seems to be getting better. It’s no fun when you’re grieving and you can’t even escape from it by reading or watching something.

I feel like the Project100Days is really starting now, when my exempt list is done and I have no excuse anymore to buy new make up, we’ll see how it goes from here on out.

Something that definitely has changed already is how I buy things. In everything I buy, even food, I have become highly selective and I am starting to come around and appreciate what I have. What helps me is to go through my things, especially make up and books about once a week to still my thirst for new stuff to buy by remembering what I have.

All things considered I’m good with how things are going, bring on the next 73 days!

Beauty Awards 2014

I decided to do this a little bit like essiebutton did her 2014 best of: use the things that just popped into my head without digging around. If I don’t remember it, it can’t have been that good and now LET’S GO!


My year focussed a lot on skincare, for one I discovered Caroline Hirons and secondly I am just over having problem skin. What I learned the hard way this year is that it actually wasn’t the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo that sorted out my skin when it was at it’s best but the bebe young care line.  Ever since that realization I have come up with a skincare routine that works for me and even holds my hormonal break outs to a minimum.

bebe young care cleansing lotion+toner (very emollient, almost turns into an oil on my skin, gets everything off and hydrates)
Neutrogena Anti Blackhead scrub (physical scrub, salycylic acid, one of my all time staples)

bebe young care toner (quite harsh and heavy on both alcohol and acid, my skin loves it though and I love the burning sensation when it bites into active break outs)

Serum step:
Rival de Loop hydrating gel with hyaluronic acid
(I thought this broke me out, it didn’t. Now in the winter it is not moisturizing enough on its own and it does get a little tacky for a moment, but when I layer my moisturizers on it’s perfect)

Rival de Loop hydrating gel cream for eyes (better than the Chanel sample I used for a couple of months)
Garnier 24h moisturizer anti blemishes  (has a slightly powdery finish, is really light on the skin, contains salycylic acid and sits nicely under make up)
Diadermine  Lift intense + SPF 30 (especially in the summer and on sunny days)N
Diadermine Lift intense + Nutritive Night (best night cream I tried so far because it doesn’t leave any residue and sinks in quickly but hydrates and repairs virtually just as well as other nightcreams I tried so far)

bebe young care cleansing wipes for dry and sensitive skin (I use those in a pinch or when I don’t have make up on and need a quick refresh. It was these wipes though that made me realize that it was actually whatever component it is that is in the bebe young care line that cleans up my white bumps)

After weeks of having a dry patch on my top lip that just wouldn’t go away and nothing helped I used the brand again that I was certain would not help but it did. My lips are back to normal now , though and I am back to not needing any lip balms all thanks to my ancient Labello Gold and Labello Hydro Care. Everything else may well go to the trash.

Photo 06-01-2015 14 39 37

You will notice that all of this is drugstore. I simply don’t have the budget to fork out on expensive brands, plus this routine works really well for me, at this point I see no need to change anything.

Decorative Cosmetics:

Photo 06-01-2015 14 45 58

The two bases that stood out to me this year were my MAC Face and Body in C1 (still can’t get over how awesome my skin looks in the pics that I took when I wore it) and Max Factor Facefinity in 40 Fresh Ivory. The Facefinity is a special favorite because it makes my skin look incredible and lasts forever. I even wear it to work and despite physical exertion it does not budge. Plus the color is a perfect match. If I could only wear two foundations for the rest of my life it would be those two.

After the desaster of the essence I ❤ stage base I was glad I got the Urban Decay Primer Potion samples with my Naked 2 palette. So far I have only used Eden and at this point I would totally shell out the 20€ to get the full size once I have used up the samples. I have been using it since August and there is still a lot left. It is light enough for me and I love the coverage it gives in my eyelids plus it really makes my shadows last between 8 and 10 hrs.

This year was a brow year and I am not done yet. My new finds were the Catrice brow wax and the tinted brow filler. If I really want my brows to be extremely polished I go for wax, then powder then filler. Normally I use either wax or filler with the Catrice brow powder. I also moved on to fill in the front of my brows with the lighter and the tail with the darker color of the powder duo. I found a shape I like, I trim rather than pluck and my brows are so much fuller and nicer since I started doing that. For 2015 I want to find a place in town to get my brows threaded or waxed because at this point I am struggeling with removing the fuzz over and under my brow and I want to try either the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade or the MAC Liquidline for brows (IF i can still find that anywhere)

With the arrival of Jaclyn Hill and Casey Holmes in my life I completely revamped the way I do my eye make up. Generally I have been gravitating towards neutral eyes this year and my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette as well as the Sleek Au Naturel palette. The top row of the Sleek palette has incredible transition/crease shades and I don’t think I have to say anything about the Naked 2 anymore. All has been said. It’s perfect.
The single shadows that blew me out of the water this year are both from Catrice. There was Shade of Grey from the Lala Berlin collection, which looks like a metallic shadow in the pan on the lid however it has the most incredible matte but lit from within/softly shimmery finish. I have never seen anything like this before and it is perfect to me. The other one is Go Charlie Brown from the regular range, which is the perfect matte medium brown for the crease.

Photo 06-01-2015 14 50 18

I am a liquid liner gal and the Manhattan Eyemazing liner has been with me for most of the year. I just feel naked without my liner. The Eyemazing liner is really good for a pen and lasted really long without drying in or the tip going blunt. However, I am currently trying another one though, which seems to blow the Eyemazing liner out of the water. We’ll see.
I rarely ever use liner on my lower waterline anymore, especially not black. It just doesn’t work for me anymore unless I am doing a heavy duty smoky eye. At best it looks like trying too hard at worst it looks completely inappropriate.

My realization of the year is that I am a L’Oréal mascara girl. My favorite is the Miss Manga mascara and I can’t wait to try the Black Angel variety once I have used up my other mascaras. My second favorite this year was the original Volume Million Lashes. Aside from the Catrice Doll Eyes Waterproof I think I have sworn off other mascaras for good. L’Oréal or bust.

Setting Powder:
essence All about matt. Best one I have tried so far. I still have the loose version in my back up drawer (which is gonna last me forever). It’s translucent, finely milled and does what it says on the tin.

Because of my freckles there is a lot going on on my skin as is, so overly shimmery blushes are per se not such a good idea for me. For most of the year I stuck with the utterly fantastic MAC Perfect Cheek blush which is indeed perfect: A neutral light pink almost a bit grey which turns into the lightest most natural flush on my fair skin. Towards the end of the year another favorite came in the Catrice Floral OrnARTment blush from the Viennart collection which is a matte light peach with deep reddish elements. The reddish elements I try to avoid for everyday blush because they can come out a little strong against my skin. A shimmery one that I loved was the Hello Autumn color changing blush by essence. The shimmer in this one is light and fine enough for me to get away with it.

Photo 07-09-2014 15 20 35

My two bronzers of the year are my MAC Aphrodite’s Shell which is my perfect bronzer, considering how light and sheer it is. It gives me the perfect sunkissed color. The other one is the Catrice Metallure Bronzer. With a light hand I can avoid shimmery desasters and instead get a soft glowy flush.

The only thing that stood out to me this year was the Garnier Natural Beauty Cranberry and Argan Oil conditioner. It smells amazing and does the perfect job at keeping my hair healthy, shiny and soft. I think I’m on my second or third bottle right now.

Photo 06-01-2015 14 51 19

And that’s a wrap on the Beauty Awards 2014. No lip products? No lip products! While there were a couple of nice ones there were none that really stood out to me enough that I wore them more than a couple of times.
I am thinking about doing a Life Awards 2014 next. We’ll see how that goes.

New Year’s Resolutions 2015 Books, Beauty, Life and #Project100Days


– Finish reading all the books that are currently open in my Goodreads to read box

– Finish at least one of the ones in the to read box before starting a new one

– Read all the books that I borrowed from people (DO NOT borrow new ones until the ‘old ones’ are done)

– 2015 Goodreads Challenge: 25 books


– Use up before buying new – NO EXCUSES

– Be better about my skin care routine

-Further reduce my make up and nail polish collection


– Cut the carbs

– Work out 3-4 times a week

– Blog at least once a week

– Be organized and proactive


The lovely bookbeauty started her #Project100Days  from today until April (10th) and I thought: What the heck I’ll hop on the bandwaggon, even though I am going to adapt it a little bit to my needs.

My #Project100Days will mostly consist of a buying ban because I need to break some habits here. I’ve been banging on about it but I really want to keep it up for the 100 days and then go from there.

The buying ban encompasses books (exception: the new Veronica Mars book which is to come out in 3 weeks and is already pre-ordered), make up and cosmetics (exception is a small list of things from that I want to get in the big Catrice/essence sales that are coming up and obviously necessities that I have run out of) and DVDs (exception here is The Croods, which is already on it’s way here and pretty much mandatory for any American football fan out there). And last but not least I am cutting candy. I don’t know how I am going to go about this, because I know my body will go on sugar withdrawles and I have no clue how to break those without stuffing my face with gummybears in the middle of the night. If you have any tips I’d be happy to read them.

For me #Project100Days is about finding happiness in what I have and breaking the drive to fix anything that is amiss with consumerism. This is about longterm happiness and focusing on what is truly important (to me) over of what just scratches the itch for like 5 seconds and to a degree it is about who I am versus who I want to be, after all we have just this one life to get it right.

I’m sorry if it sounds preachy  but I feel like I have been getting really good at figuring out what really makes me happy over the past months and then sticking with it. I had to or I would have lost my mind. I’m just done being lenient with things and people and it is quite liberating.

On a happier note: I hope you all had lovely holidays and a safe positive start into 2015. May it be better in every way than 2014.