Sunday Round Up #17

(picture to come)


Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!

How was your week? Mine was fine. There was more studying and working and a lot less party than last week, but not every week can be this exceptional, right? So what DID I do?

1. More cooking, baking and cleaning
I baked marble cake this week. Not exactly low carb but soo good. Also I made my first ‘Grüne Soße’. I felt like a proper Hessian woman when I succeeded. ‘Grüne Soße’ (direct translation green sauce) is a southern hessian specialty. It’s basically 7 specific herbs mashed up with some quark, mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Much like potato salad every family has their specific recipe here. We usually eat this with potatoes and it is traditionally a dish for the thursday before easter. I know easter is still a couple of weeks away but I wanted to see if I can get the sauce done, should my mom not be able to make it herself. We took some to the hospital and my mom said it was fine, so I guess I am good to go.
I also gave the kitchen fridge a good deep clean, the basement fridge is next.

2. Pamper saturday
I think I am dealing with a bit of a cold (or a severe allergic reaction, not sure). And after cooking, cleaning and baking on saturday as well as visiting my mom, I decided to run a bath (bright red and poppy scented), listen to some Dance with Dragons audio book and do a de-stress face mask. Man, that was nice. Now the last week of writing my linguistics paper can come.

3. Weirdo make up
Do you ever go through phases where none of your foundations look good on your skin? Seriously, either they are too dark, too glowy, too matte, too heavy, too light. Major nuisance. And the weirdest thing is my skin itself is pretty healthy and clear at the moment. And what is weirder: I don’t like my eye make ups either. God alone knows what’s wrong with me. What I do love though is my L’Oréal Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara. Makes my lashes super long, thick AND holds a curl. Amazing.

4. Pig skin withdrawels
I miss football. There I said it. I miss watching it, I miss staring at my play-by-stream, praying it won’t give out, because it is my only way to keep track of what my Pats are doing, checking back on the live blog, because I need Fred Kirsch to keep me sane, especially when my boys are pulling a massive comeback win, like they liked to do last season. And now that ‘my’ Julian Edelman has re-signed I am so ready for the new season!
Now, the only thing that sort-of helps is Friday Night Lights, a well-loved, critically well-received, dead too soon tv show, set in smalltown- Texas, centering around high school football. It is kind of a quiet tv show focussing both on personal matters, the smaller and bigger tragedies and joys in life and, well, football. It is quiet, yes, but never slow or boring. And Taylor Kitsch et al. are very easy on the eyes. Footballers, eh?!

5. I can’t read.
No, seriously, I can’t. I have started about 6 books, made it 3 pages in put it down to never touch it again. I hate those phases.

6. What else?
Subway to Sally MitGift ad nauseum. SO. GOOD.
AND my Delain Deluxe Edition of the new album will be shipped next friday. Yay.
The new Epica single ‘The Essence of Silence’ is LOUD. And dope.
I still can’t download the Veronica Mars movie from iTunes. I assume we are waiting for the German synchronization (which is already done, because I saw the movie in German at the theater). So eff you, iTunes. Grump.

That was that. Let’s make a tick under this week and move on into the next. May it be productive and happy!

That was about it.