Blogmas Day #11: A Big Bun and an Iddy Biddy Haul

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

How was your day? Lovely, I hope, mine was a bit meh, but that’s okay 🙂

I thought today we  could do something a little more chatty and relaxed. First off I am going to show you the result of me playing around with my big bun cushion that I hauled 3 weeks ago (time really does fly, doesn’t it?) at Primark and then I kinda did some shopping. Oops! 😀


Photo 11-12-2013 20 56 59


Photo 11-12-2013 20 52 44


Photo 11-12-2013 20 50 32

The bun with a bun cushion is super simple. Just tie a ponytail at the height that you want it, put the bun cushion over the ponytail, drape your hair over it, tie it down with another hairband or hairpins and tuck the ends under and away. My hair is so long by now that I sometimes braid or twist the ends together and wrap them around the base of the bun. I like the results they I got a lot. Next time I want to really ‘attach’ the bun to my head so that there is no visible gap anymore, but I don’t quite know how yet. Work in progress 😀

Photo 11-12-2013 20 58 06

Like I said, I was a little naughty and did some shopping. Initially I went to look for christmas presents for my girls, oh well… I did find something for my dad though 🙂  I know at least some of the stuff that I want to get, my problem now is to find what I have in mind. -.-

Let’s get to the haul, shall we?

I had a bit of a rough week, so I thought I’d buy something to treat my poor dehydrated, scratched up, bruised skin and went for the alverde Relax Oil Wildrose and Sea Buckthorn. It is 2.95€ for 100ml and a blend of essential oils with a lovely rose scent. I used it on my hands and it is very smoothing and hydrating. The scent is quite strong at first and then slowly fades, but it is not overpowering to my nose. I can’t wait to use this after my shower.

Another skin care bit is the alverde limited edition body butter collection. I snapped up the very last one, after I have been on the hunt for this ever since I heard it would come out. I love the alverde body butters! Snowhoney gifted me  one for my birthday and it one my heart over right away. I have already repurchased it and am on my second jar now. The alverde body butters are very hydrating and they sink in very quickly! They may not be as hydrating as my balea Soft Oil Balm, but they come close.
The limited edition set has three 50ml jars with special christmas scents: cranberry chocolate, vanilla cinnamon and baked apple; very sweet and creamy. The set was 2.95€.

Technically, this belongs on the Sisterhood-blog but I fell for essie’s sable collar when I saw it sitting on it’s display. In the bottle it is a maroon glow-from-within shimmer with a grey cast, I can’t wait to paint my nails with this and it definitely will be a NotD on the Sisterhood-blog soon. (7.95€ for 13.5ml)

My last stop was the Yankee Candle corner at our Karstadt department store. I’ve been stumbling across more scents on other blogs and the Yankee Candle website and the descriptions sounded so nice that I just had to take a look at them. And of course I couldn’t leave without buying some -.- This time I went for Red Apple Wreath and Christmas Memories. Both are very cinnamon-y and spicy. Red Apple Wreath is a little sweeter and fruitier because of the apples obviously, Christmas Memories smells a little more like gingerbread (and is currently filling my room, even though it is still wrapped in plastic). I wish they also had the Christmas Eve tarts but they were out. Other scents that I need to get tarts of are November Rain and Salted Caramel but they never seem to have them. I also picked up a back up Witches’ Brew, they were on sale and I really really loved the scent.
Oh by the way, I found out today that one of my all-time faves Cinnamon Stick is supposed to smell like cinnamon and cloves, which is exactly what Matthew de Clairmont of A Discovery of Witches is supposed to smell like. Doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂