Blogmas Day #9: [Media Update] Christmas Eps….

Today was a pretty productive day that hopefully kicks off a productive week! I went to job #2, sorted some grown-up stuff, took pics for tomorrow’s christmas make up – fingers crossed they turned out okay-, and now I have Awolnation on my ears (it’s love!) and I’m ready to blog up a storm before I take a long shower and snuggle in with my cat and Scherbenmond 🙂

Oh, do you want to see what I see when I blog? Here ya go:

Photo 09-12-2013 20 05 55

As christmas approaches I like to watch christmassy stuff and a lot of my favorite tv shows have produced christmas episodes and last year I made a (incomplete) list of all the christmas eps I have on dvd. I know this is a rather boring post but maybe some of you will like it and please feel free to add episodes of your fave tv shows, so maybe by next year we have a better, more complete list:


The Big Bang Theory:
2×11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
3×11 The Maternal Congruence

1×09 The Man in the Fallout Shelter (one of my big time favorites, so beautiful and so sad!)
3×09 The Santa in the Slush
5×10 The Goop on the Girl (with Zoe Deschanel!)

The Closer:
3×14 & 15 Next of Kin: Part 1&2
6×13&14 Living Proof: Part 1&2

Hawaii Five-O:
1×12 Hana ‘a’a Makehawa

Gilmore Girls:
1×10 Forgiveness and Stuff
7×10&11 Merry Fisticuffs/ Santa’s Secret Stuff

Gossip Girl:
1×11 Roman Holiday

3×08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

The Tudors:
1×02 Simply Henry
2×04 The Act of Succession
3×03 Dissension and Punishment
4×02 Sister

Veronica Mars:
1×10 An Echolls Family Christmas
2×10 One Angry Veronica

I can’t wait to go through these one by one over the course of the weeks. A couple of those are great favorites of mine.

Oh by the way I started to watch Gossip Girl S1 again last night. I needed something to take the edge off after the Fast and the Furious desaster…


The Sweater Weather TAG

I’ve been wanting to do another tag post for a while because I think they are fun, so when Miss Glamorazzi popped up with the sweater weather tag it was a done deal. Also today is Thanksgiving in the states and what better to post on a day like this than this lovely fall tag (even though we are not celebrating it here in GER, still my twitter timeline is all festive and it’s hard to escape that even if you are quite under the weather and in bed).
So here are the questions:

1.Favorite Candle Scent?
You know I am all over my Yankee Candle tarts and I picked up a couple that I really love but my all time favorite for fall has to be Cinnamon Stick, which is a straight up cinnamon scent and it feels very warm and comforting to me. Runner Ups are Vanilla Chai, Home Sweet Home and Apple&Pine.

Photo 28-11-2013 23 52 23

2.Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
All three? I love love love hot beverages in every shape and form. If I want something really sweet and creamy I opt for a Chai Latte or a cappuccino. Random fact: I always pour a little peppermint syrup in my cappuccino, i just love the extra sparkle this gives to my taste buds. If it’s later in the day and I want to go caffeine free I go for hot chocolate. If I want something a little less rich and a little more refreshing I go milk-free and drink tea. Green in the morning and herbal or fruity throughout the day. Some of my faves are the Lipton Peppermint and Cinnamon, Meßmer Peppermint and Orange and the Teekanne Chinese Sencha and Apple. I drink all of these with a hint of apple juice to sweeten them and cool them down a little, even the Sencha. If I drink a little sharper green tea I go for honey instead.
Oh, a little extra tip (as if this answer wasn’t longwinded enough): I love to boil orange juice with cinnamon sticks and drink that brew especially when I just came back from the christmas market. The warmth of it seems to crawl all the way into my toes and fingertips. Gingerteas are really warming, too if you come in from the cold.

3.What’s the best fall memory you have?
When I was really little my parents would take me to the St. Martin’s Day lanternparade and we would make lanterns at home or in kindergarten and walk around the village singing. At first my parents would put a little lightbulb in my lantern to make it glow, when I grew older they gave me a candle. I always wanted the lightbulb back though, I didn’t like the candle at all, I was so scared to set the lantern on fire.
A more recent memory or kind of tradition is having the first mulled wine of the season with my Dad while waiting for the tickets of our parish carneval to go on sale, it’s always so nice 🙂

Photo 28-11-2013 23 57 08

4.Which Make Up Trend do you prefer: Dark Lips or Winged Liner?
I like both a lot, especially combining them! This season I am gravitating a little more towards the dark lips though. Kate Moss 107. Nuff said.

Photo 29-11-2013 00 02 02

5.Best Fragrance for Fall?
Anything heavy and warm. I particularly love my J.Lo Glow at the moment and the original (black) Dita von Teese scent.

6.Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
We don’t have Thanksgiving here, so I’ll give you my favorite Christmas food instead and being from Germany there can only be one proper answer for this: Potato Salad! If you are looking for the one national German dish, this is it. We may not all eat it on Christmas (though a lot of us do) but I guarantee you 99% of German families have a special potato salad recipe that has been handed down for generations. Man, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this on Christmas Eve *__*

Photo 27-11-2013 15 48 33

7.What is Autumn Weather like where you live?
Cold, rainy and foggy but also crisp and clear and gloriously sunny. I really love fall, it is my favorite season here. We just dipped below zero this week and had the first snow fall but before that we had the nicest time of color changing leaves that set a stark contrast against the gray sky or really glowed in the sun. So SO pretty!

8.Most worn Sweater?
Probably my overly long knitted h&m v-neck in a muted red with leggings and boots ❤

Photo 28-11-2013 23 51 21

l.t.r.: Catrice Matchpoint C03 Rockby, Astor Fashion Studio 261 Royal Bronze, Astor Perfect Stay 505/303 Taupe

9.Must-Have Nailpolish this Fall?
My favorites for fall are my oxblood red from catrice and my lovely duo chrome from Astor, and the cream taupe also from Astor.

10.Football Games or jumping in Leave Piles?
Football games, hands down! I wish American Football was more readily available to watch here in Germany but European football games I love, too. I always feel utterly lost when there are no games on over the weekend. Plus I am really nervous to jump into leave piles, especially if they have been sitting there for a while. I’m always scared I might disturb hedgehogs or other little creatures resting in there.

11.Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
I wear both but ever since I got my fleecelined leggings from Primark, they definitely take the cake.

12.Combat Boots or Uggs?
Neither nor. I have a pair of winter Converse with a membrane to keep me nice and warm and my well-loved faux fur lined Blowfish boots that I love to wear with leggings or tights.

13.Is Pumpkin Spice worth the Hype?
We don’t have it here (other than in the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte), but I don’t like pumpkin-anything, so I guess I wouldn’t like pumpkin spice either, so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.

Photo 29-11-2013 00 03 44

14.Favorite Fall TV Show?
Traditionally I gravitate back to The Tudors around this time of year, we all know that happened earlier this year and I am not quite ready to let it go yet. I also will probably go back to Gilmore Girls and Supernatural before long.

Photo 29-11-2013 00 10 20

15.What song really gets you into the fall spirit?
This year it was definitely Mumford&Sons with both their Sigh No More and Babel albums, so not per se a song  more a music style.

I hope you enjoyed this TAG, and if you decide to do one, I would love it if you gave me a link to it, I just love reading/watching people’s answers to the Sweater Weather Tag at the moment.

I want to specifically tag my two besties Snowhoney and Munderoon, if you two can squeeze it into your schedules I would love to read your answers!