Sunday Round Up #18

Good day, guys! How was your week? Mine was stressful, with a lot of work strewn in but towards the end it got much better. Once again hard work paid off, I am always glad when that happens. Also, my contract at work turned into an unlimited one, not that I would want to work there for the rest of my days but it is nice to know, that my job is not going anywhere. Anyways, here is what I’ve been playing with over the week:

Photo 06-04-2014 21 51 29

1. Make Up Stuff

I did some shopping this week and I picked up two basics that I will get a lot of wear out of. I chose essence Cookies&Cream eyeshadow in 02 Macaron, c’est bon a light peachy-pink shadow with a silver-white sheen. It is a baked shadow, which I am normally not a big fan of, but all of the baked powders from the Cookies&Cream collection be they shadows or the blush are incredibly soft and smooth. I believe I have never touched any powders that were so soft. And I was a good girl, too! I only picked up the shade that I didn’t have in my collection yet and left the other shadows and the blush which were dupes to colors I already own at the store. Yay me!

The other shadow I picked up was Babushka me from the Kalinka Beauty collection which was on clearance. It is a medium neutral golden brown with a satin-y sheen. I didn’t have such a brown in my collection and it is a great crease color, very subtle but gives a nice sculpting effect. I am wearing a look with these two shadows today  and I am really pleased. The shadows hold up great and are very nice and subtle.

I found a new lip combo while going over my stash  and it contains – lo and behold – a lipgloss. Over the last couple of weeks I had a big issue with dry flakey lips and nothing could heal them. The only thing I could do was keep them as moisturized as possible. Recently I have been wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in 070 Airy Fairy a lot. I still like my nude lips but when I don’t have time for a strong eye I need a little more color on the lips I find, so I don’t look completely dead. Airy Fairy does that. It is a light mauvy pink with a creamy finish, it is not drying but it is also not the most moisturizing lipstick on the block (blog?). To add a specialy moisture boost I added the No 7 High Shine lipgloss in Smile. The color is similar if a little lighter than Airy Fairy. The gloss goes on very balmy with a creamy sheen and it is indeed very moisturizing as promised on the tube. In combination with Airy Fairy it becomes an opaque moisturizing cream with a beautiful buttery shine on the lips, very cushiony and soft. It really covers imperfections and smoothes over the lips, I am in love with it!


2. (Cold) Tea

‘This is a bit of a sensitive topic. I feel like I fell for a scam. Let’s face it I DID fall for a scam. And hundreds of people with me. Turns out every tea is a cold tea. So there.
Well, the weather has become really nice and warm here, finally and I had to break out my favorite tumbler again and dig out my cold teas. Only problem: I have a green tea, a black tea and only one caffeine- free peppermint tea (what else). Now, after my mum said that those cold teas must have been processed in some way to yield flavor in cold water I kinda had to prove her wrong and went ahead and dipped any tea bag in my collection in cold water and lo and behold (I have to stop using that expression!) it worked. Cold water may not be able to pull as much color out of the bags but it definitely flavors the water enough for me. What I like about my cold teas is that the flavoring is light and therefore really refreshing and at the moment I have at least two usually three or more cups a day. Needless to say that I have been really good about meeting my hydration goal lately.


Photo 06-04-2014 21 54 41

3. Broken Book Ban and new Music

Well, well, well. I did it. I broke the book ban. I bought a new Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, devoured it and it was okay. Next I received the new Veronica Mars novel. I devoured that and it was REALLY good. I am so sad it is over and we don’t know yet when the next one will be out, only that there is going to be another one. If you loved the series and the film you will love the book. Oh, by the way, I’m still not able to download the film from iTunes. I should just give up and wait for the dvd (which will be out in July).
Aaaand I went to the library today. I wanted another Fitzek but I ended up with two Hjorth & Rosenfeldts’, books 1 and 2 in the Sebastian Bergman series. I’m about 15 pages into the first and I like it a lot so far. But really, if you got something from the library you are not really breaking the book ban, right? Right!

The new Delain album The Human Contradiction (can we please stop for a second and appreciate that name?) launched on friday. Because I ordered directly from their record company my copy arrived on wednesday, woohoo. And woohoo indeed, it is really really good! The lyrics are probably a little darker and the sound is heavier but I love that. All of my favorite bands seem to go heavier at the moment and I am so ridiculously pleased about that! I still need a little more time with this album but, yeah, so far I really REALLY like it.


4. Empties

Quick round of empties before I let you go: I finished a pack of my peppermint green tea. It happens to be a cold tea but I love this flavor so much I would have bought it anyway and it so happens I already have a back up, it is just so good. Next up is my Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe At Night shower gel, love the scent, I’m on the second bottle of the perfume and really liked the shower gel. This came with one of the perfumes, I won’t buy the full size though, I still have enough shower gel to finish up before I can even think of buying a new one.
I finished a bottle of my Elnett  Ultra Sleek hair spray. Smells nice (roses!), does the job and doesn’t make my hair crisp or oily, already have a back up of this in use.
Last but not least I finished my trusted Balea Wellness Foot Lotion Grapefruit Mint. Liked this stuff a lot and will have to get a comparable product soon. Unfortunately they don’t do this particular scent anymore, will see what they came up with for the new version. Actually I might even take a look at their more moisturizing offerings, whatever tickles my fancy.


That’s it, a big tick under this week and now on to a happy successful new one!