Blogmas Day #9: [Media Update] Christmas Eps….

Today was a pretty productive day that hopefully kicks off a productive week! I went to job #2, sorted some grown-up stuff, took pics for tomorrow’s christmas make up – fingers crossed they turned out okay-, and now I have Awolnation on my ears (it’s love!) and I’m ready to blog up a storm before I take a long shower and snuggle in with my cat and Scherbenmond 🙂

Oh, do you want to see what I see when I blog? Here ya go:

Photo 09-12-2013 20 05 55

As christmas approaches I like to watch christmassy stuff and a lot of my favorite tv shows have produced christmas episodes and last year I made a (incomplete) list of all the christmas eps I have on dvd. I know this is a rather boring post but maybe some of you will like it and please feel free to add episodes of your fave tv shows, so maybe by next year we have a better, more complete list:


The Big Bang Theory:
2×11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
3×11 The Maternal Congruence

1×09 The Man in the Fallout Shelter (one of my big time favorites, so beautiful and so sad!)
3×09 The Santa in the Slush
5×10 The Goop on the Girl (with Zoe Deschanel!)

The Closer:
3×14 & 15 Next of Kin: Part 1&2
6×13&14 Living Proof: Part 1&2

Hawaii Five-O:
1×12 Hana ‘a’a Makehawa

Gilmore Girls:
1×10 Forgiveness and Stuff
7×10&11 Merry Fisticuffs/ Santa’s Secret Stuff

Gossip Girl:
1×11 Roman Holiday

3×08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

The Tudors:
1×02 Simply Henry
2×04 The Act of Succession
3×03 Dissension and Punishment
4×02 Sister

Veronica Mars:
1×10 An Echolls Family Christmas
2×10 One Angry Veronica

I can’t wait to go through these one by one over the course of the weeks. A couple of those are great favorites of mine.

Oh by the way I started to watch Gossip Girl S1 again last night. I needed something to take the edge off after the Fast and the Furious desaster…



Media Update: Divergent, A Discovery of Witches and Wentworth Miller

First off: I’m trying something new here. I am a media addict and this blog is my personal playground, so I thought I would comment on a few things that stood out to me in the past weeks, so this is a bit of a mixture between trailer reaction and a general update on what I am reading/watching and a general comment on media related goings on. Bear with me, here we go:

Can we talk a little about the Divergent first look? I read the book a couple of months ago (immediately followed by Insurgent, Allegiant is already pre-ordered) and loved it as I haven’t loved a YA book in a long time. It has a strong-willed female mc, a gruff but lovable male mc, a dystopian setting and loads of action, what’s not to love?

I know you always have to take first looks, teasers, even trailers with a grain of salt. Sometimes they just cut the best scenes together and the rest of the movie is pretty much sh*t and in this particular case I’ve read it both ways: people who were upset about the trailer and hated it and others that raved about it. I’m afraid I belong to the raving party. I love it.

It looks a lot like I imagined it, Shailene Woodley seems to be a good choice (I haven’t seen her in anything else yet but she seems to capture Tris very well in the first look), and Theo James? FINALLY A YA HERO I CAN DROOL OVER WITHOUT FEELING LIKE A COMPLETE CREEP!!! (he’s 3 years older than me, yay :D) Plus personally I think Four as a character is pretty perfect, just my kind of man, not 100% perfect but close. Also, Kate Winslet. One of the human beings i admire in a way. It seems like she never let Hollywood mess with her head. I can’t wait to see her in a role I love to hate.

Bottomline: Bring on Divergent and make it quick!

Sticking with viewable things:

I just finished rewatching True Blood and it is still one of my staple shows. Do you have that too where you watch certain shows at certain times of the year and I don’t mean seasonal shows/movies like Nightmare before Christmas or A Christmas Carol? For me, the second it gets hot and summery outside I pop in True Blood and towards Christmas it’s The Tudors and The Borgias over Easter and Supernatural in the fall.

I don’t even know why I mentioned that. Either way, I’ve been watching True Blood and I just love the atmosphere and I love the characters and those I don’t love I love to hate. Whenever I return to Bon Temps it’s like meeting old friends again: Sookie, struggling with her own humanity, kind but a force to be reckoned with; Tara, bloody and broken Tara, that despite temporary exhaustion never fully gives up on life; Eric, ancient, beautiful, fierce and much more loving than he gives himself credit for; my darling Pam, no nonsense, unwillingly decent and oh-so-cool. Alcide is like good coffee: hot, strong and sweet, Jason, living proof that you don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to have a bright beautiful heart, ugh, I could go on forever! True Blood and Charlain Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse-series have a special place in my heart and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

An ongoing re-watch Hawaii Five-0 at the moment. I turned my boyfriend on to it and now we watch a couple of eps every sunday. I had almost forgotten how beautifully smart and witty the first season was, too bad they lost a lot of that steam in the second and third season. Here’s to hoping the fourth will be better but I am afraid I highly doubt that.

My current read (as displayed in that nifty little goodreads widget, feel free to follow me there if you like) is Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches. I’m only roughly 100 pages in and it is beautiful. It is set in Oxford, takes place mostly in a library at the moment (*swoon) and the mc Diana Bishop, herself a witch refusing to use her powers, has found an ancient manuscript that might turn the supernatural world upside down. Always watching out for her is vampire Matthew Clairmont, he seems nice but true to vampire lore he has an air of danger and an edge to him.

This book is not YA. Harkness is a historian and you can clearly detect the scientist in the way she writes. She is very precise in her articulation without being boring. I quite click with the academic setting and Diana, constantly studying and lost in her books. I find myself in her. I can’t wait to see how this develops. This is another one where I just love the atmosphere.

Music-wise, the new album of one of my favorite German bands has hit the shelves and it has hit with quite a thud: Saltatio Mortis’ Das schwarze IXI has officially entered the German MediaControl charts on number 1 *happy dance.

Saltatio Mortis is a so-called medieval metal band, meaning they play metal with music instruments that were known in the Middle Ages and Renaissance as well. One thing that I always loved about them is that the lyrics are very socio-critical. They have a way of putting the wrongs and injustice of our society in the limelight. Plain and simple. No embellishments.

I am still in the process of warming up to the album but I have already spotted a couple of tracks that I love. I might write a review on it once my opinion has fully formed.

Now that I have successfully bored you out of your skull let’s end with something very important.

Well, ish.

Wentworth Miller has come out as gay and in the best way possible: By criticizing the Russian government. Kindly and calmly as is his way, but firmly.

Wentworth Miller is something like my spirit animal (he doesn’t know that or me but that’s okay): He studied English Lit (like me), loves the Brontes (like me) and was raised with books and classical music (like me). Also he once said he can lose an entire week end on a tv show (d’uh, like me). Long story short: I love him, and I look up to him. Without having any right to it I am proud of him. From being great on Prison Break and Law and Order:SVU he moved on to being the writer of a blacklisted screen play that was turned into a movie by a highly acclaimed director and with a great cast, more screen plays will follow.

The situation for LGBT people in Russia is terrifying at the moment. The government more or less okayed discrimination and persecution of LGBT people resulting in people being hunted down and beaten to death by an angry mob.

Wait what century is this? The 21st? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK RUSSIA!?

A big part of Europe is accepting gay partnerships, Germany is currently working on full legal marriage equality, even America is coming around and Russia drops back into the time of the witch hunts, how embarrassing for them.

It is so sad that I still have to spell that out: Skin color, religious or sexual orientation makes no difference: HUMAN IS HUMAN! We are all equal. Period. We all deserve to be loved and find happiness.

What gives me hope are the protests that are going on at the moment, where the Dutch government decided to fly the rainbow flag on all official buildings during the time of the Putin visit. In Stockholm people painted the zebra crossing in front of the Russian embassy in rainbow colors and during the athletics world cup in Moscow a few weeks back two russian athletes kissed during the medal ceremony to protest. And now more voices are added to this protest. Wentworth’s coming out made a wave, as he had hoped I guess. And I’m glad. And proud of him.