[Preview] Catrice Treasure Trove for Mid November 2015

I’m gonna do something today that I haven’t done in a while and that is to bring you the press release for the  upcoming Winter/Christmas limited edition of Catrice.

What can I say, I saw the packaging and may have hyperventillated a little. White and gold and stars. I mean STARS! The products seem to tick all of my boxes as well. Of course I don’t know anything yet about the quality, but Catrice has a good track record when it comes to quality. I would still suggest to not buy blindly and wait for some reviews, plus Catrice has recently been really good at providing testers with the LE trays. But enough with the yapping let’ s look at some pictures:


C01Jewel Daze

C01 Jewel Daze

C02Caviar And Champagne

C02 Caviar And Champagne

C03Treasured Twinkles

C03 Treasured Twinkles

Above you can see the three lipsticks that come with the collection. The cheat sheet that Catrice provided us with speaks of ‘intensive color’, ‘light texture’ and ‘subtle shine’. From that I would assume that they fall in the ball park of the usually black packaged Pure Color lipsticks which are usually creamy and pigmented with a buttery  sheen. The colors ARE very basic with nude, coral and red BUT I’m not sure if I can contain myself because of the packaging. I MIGHT go for the red (not that I already have enough of those).

Catrice Treasure Trove Precious Lip Colour

And this is the reason why I won’t be able to contain myself. If you click on the picture you can see the bigger version and you will see stars in the best way possible. Of course taste is a very personal but I think in terms of a drugstore Christmas LE Catrice are really knocking it out of the ball park packaging-wise.


C01Jewel Daze

C01 Jewel Daze

C02Golden Grace

C02 Golden Grace

C03Caviar And Champagne

C03 Caviar And Champagne

C04Treasured Twinkles

C04 Treasured Twinkles

Nailpolishes are usually one of Catrice’s strength and after they got their brushes in check again, it should be fine. I do like the golden caps because I personally find them easier to wield, they do however make storage a lot harder. The colors fit with the collection and according to the cheat sheet they all have a pearl, no creams.


C01Golden Grace

C01 Golden Grace

The eyeliner is another product that is going to lead me into temptation because it is golden. I love my colored liquid and gel liners and if this liner yields opaque color I’m gonna want it.


C01Golden Grace

C01 Golden Grace

The cool tone of this gold should make it work for a lot of skin tones. I personally prefer sheen over sparkle so let’s hope there is none of that in there. And of course the embossed stars and the clear acrylic packaging definitely appeals to me.


C01Caviar And Champagne

C01 Caviar And Champagne

The cheat sheet calls this blush a combination of ‘warm rosewood with champagne highlights’. I would say the color is relatively unique in the drugstore because it is quite red. The blush seems to be the same size as the highlighter so you’ll get quite a nice amount of product.

Eyeshadow Palette:

C01Blaze Of Glory

C01 Blaze Of Glory

And last but not least the actual treasure trove of the collection: A neutral eyeshadow palette. Not overly cheap at 7,99€ but if the palette has a decent size (and it looks like the shadows are about the size of MAC shadows) it comes down to 1€ per shadow. The cheat sheet says, the palette contains matte as well as shimmery shades and the shadows are supposed to be silky-smooth and highly pigmented. Catrice shadows can be hit and miss, let’s hope these are a hit.

C01Blaze Of Glory

C01 Blaze Of Glory

Here is the lid of the case and yes, it makes my fingers itch and my wallett weep but MAN the design! Also it looks like a plastic case (Catrice uses cardboard boxes a lot in LEs but apperantly not this time) and the cheat sheet mentions an integrated mirror. Sounds pretty good to me and I will definitely look at the palette.

Now it’s your turn: What do you think? Are the colors too basic for you and the packaging too kitschy or are you about as excited about the limited edition as I am?


[The Perfect Stash] Skin Care

With my Kaufstop came also the necessity to figure out what I really need and what is either a gimmick or a special (unnecessary) extra. This poses a massive problem for me in the color make up department but with skin care it is relatively easy. Below I accumulated all the products that I deem necessary to keep my skin healthy. My skin is combination dry/very oily and blemish prone. I came up with a slot system. That means, I need all the product groups below, the actual products may get switched out every now and again though, but at the moment I am very happy with what I have. I am not a skin care expert, by no means at all, this is just what I worked out for myself.
Let’s dig into this:

Step 1: Cleansing

Morning cleanser:
For the morning I prefer a light, gentle-ish cleanser. Something that is not too abrasive. I do want to remove the night oils and sweats but I don’t want to go to town with my skin. Because my skin is blemish prone and works best with salicylic acid I like for this to be a component in my cleaning products.

At the moment I am using a Synergen deep clean gel cleanser.

Nighttime cleanser:
At night I like to go for a double cleanse, especially when I’ve worn make up throughout the day. To remove my make up I like cream cleansers or milks. At the moment I am using the Rival de Loop Make Up remover balm. Dirt cheap and gets everything off. Another good one is the bebe young care cleansing milk+toner for dry and sensitive skin.

For my second cleanse I am going in with a creamy exfoliator. I quite like having a physical exfoliator and my skin really likes it, too. The best one I have tried so far is the anti-blackhead one from Neutrogena. I always come back to this one. I need a second one though because I’ve got the feeling that these creamy exfoliators seem to stop working on me after a while, which means after I finished one up I want to rotate in a new one but I haven’t found one yet that I liked (or liked as much as the Neutrogena one)

Step 2: Toning

I do that day and night after cleansing. It seems to refresh and soothe my skin while being an extra cleansing step. At the moment I am using the essence Clear Skin toner again with salicylic acid. It leaves my skin clean but lightly moisturized. I also got a little sample of the La Roche-Posay Effaclar toner at my pharmacy and quite like this one as well. I hope the sample means that the toner will be available soon in Germany. Fingers crossed.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Day creams:
My holy grail day cream is the Diadermine Lift+SPF 30. It keeps my skin moisturized and healthy while it also helps to protect my skin and gives it a healthy glow.It is not overly heavy though, and the sun screen doesn’t clog my pores. I apply this every morning before leaving the house. I don’t sweat under this cream, which is a big pet peeve of mine.

My second day cream is a Garnier Hautklar moisturizer for blemish prone skin. It is very lightweight and contains salicylic acid. Why two day time moisturizers? Some days I like to cleanse my face the second I come home (because I have a miniature Caroline Hirons in my ear telling me to do so. Wouldn’t that be nice? A pocket-size Caroline Hirons for everyone? Sass and skincare knowledge and everything? [My imagination is slightly disturbing sometimes, sorry]). In those cases I don’t want to put my heavy duty sunscreen on again, I’d rather have something really really lightweight and that is where the Garnier moisturizer comes in. I am aware that this one is dancing on a very thin ridge between luxury and necessity.

Night cream:
For one I am a complete night cream convert. The difference I see in my skin when I use one as opposed to not using one or using a day cream is blatant. I am currently using the Diadermine Lift+Nutrition Night which is targeted at dry skins but mine loves it nonetheless. It drinks it right up but there is still a light layer over my skin, which I quite like at night because it feels to me like there is real protection going on. When I wake up in the morning my skin is clear, plump and completely devoid of redness and it helps to heal spots when I have some going on. I had similar results with the L’Oréal Hydra Active night cream but so far I like the Diadermine better.

Eye cream(s):
At the moment I am using a deluxe sample of the Clarins Eye Contour Balm at night and the Rival de Loop moisturizing cream gel in the morning. At the moment I don’t know what I will do once I run out of the Clarins sample. The cream gel I will definitely repurchase, because it is really hydrating and refreshing on my skin. I don’t think I will repurchase the Clarins though, because it doesn’t seem to do anything for my eye area other than moisturizing it. I may get a richer eye cream for night time, though because I quite like the thought of having something rich and replenishing for the night.

Step 4: Extras

I try to do a face mask once a week at the moment especially when I have PMS skin. In those moments I like deep cleansing and soothing masks. At the moment I have three or four different ones in these little saches in my stash. I just cycle through those and replace them when they are on offer in my local drugstore. I don’t consider them an essential but they are really nice to have every now and again.

Cleansing wipes:
And here is something else that is not really necessary but nice to have. I am loving the Lacura wipes with salicylic acid (seriously, how many times have I typed salicylic acid in this post? -.-) I use them very rarely to remove my make up at night when I am really tired (miniature!Caroline Hirons slaps my wrist) but normally I use them to freshen up throughout the day when I am not wearing make up. Lovely in the summer!

Now here’s the rundown of my perfect skincare stash:

Necessary products:

1x light cleanser
1x make up remover
1x heavy duty cleanser

1x toner

1x day cream+sunscreen
1x extremely lightweight day cream
1x night cream

1x eye cream
(1x night eye cream)

+face wipes

What’s your perfect stash skincare- wise? Any holy grail products?