Sunday Round Up #6: Blogmas Day #1 and a Face of the Day

Photo 01-12-2013 17 11 19

Blogmas Day #1

You may have guessed it from the title, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes blog-wise this week and I am very happy to share some of the things that have been going on with you.

You guys are amazing! In November I reached almost 300 klicks and it is only my third month of blogging. Thank you so very much for coming back here spending some of your precious time on my blog, you are my motivation to keep going and get a little better every day!

I have been accepted into the Cosnova Blogger Network. Cosnova is the mother company of essence and Catrice. For now that means that I will receive the press releases for the upcoming limited editions and the lists of the new products that will be added to the range in spring and fall. Needless to say I will share those releases with you as soon as the online embargo is off. Today is one of those days and I will show you two upcoming essence limited edition in a post right after this one (give me an hour or two to put it together I still need to get the hang of things…).

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Some time in the near future there will a blog collab between the lovely Bookbeauty and I. It will be a book collab and we decided to play a little with Archangels’ Blood by Nalini Singh. It is my first proper contact with Nalini Singh’s work, I am over 2/3 done and I can tell you it is a really nice read!

BLOGMAS! Yes, today is the first day of Blogmas on this blog. I will blog every single day until Christmas. I have everything planned out and I hope I can manage to get everything done the way I want. I know it will be a lot of work but I am really excited to get going. The content will be my usual mix of beauty and I don’t know, shall we call them lifestyle topics? You know like books, TV, movies, but also recipes and such. I will also revive the Up Close and Personal category, I’ve been working on a post that I just needed a moment with but I am positive it will go up next saturday. I hope you will enjoy reading Blogmas as much as I enjoy writing for it.

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance II

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance II

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance I

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance I


I believe I owe you a Face of the Day with my new essence Dark Romance quad and here it is. I tried to use every single color in the quad but the blue was a bit strong at first  but when I re-applied the gold and red it almost disappeared, oh well. There is still a slight shadow of it in the crease.
This time around I used NYX Jumbe Eye Pencil in Milk as a base because it is so sticky, then I pressed on the shadows with a firm flat synthetic brush. I used the white as a highlight in the inner corner and under the brow, then I placed the dark gold shadow on the center of the lid and blended the red over the outer corner, in the crease and under the eye. I wear my essence multi action mascara on the lashes, the blush from the green Catrice Art Collection Palette on my cheeks and the essence Dark Romance lipstick in 02 Red Romance on my lips. It is very comfortable to wear, slightly hydrating on my lips as it sets to a semi-shiny finish. The wear time is not as long as any of my dark matte lipsticks like my Kate Moss  107 or my MAC ones  but for the price it’s really fine. Generally it is a really nice lipstick for the 2€ price point.

I hope you all had a great week now on to happy productive new one!