Blogmas Day #25: Let’s Wrap This Up, Shall We?

I dropped the ball. I’m sorry. But let me take you through the last few days diary-style, so if you are interested keep on reading, if not, I’m not mad! I love you, thank you for giving me some of your precious time, I hope you enjoyed yourselves reading my blog, your participation made it all worth it!

Now to the other five of you that would like to know how my last few days went: just come along 🙂

On the 23rd of december I basically did nothing but clean. I cleaned the entire house which was a bit of a ride but VERY satisfying. My sister came home from bavaria, where she is currently doing a sort of volunteer year before going off to college next fall and at night we trimmed the tree as it is tradition in my family. We always put the tree up the night before christmas eve. When my sister and I were little my parents would trim the tree at night when we were asleep, decorate the living room and lock the door so that we couldn’t sneak in on the 24th and ruin the surprise. This year however we trimmed the tree together and had Disney’s A Christmas Carol running in the background which was so nice.

After a short night the 24th rolled around with more preparations for the main event, which is christmas eve proper over here in Germany and I mainly spent it with preparing the potato salad with my dad. A lot of families in Germany have potato salad and sausages on christmas eve for dinner. I believe I talked about this before, but the proper national dish of Germany is potato salad. Every family has their own recipe that has been handed down and perfected for generations. So if anybody tries to tell you about haxen and sauerkraut- nobody north or west of bavaria eats that. Sorry to burst that bubble. We do like our beer, though :D.
In the afternoon I had  a LOOONG shower and a proper pamper as I was getting ready for the night. I snuck in a cleansing and a moisturizing face mask and treated my body to some rose scented body oil. I wore the last christmas make up I posted for the night and essie sable collar on my nails. I am so in love with that polish! If it were up to me I would be perfectly content at the moment to go back and forth between OPI Russian Navy and essie sable collar.

FotN + curls

FotN + curls



After we all sat down for a cup of tea and chai latte, my dad lit all the candles in the living room and we all gathered our presents and sat down to sing some carols together, read the gospel and exchange presents. We had a lovely time!
Our christmas dinner consisted of smoked salmon and toast as a starter and then the potato salad and sausages. My dad and I had a lovely franconian white wine to go with it.
Then it was time for midnight mass. I am catholic so you can imagine it was quite a pompous affair but I love that. I love the lights and the organ, and that everybody is dressed up and super excited and happy. It is definitely one of my favorite services to go to. Afterwards we chatted with our friends, exchanged presents and basically stood in front of the church for over an hour keeping all the neighbors awake (oops :D). As it is tradition in my family we had a glass of bubbles before going to bed. Note to self: Don’t start watching Zero Dark Thirty while slightly tipsy and very sleepy. You WILL fall asleep, have weird dreams, wake up and wonder what the hell just happened. -.-

So now it’s the 25th, a day of rest in my family. We had brunch, I caught up on youtube videos, and now I’m sitting here wrapping up blogmas for you guys. I hate that I dropped the ball towards the end of it. I had been so good at first. Anyways, to you who are still reading, again, thank you so much for being a part of this! I really enjoyed doing this even if some posts were a lot of work but I loved every second. A special thanks to Ginger of gingerlovesmakeup! Thank you so much for liking and commenting, it means the world to me!
I’m waving blogmas good bye with a laughing and a crying eye.

I hope you all are having a great christmas with family and friends, and if you are not celebrating christmas I hope you have a lovely relaxing time! To all the people who have to work on christmas, medical workers, police, fire department, radio and tv stations, etc. thank you so much for your hard work, for keeping us safe and entertained!

Regular blogging will resume in a couple of days.

Good night and good luck everyone, see you soon!


Blogmas Day #18: What’s in my Purse?

Day 18. If you are in Germany that’s 6 days to go ’till the main event. I can’t go christmas shopping before friday and the city is already crazy, so not looking forward to that. Got my hair cut today, went home, realized that one side was shorter than the other, went back, got it fixed. In between going to the hairdressers twice I also had school. To be honest I can’t wait for this day to be over.

Now let’s move on to funner (is that even a word? probably not 😀 ) things: Today is the day I’m going to let y’all rummage through my bag! Ready?

Photo 18-12-2013 22 03 08

First things first, here is my bag. I luuuuuurve it. It was reduced from 40€ to 15€ at h&m and it is just what I had been looking for for a long time. Not too big not too small, not too dressy and not too casual. I think I’m going to be a good girl and throw out one of my run down broken bags in favor for this one. I’m on a bit of a purge at the moment.

Photo 18-12-2013 22 08 27

Now when I reach into the bag, the first thing I touch is my current travel book. I always carry a book with me -unless I’m going to church or an a quick grocery run- I even pick out my bags based on if they can house a book or not. My current travel book is Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. I love it! Her style is a bit unusual but really interesting and enjoyable to read.

Photo 18-12-2013 22 09 48

Next up the small stuff: A pack of tissues, a mini deodorant (Nivea stress protect, not bad, not overwhelmingly great), my MAC mirror (which had a run in with with a nailfile in my bag and got scratched up -.-), a tin with feminine hygiene products, my wallet, my touch screen gloves, my beloved new Handsan Winter Handcream, it is super moisturizing and antibacterial, can’t go wrong with that, and a Balisto bar, you never know when your blood sugar is gonna plummet.

Photo 18-12-2013 22 12 14

And because that is not enough, I also have my little I ❤ essence pouch which holds cleansing wipes for hands and face that smell like raspberries, mmmmhhh, gum, my almost empty Handsan 5% Urea handcream, my little ‘The Woman’ mirror that Munderoon made me, alverde lipbalm, mini Elnett extra strong and a mini evianspray. It’s still in there from last summer, I think it may be time to retire it for the winter.

Of course I also have my keys and phone in there but y’all know what keys look like right? And my phone is an iPhone 5. I know it is not the best out there, but I liked my 3GS and when I upgraded a couple of months ago I realized I didn’t want any other but another iPhone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂 I’m now going to wash my face and curl up with some Gossip Girl. Read you tomorrow!

Blogmas Day #17: My Favorite Winter Perfumes

I know, I know, it’s tuesday which normally means it’s make up time, BUT due to work reasons I will have to move stuff around and make up time is happening most likely on friday and the post I had planned for tomorrow is happening today.

J.Lo Glow, Miss Sixty Rock Chic, Dita von Teese, Kylie Pink Sparkle

J.Lo Glow, Miss Sixty Rock Muse, Dita von Teese, Kylie Pink Sparkle

If you have been following this blog for a little while you might be ‘Dear God, not again! Please woman, you have been banging on about these for ages.’ Yes, I have. I’m sorry. But I just love them so much! Either way, when wintertime rolls around and it gets cold outside I turn to the warmer scents and I always seem to end up with these.

J.Lo’s Glow is my oldest perfume out of the four mentioned here. It is intense and warm and quite an ‘in your face’ scent. Not everybody’s cup of tea I know, I too needed some time to come around to it but now I love it.

Top: grapefruit, neroli, orange blossom
Heart: tuberose, jasmine, rose
Base: sandal wood, musk, vanilla, amber, orris root

Another favorite of mine over years and years has been Miss Sixty Rock Muse. I bought this when I first moved out, so it really smells like independence to me.

Top: grapefruit, bergamot, red currant, prickle gooseberry, gourmand plum
Heart: jasmine, tea, rose, heliotrope
Base: patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, Basmati rice

This lovely black bottle is Dita von Teese’s original perfume. Heavy and very classic, it always reminds me of a very classy, cool but very elegantly sexy lady. When I think of traditional, classic perfume this is the kind of scent I picture in my head. (I can’t wait to get my pawsies on her other offerings Erotique and Rouge. I smelled them already and they were to die for.)

Top: bergamot, peony, Bourbon pepper
Heart: Bulgarian rose, Tahitian tiare flower, jasmine
Base: incense, patchouli, musk, guaiac wood, sandalwood

And last but not least Pink Sparkle by Kylie Minogue. I fell for this fast and hard and I sprayed it everywhere including my bedding. I just wanted to wrap myself up in this scent. I still put this on whenever I feel the need for something warm and cozy.

Top: pink grapefruit, lilly of the valley
Heart: white peach, champagne, gardenia, jasmine
Base: musk, vetiver, vanilla

Actually when you look at the scent descriptions it is crazy how many notes they have in common. I didn’t even realize that until I typed it up. Wow.

If my taste in scents looks horribly unsofisticated, I’m sorry! It seems all of my more expensive, prestigious scents are more for spring (like my DKNY Pure Drop of Rose which I can’t stop wearing at the moment but mainly because it’s new [and oh so wonderful])

Do you have a scent that you only wear in winter, or is it the same for you year round?

Blogmas Day #6: [Work in Progress] Christmas Decoration

Sorry guys, this one is really late because I legit fell asleep after work -.- On a lighter note, I finally got around to decorate a little more for christmas. I’m not happy yet and I am not ready yet but I thought I’d show you the progress I made.


Photo 07-12-2013 00 46 09


I finally got my star twinkle lights up on my window *__* I love stars and these are just so pretty, my mum gave them to me a couple of years ago. It’s always a bitch and a half to get them up, but once they are up, it just makes me happy to look at them. The white strings you can see in the pic belong to blue star-shaped glass baubles that I stuck to the window pane. I’ll show you a better pic tomorrow. They give the nicest effect when the sun comes in through the window and they make a nice tinkering sound when the wind goes through them.

Photo 07-12-2013 00 46 25


Remember the tray I bought a few months back? I re-decorated it with purple glitter baubles and the rest of the star lights. Of course I kept my little lamp that I use to melt my Yankee Candle tarts in, man, I can’t wait to dig into my christmas scents soon!

Photo 07-12-2013 00 48 40


Last but not least I wanted to show you one of my advent calendars. I love this one because you get to light one more scented tea light every day. These are vanilla-coffee scented *yum. For the four advent sundays I have four red candles. It is not really an advent wreath but I really like how it came out.

Are your decorations done yet or did you decide to skip them altogether this year?

P.S.: I know how tedious december must be for people who do not celebrate christmas. I’ll try to have a couple more neutral blogpost on here in between all the christmas stuff!

Blogmas Day #2: My Favorite Christmas Album

The worst thing about having a cold is the dry flakey nose afterwards, no? So here I sit, combating it with a VERY moisturizing face mask, watching youTube Vlogmas-vids in the background and I’m ready to fill you in on my favorite Christmas album. Oh by the way, Blogmas posts will usually go up rather late especially when I’m working late or have school really late, just so you know.

Also, you guys are completely bonkers! I had over 50 klicks in one day. That’s crazy! Thank you so much! ❤

Back to topic: My favorite Christmas cd, the one I only allow myself to listen to from the first Advent sunday to Candlemass (that’s like the 2nd february, right?), so I never get sick of it, and it never stops being lovely and special.
And it is…..*drumroll*…. Blackmore’s Night’s Winter Carols

If you don’t know Blackmore’s Night, it is the project of Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night and music-wise it is really nice and upbeat folk-y music with a little gypsy on the side and some beautiful ballads and instrumentals. Aside frome me just loving the music what makes this so special is Candice’s voice, it is so soft and warm *__*The album has regular carols like We Wish You a Merry Christmas, a pop ballad and tracks that lean more in the renaissance direction.

Should you want to listen in (mainly because I am really awful at describing music) here is my favorite from the album We Three Kings:


The songs are quite full on Christmas not Advent at all, but there is nothing that gets me into the festive spirit quite like this one. (I do have Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas and Melanie Thornton’s Wonderful Dream, but I save those for the last two weeks or so before Christmas)

What gets you into the festive spirit? Is there music you save for special occasions?

Sunday Round Up #6: Blogmas Day #1 and a Face of the Day

Photo 01-12-2013 17 11 19

Blogmas Day #1

You may have guessed it from the title, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes blog-wise this week and I am very happy to share some of the things that have been going on with you.

You guys are amazing! In November I reached almost 300 klicks and it is only my third month of blogging. Thank you so very much for coming back here spending some of your precious time on my blog, you are my motivation to keep going and get a little better every day!

I have been accepted into the Cosnova Blogger Network. Cosnova is the mother company of essence and Catrice. For now that means that I will receive the press releases for the upcoming limited editions and the lists of the new products that will be added to the range in spring and fall. Needless to say I will share those releases with you as soon as the online embargo is off. Today is one of those days and I will show you two upcoming essence limited edition in a post right after this one (give me an hour or two to put it together I still need to get the hang of things…).

Photo 28-11-2013 23 25 21
Some time in the near future there will a blog collab between the lovely Bookbeauty and I. It will be a book collab and we decided to play a little with Archangels’ Blood by Nalini Singh. It is my first proper contact with Nalini Singh’s work, I am over 2/3 done and I can tell you it is a really nice read!

BLOGMAS! Yes, today is the first day of Blogmas on this blog. I will blog every single day until Christmas. I have everything planned out and I hope I can manage to get everything done the way I want. I know it will be a lot of work but I am really excited to get going. The content will be my usual mix of beauty and I don’t know, shall we call them lifestyle topics? You know like books, TV, movies, but also recipes and such. I will also revive the Up Close and Personal category, I’ve been working on a post that I just needed a moment with but I am positive it will go up next saturday. I hope you will enjoy reading Blogmas as much as I enjoy writing for it.

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance II

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance II

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance I

essence Face of the Day Dark Romance I


I believe I owe you a Face of the Day with my new essence Dark Romance quad and here it is. I tried to use every single color in the quad but the blue was a bit strong at first  but when I re-applied the gold and red it almost disappeared, oh well. There is still a slight shadow of it in the crease.
This time around I used NYX Jumbe Eye Pencil in Milk as a base because it is so sticky, then I pressed on the shadows with a firm flat synthetic brush. I used the white as a highlight in the inner corner and under the brow, then I placed the dark gold shadow on the center of the lid and blended the red over the outer corner, in the crease and under the eye. I wear my essence multi action mascara on the lashes, the blush from the green Catrice Art Collection Palette on my cheeks and the essence Dark Romance lipstick in 02 Red Romance on my lips. It is very comfortable to wear, slightly hydrating on my lips as it sets to a semi-shiny finish. The wear time is not as long as any of my dark matte lipsticks like my Kate Moss  107 or my MAC ones  but for the price it’s really fine. Generally it is a really nice lipstick for the 2€ price point.

I hope you all had a great week now on to happy productive new one!