Sunday Round Up #19: Mini ‘Up Close and Personal’

Hey guys,

unfortunatly I will have to integrate some Up Close and Personal in this Sunday Round Up because the realization that I am going through stuff (again -.- ) is overshadowing everything right now. I tried to ignore it for weeks, I just pushed on, thinking that if I pretend it’s not there it will just go away. Today or actually last night, I reached the point where I just couldn’t overlook it anymore. I think it’s some sort of depression/anxiety combination, because actually I don’t feel completely numb and broken like I normally do when I’m under, this time it’s more as if someone has been sucking all the energy out of me. I am constantly stressed, I sleep in weird patterns, I am heartily exhausted, especially of myself. I overthink everything, I keep on falling short of the expectations that I have of myself as a human being. You know I am not fishing for sympathy or compliments here, that is not how UpCloseAndPersonal works. I am merely showing you where I’m at at the moment and where I want to go.

So, at the moment I feel like I am not a good friend at all. I am self-involved, easily distracted and unable to show feelings properly. Like how grateful I am for the friends that I have, and how wonderful people they are.
I know that this will blow over, that I will get a grip on myself and be a better person again, but right now 9:05pm in Germany I am down, I am exhausted and I don’t like myself.

I built myself a cocoon today, cranked up the heating, hid in bed (2 duvets, 2 sheepskins, roughly 10 pillows) and watched silly rom-coms ( I Give It a Year: pretty decent; The Sweetest Thing: complete shit, no nicer way to put it). I haven’t done this out of sheer need for a while. Actually I haven’t done that ever since I returned from Bayreuth. Not like that. I am not desperate or hurting, like I said, I am just exhausted and I feel like my caffeine overdose earlier this week ties in with that. Apparently I operated under the assumption that when I just cram enough caffeine into my body I will feel better. Nope. Just gives me headache, nausea and severe dehydration.

Where to go from here? Accepting that something is wrong is the first step, I think. This coming week is going to be stressful. I am catholic and this is the week leading up to Easter. As stressful as this week is I normally love it. I love Palm Sunday with its celebration but also the first shadows of what is to come on Good Friday, I love Maundy Thursday, where my whole parish gets together after mass to have a meal and then Good Friday. There is something so bleak and miserable about this day, no organ, no flowers and the crosses are covered up and for a little over 24 hrs the world seems to come to a standstill. My family fasts this day, so no meat, no jam, no candy basically just butter and bread and some fish for lunch, and one heck of a lot of easter preparations. On saturday then the Easter Night celebrations, my favorite part: Arriving at a completely dark church, then bringing in the Easter fire from the yard in a procession and then the church is slowly lit by candles, no artificial light until the big Gloria where all the bells are rung. And after mass more eating and drinking with the whole parish. Man, I love this week 🙂

Either way I’ll try to cut myself some slack, I won’t put too much pressure on myself, one step at a time and be them baby steps. And I will try to do things that are good for me. Catch some sun, rest, eat right, drink enough and re-focus. I guess I’ll try to just survive. I have the week after Easter off, that should help me to get better.

If you got this far and you are interested to get into the normal Sunday Round Up stuff let’s do that.

Photo 13-04-2014 22 24 10

1. Make Up Shizz
I don’t like my make up at the moment. It is never quite like I want it to be and even though my skin is as clear and as healthy as it will probably ever be, I feel like no matter what foundation I wear, it is blotchy and weird and don’t get me started on my eye make up. I’m still trying to find a way to make it all work. I am currently wearing my Catrice All Matt Plus again. It is slightly too dark at the moment but it’s not too bad. I actually started to apply this with my fingers (yep, weirded me out, too). I’m still no fan of getting make up all over my fingers but, the outcome is actually nicer and the coverage is better than with a brush (whysoever).
On my desperate search for a blush that was not too in your face, didn’t piss me off and was no bronzer I dug out my MAC The Perfect Cheek. It is probably the nudest most natural blush color there is. It saves me from looking like a ghost without making me look like a clown.

2.Media Shizz
Music-wise I am still listening to the new Delain and Subway to Sally albums and Epica has actually released a new song from their upcoming album which is called Unchain Utopia and it is just about as awesome as Essence of Silence. If all the songs on The Quantum Enigma are like this we have found ourselves a new all-time favorite album. And as per usual the lyrics are brilliant!
I have been catching up on Hart of Dixie, which is a testament to the state I am in at the moment and I am about to start season 4 of Friday Night Lights. Both are total pick-me-up shows for me (borrowed that expression from Snowhoney and find that it is perfect).
Book-wise I am about to finish Dark Secrets by Hjorth&Rosenfeldt and I have the second one in the Sebastian Bergman- series sitting here. So far it is a good solid murder mystery but not spectecularly awesome (Man, A Song of Ice and Fire has ruined me -.- or at least set the bar ridiculously high for what a good book is).

Other than that there was not much going on this week other than that I have worked five days (which also didn’t help much with my exhaustion)


Sunday Round Up #5: Grumpy Skin and Unbreakable Powder


Palettes, Grumpy Skin, The Unbreakable Powder

Palettes, Grumpy Skin, The Unbreakable Powder

It was a palette-kind-of-week. 
I am officially starting to get into the christmas mood and that includes me breaking out my sparkly palettes and metallic toned eyeshadows. This week I was all over my old L’Oréal Color Appeal Trio Pro palettes (both from a christmas collection and sadly not available anymore) and I picked up one of the Catrice Arts Collection palettes. After test driving it a little bit, I can say I’m glad I have it. The colors are really nice, the quality is good and especially the blush is super pretty. It gives the loveliest rosy glow *__*

The Unbreakable Powder.
Ages ago I hit pan on my L’Oréal perfect match powder. And it just won’t give in and crumble. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice product, very finely milled, mattifying but barely visible on the skin but at this point it is starting to get tedious to get anything out. I don’t want to toss it though for one because I have the ambition to properly finish it and two because it just feels wrong. I mean there is nothing wrong with the product, it is just inconvenient. Oh well, I will continue to scrape then.

Grumpy Skin.
I am back to MAC. Literally. After using my Catrice All Matt Plus for two weeks my skin lost it. All of a sudden I developed cystic acne all over my face and my cheeks turned into blackhead-city. I always have issues with the evil bh’s (tmi, sorry!) but never as horrible as this, there was no milimeter of my skin that was not bumps and roughness. Result: I am back on Neutrogena visibly clear Anti-Blackhead Daily Peeling (why did I ever stop using this?) and my MAC foundations. After two days with the Neutrogena my skin already looks better.
PS: Just because the foundation freaked out my skin it doesn’t have to freak out yours, I’d still recommend it!

Photo 24-11-2013 21 40 05

Taming my Nailpolish Collection.
I re-organized my nailpolish collection in attempt to keep an eye on what I have, tossing what doesn’t work and picking out colors for christmas, if you want to find out more about what I did there will be a post later this week on the sisterhood blog.

got2b, Bookthings and DVDs, Yankee Candle Sugared Apple

got2b, Bookthings and DVDs, Yankee Candle Sugared Apple

I officially started reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and I already love it. Easily one of the best books I ever read and the style is brilliant, also I am currently covering romantic poetry in class and I am all over that. The Romantic Period (especially the dark variety) is my favorite literary epoch. If you ever needed a reason why I study literature: this is definitely one of them.

I am about to finish The Tudors. Again. And again there will be bitter tears for my dying Charles Brandon. Gah. 😦
Pacific Rim is still in it’s original wrapping because I am still waiting for the perfect moment to watch it. Hmph.
Dug out my got2b products. Review?
Yankee Candle Sugared Apple tart was brilliant. First fresh and fruity, then vanilla-y and sugary. YUM.

I hope you all had a great, comfy sunday and now on to happy, productive, new week!

Review: Catrice All Matt Plus 010 Light Beige

Bare Faced

Bare Faced

Just Foundation

Just Foundation

Foundation and Concealer

Foundation and Concealer

Full Face of Make Up Including Brows, Eyes, Cheeks

Full Face of Make Up Including Brows, Eyes, Cheeks

As I had mentioned in my last Sunday Round Up I have purchased the Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation in the shade 010 Light Beige. This particular shade was celebrated in the German blogging and vlogging community as the lightest shade available in the German drugstore. I had been curious for a while but it took the 30% off offer to convince me to buy it.

The foundation claims to be mattifying, longlasting, oil free, hydrating with lightreflecting pigments for a satin-matt finish.

Creamy Consistency

Creamy Consistency

The consistency of the foundation is creamy and it goes on very moist, a little bit like a water-based tinted moisturizer, that is how it feels on the skin. It gives a medium, buildable coverage that has a luminous matte finish.
My skin is combination oily/dry with a very oily t-zone and dry cheeks, so everything that is satin, dewy or glowy tends to freak me out, my t-zone is very ‘glowy’ all by itself, thank you very much! This luminous matte finish does look really nice on my skin though, just like I had a very-good-skin-day.

As for the mattifying part: The foundation doesn’t stop me from getting oily anymore than any other foundation I have tried so far, it is very moisturizing which is nice for the coming winter and I have noticed that my blush and eyebrows last considerably longer when I wear this foundation. After 8 hours they look exactly like they did just after application in the morning. Impressive.

The foundation sets maybe a smidgen too dark and yellow for me, but not to the point where I have dark lines or that it looks like I had a weird tanning accident. Please keep in mind that in MAC terms I am a NW 10 with neutral undertones, so if this foundation is just a wee bit too dark for me it may work for most other pale beauties out there.

Photo 13-11-2013 21 42 53

All in all, I like the foundation and Iwill wear it whenever I feel like a slightly less heavy skin option (both my MAC foundations can be quite heavy). If you like the finish and the coverage and your skin leans a little bit on the yellow side of things this may be for you. Skintype-wise I’d say slightly dry to normal to combo-oily skins will get on with the foundation fine. It is 6.45€ for 30ml/1.01fl.oz. and comes in a hefty glassbottle with a pump.
My 2 cents? Finally a decent drugstore option for us dainty dolls in Germany!

Little Bonus: Final Make Up (unfortunately the sun had gone). On my lips I am wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107

Little Bonus: Final Make Up (unfortunately the sun had gone). On my lips I am wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107

FotD: Berry Roses

Photo 12-11-2013 18 32 12

I promised I would put up a Face of the Day with No7’s Classic Rose and my new Catrice duo eyeshadow from the Eve in Bloom collection and here it is. I will add a better picture the second I take one but I think you can see what I did here, too.

On my face I used my new Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in 010 Light Beige, under the eyes and on blemishes Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 1 Fair. I set the foundation with L’Oréal Match Perfection powder in K1/C1 Rose Ivory, as blush served MAC’s Darkly My Dear, a plummy reddish color.

On my eyes I used Maybelline Color Tattoo 65 Pink Gold to prime, blended the lighter shadow of the Eve in Bloom Soft Duo Eyeshadow C02 Beauty Bouquet (mouthful!) over two thirds of the lid and applied the darker shade through the outer v, crease and below the lower lash line. On my lashes I wear the original essence multi action mascara.

On my lips No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Classic Rose steals the show.

Photo 10-11-2013 19 01 24

I like this look because it is so clean and put together but neither the lips nor the eyes are too much to wear to class or any other thing I might have to attend to, that requires me to not look like a slob.
The Catrice shadow duo is actually quite subtle. The lighter color is a cool almost greyed pink frost, whereas the darker color is a cool purple-y plum, which is quite sheer and has a slight satin sheen. The two colors work great together and the sheer plum actually dims down the frosty sheen to an almost velvet finish, which I love.

Waddaya think? Love it or leave it?

Sunday Round Up #3: Coming Up For Air

New Foundation Combo, Old New Perfume, Someday Someday Maybe, Tudor England Won't Let Me Go, Goodbyes and Twinklelights

New Foundation Combo, Old New Perfume, Someday Someday Maybe, Tudor England Won’t Let Me Go, Goodbyes and Twinklelights

This week was slightly less stressful than the last and I feel like I can make things work again. There is no other way than taking one day at a time and listening to my body and my soul and getting my priorities straight, which is something I am working on right now.

New Foundation Combo
German drugstore chain Rossmann had 30% off of all powders and foundations at the beginning of the week and I caved and picked up the Catrice All Matt Plus foundation in 010 Light Beige. It is one of the lightest shades the drugstore has on offer. It sets a little too dark, but really just a smidgen nothing to get too upset about and I paired it with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in 1 Fair. Those two work perfectly together, AND there will be a full review up some time this week.

New Old Perfume
It’s been getting cold around here, we are down to the single digits. As it gets colder I tend to reach for the richer heavier scents and the original Glow by J.Lo is one of those. It was one of the first proper perfumes I ever owned and despite asking for it for christmas, when I received it I realized it was way too heavy for my 16-year-old self.It took me almost 10 years to fall for the scent but now I love it. I already dread the day I run out of it!

Someday Someday Maybe
Whenever I have to do chores around the house, laundry, cleaning, tidying the like OR when I’m taking a bath, I put on  an audiobook to pass the time. Earlier this week I started listening to Lauren Graham’s Someday Someday Maybe, read by Lauren Graham herself. What can I say, it is lovely! If you don’t know her, Lauren Graham played Lorelai Gilmore on the Gilmore Girls, now she is a lead of NBC’s Parenthood. Someday Someday Maybe is about chaotic but sweet Francis ‘Franny’ Banks, aspiring actress in mid-nineties New York. The book so far is charming, witty and all around warm-hearted. The story may not be the most original but is composed and presented in such a sweet way that I have no problem at all to overlook that. I just love to listen to Lauren’s voice and I find myself quite a lot in Franny and not only because we share a first name. If you are looking for something cute and lighthearted to read or listen to, look no further, this is for you!

Tudor England Won’t Let Me Go
You know about my on-going Tudors obsession and my sister fueled that fire even further when she gave me Elizabeth Fremantle’s Queen’s Gambit to read. The book is about Catherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII. It begins with the death of her husband Lord Latymer and her reluctant return to court. Of course Cathrine Parr looks like Joely Richardson in my head and Henry like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, what else did you expect :D. The book is written in present tense, which is one of my favorite techniques when I write fiction but I have rarely found an author who does that too. I’m not that far in yet but I really like it so far.
If you want to follow my progress and read my more or less (mostly less) witty  remarks check my goodreads profile in the side bar.

With a very heavy heart I bid two of my most beloved series goodbye; The All Souls trilogy for now and the Borgias for good.
Shadow of Night, part II of the All Souls trilogy  was just as beautiful as A Discovery of Witches. Matt and Diana travel to Tudor England (Elizabeth I’s England that is) on the hunt for the book of life. Aside all the adventures they have there the book also focuses on their growth as a couple and Diana’s coming of age as a witch. I loved snuggling up with them in Woodstock, looking over London from the windows of their place at Blackfriars and travelling to Prague with them to meet with Emperor Rudolf.
Deborah Harkness let me meet all these wonderful characters Jack, Annie, Phillippe, Pierre, Gallowglass and Goody Alsop just to take them away from me again, as Matt and Diana have to return to their own time. Yes, I shed tears for them, I will miss them so much! Especially Phillippe. Thankfully there will be a third part but I will have to wait until July 1, 2014 to get my hands on it. 232 more days ;(
And then there were the Borgias. I finished it last night. It was a surprisingly good ending considering that it wasn’t supposed to be one. And yesterday I didn’t even feel so bad about it all, but today I feel pretty upset. I don’t want to leave Lucrezia, Rodrigo, Vanozza and of course my darling angel of death Cesare. I wish I could have seen how the writers would have gotten themselves out of the corner they seem to have written themselves in at the end of the finale. Alas, that is not going to happen and my heart is very heavy. At least I have all three seasons sitting here so I can re-watch them whenever I like.

Let’s end this Sunday Round Up literally on a lighter note (get it? 😀 ). As I mentioned before winter is coming around here and I dug out more of my twinklelights, I’ve been wanting to wrap some around the headboard of my bed and today I finally got it done, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to go to bed later!

I hope y’all had a lovely relaxing sunday and now on to a successful productive week!