[First Impression] Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation 40 Light Ivory

Rossmann had another 30% off offer on foundation running and I (after I had gotten some bad news) couldn’t help myself and pounced. Max Factor has recently released the Miracle Match foundation in Germany, seemingly as an answer to the Facefinity 3 in 1 foundation. While the Facefinity (one of my holy grails) promises long last and a matte finish, the Miracle Match has the byline ‘blur and nourish’ It is supposed to be moisturizing without being oily and giving a skin-like glowy finish.

The foundation is packaged in the same oval glass bottle as the Facefinity; clear with a pump, only the labels are slightly different.

Whereas the Facefinity sports an SPF of 20 the Miracle Match does not contain SPF and the bottle does not specify how long the foundation is meant to last on the skin.

Let’s start with my bare face


My skin is dry and dehydrated with a slightly oily t-zone and prone to blemishes and breakouts. Above you can see me at the height of the ravaging that hormones have done to my face.


The foundation has a consistency most reminiscent of a gel-cream. It is not runny but also not really thick.


I have applied the foundation with the essence bronzer brush, which was part of a recent limited edition. It is a thick, dense brush, which gives a very smooth flawless finish.


Instead of picking up the product with the brush I dotted it on my skin and then blended it through, this way only a minium of foundation gets lost in the brush.


In this picture I applied one coat of foundation. It really does blur out pores and tones down the red.


I then added a second layer to where the blemishes where the most prominent. The second layer meshed really well with the first, without bunching up or getting cakey, however, I’m not sure it did much to the intensity of the coverage either.


In this picture I added concealer. The Max Factor Master Touch concealer is great for under the eyes but doesn’t do much for blemishes. Those I concealed with my trusted Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair.


This is the skin done with a layer of powder and filled in brows. I do like the finish. My skin looks really evened out, almost flawless and gives me a bare canvas to work with which I prefer. Even though the initial finish was quite glowy, the foundation can easily be powdered down, again no caking whatsoever.


And finally my face of that particular day. I went a little heavy on the make up but I quite like the look.


The foundation lasted really well on my skin, it stayed on for over twelve hours, and faded only slightly in my oily t-zone and that is without re-applying any powder (I usually can’t be arsed). The foundation is almost imperceptible on the skin, neither is it tight in any way nor does it feel like a thick layer of greasy paint despite the nourishing and hydrating aspects. The originial finish is glowy but never glossy.

For my lightskinned gals: I am MAC NW10 with a fairly neutral undertone and the foundation matches me fine and doesn’t oxidize throughout the day. Max Factor does fair foundations really well.

My skin usually reacts immediately and violently to things it doesn’t like but so far I couldn’t tell any increase in blocked pores or break outs instead it felt really comfortable throughout the day.

The foundation gets a definite thumbs up from me for now.


The Fall Edit: Playing with Red Eyeshadow Part I

Playing with Reds: MAC Danger Zone

Playing with Reds: MAC Danger Zone

As I mentioned in the last Fall Edit-Post I love my Reds and Oranges and yesterday I felt inspired by xKarenina (again) to go dig out the reds and ended up with MAC’s Danger Zone which is a mineralized eyeshadow trio from the limited edition of the same name. The red in Danger Zone is brighter and for lack of a better word ‘rustier’ as the likes of Cranberry. I used Catrice Made to Stay eyeshadow in 080 Copper&Gabbana as a base and applied Danger Zone with a firm synthetic brush. Then I drew on a thick flicked line with the Max Factor Color X-pert waterproof liquid liner, gave my lashes a good curl and a coat of essence get big lashes waterproof (I’m all over the waterproof mascaras at the moment). I kept the lower lash and water line bare and only used a bit of mascara. On my cheeks I wear MAC’s Red Head MSF (how could I have ever stopped wearing that it’s SO pretty), the lips are bare.

I’m not sure the Danger Zone red is so great on it’s own. I’m usually rather brave with my eyeshadow color, but I felt like toning it down a little. I absolutely love it as a accent color though!

MAC Danger Zone: Red and Black

MAC Danger Zone: Red and Black

Before I left for my Grandma’s I blended the black of the Danger Zone trio through the crease to tone the whole thing down a little. I actually do like this version and might wear it to a concert, for everyday life I would have to have a very ‘in your face’ kinda day to rock this. Can’t wait to play more with red eyeshadow I just love what it does to my eye color 🙂

Products used

Products used




The Fall Edit: Cranberries at the Club

Photo 04.09.13 19 44 06

New Haircolor

For me fall is always a time to start new. To reorganize my life and my room and give everything a good once-over. Step 1 was coloring my hair this year. I had gone a warmer shade of brown before but after this had grown out considerably I decided to make the change a little more extreme and went red, and I have to say I really like it. Plus it’s fall for chrissakes, the red is called for. Enough with me envying other red-heads while the October sun set their mane ablaze, now mine will be ablaze, too.

Also, my messy inverted side braid looks considerably cooler and a lot more artsy in red, no?

Photo 13.09.13 17 54 42

Messy inverted side braid (what a mouthfull!)

What fall also brings with it, are my favorite eyeshadow shades. Yes, I can wear them all year round, but in fall my oranges, reds, greens and browns seem to fit particularly well.

This is the first installment of what will be a series both on this but also on my nailblog (which I share with my bestest of besties). Here you will find my favorite (eye-)make ups for fall, over there my nail color suggestions.

So let’s dive right in:

Cranberries at the Club

Cranberries at the Club

For the eye make up above I primed my eyes with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold, pressed MAC’s Club on with a dense synthetic brush and blended the whole shebang by softly blending MAC’s Cranberry through the crease. I added a flicked half-line with a black liquid liner, tightlined and lined the waterline with MAC’s Feline, blended Club through the lower lash line and added a coat of Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Waterproof. On my lips I wear a blend of MAC’s Myth and Catrice’s Hey Nude. I can’t help it I’m still all over the strong-eyes-nude-lips thing. For some reason I am not brave enough for the strong-eyes-strong-lips trend.

Confessions of a Mascara Addict: 10 Reviews and 2 First Impressions


My eyes au naturel

Hello and welcome to my blog at the new address! As I started a nailblog with my two best friends here on wordpress just recently (you can find us under sisterhoodofthetravellingnailpolish.wordpress.com if you are interested shameless selfpromotion) it seemed to make sense to pull my old blog from blogger and move it to wordpress to have my two playgrounds under one roof. Plus, if I see my so sadly neglected baby constantly while checking on the stats of my new baby maybe I can finally manage to update more regularly, fingers crossed.

As you read from the title this post is about mascaras. Along with my nailpolish problem I seem to have a mascara problem as well. I have ten. 1 0. For two eyes. And then essence had a promotion for their new get big lashes triple black in which you received either the original get big lashes or the waterproof version along with the triple black for free. Obviously I fell head first into this trap. I included the two new mascaras as first impressions at the end of this post.

Please excuse my bare and somewhat problematic skin, I thought I would put the mascara at the center of attention and leave everything else bare.  The mascaras are in no particular order, some I love, some I hate and some are so-so. You will notice that my eyes are various shades of red, this is due to the application and removal of twelve different mascaras, even though my eyes didn’t bother me as much as I thought they would. This I owe to my lovely cleanser which I will tell you about further down this post. BEWARE! This is a(nother) long one, grab a cup of tea, a snack and settle in! I hope you’ll enjoy.


Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof (Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof)

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this one. The result the Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof (this is the Euro sister of Covergirl’s Lashblast Waterproof) gives is beautiful. My lashes are flared out, lengthened, separated and it holds the curl like a dream. Alas it WAS a bitch and a half to remove. Recently I found two formulas that take the FLE WP off effortlessly: the bebe young care formula for waterproof eye make up be it the wipes, the liquid remover or the cleansing milk, all three take the FLE WP off. My favorite out of the three is the cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin because I can just massage it into my lashes when I take my face make up off and it removes the mascara completely without irritating my eyes. Now that I have a working remover I wear this quite a bit.


Catrice Evolution to Revolution Ultra Black Volume Mascara

The Catrice Evolution to Revolution is a 2 in 1 mascara. Step 1 gives a very natural finish as you can see above step 2 thickens the lashes and makes them quite spidery and clumpy which occasionally I absolutely love. This one has been discontinued but I will happily use it up. I love that I have this clumpy messy option on my arsenal.


Maybelline The Rocket Volum’Express

The Rocket is one of the most hyped up mascaras I have read about in a while. Everybody seemed to use it and I fell for the hype. In the beginning I absolutely hated it. It didn’t hold the curl at all which is one of the things that makes me toss a mascara out without looking at it twice. For a while I paired it with FLE WP and loved the results because it gives massive lashes, a bit like the Evolution to Revolution only better. The more it dries in the better it seems to get, though. I quite like the result you see above. I might give this mascara a second chance even though I won’t repurchase it. I can’t be bothered to wait for a mascara to become good. It better be great from the beginning.


essence multi action blackest black

I don’t even know why I still have this. It doesn’t do much: It doesn’t lengthen, it doesn’t hold a curl and now it’s almost completely dry even though I didn’t use it at all. Out it goes. It has nothing on the old discontinued Black Mania mascara which I loved. For me it’s a gigantic fail.


essence multi action

The original multi action is one of those that is quite hyped in Germany as well and with every right. It is a beautiful allrounder, quite an everyday mascara that you chuck on without worrying too much about it. Length, volume, curl, all there and at roughly €2,50 a complete bargain. One of my faves!


Mac Factor Eye Brightening

I got this one in a promotion for a Max Factor liquid liner and I am surprised how much I love this. It is a reddened black with shimmer particles. I like the rubber wand, it gives definition to my lashes, curl and length are good and the red gives it a softer more natural look. I’ve been using it quite a bit lately but I don’t think I will repurchase it.


Max Factor 2000 Calorie

This another one of my alltime faves. The 2000 calorie is super black and volumizing, holds the curl and lengthens. It is like a slightly blacker, fancier version of the the essence multi action. Even though at €8 it is significantly more pricey I’d still repurchase it, another great allrounder.


essence all eyes on me

I love tonal mascaras like the Max Factor Eye Brightening. The all eyes on me for green eyes is green toned. Unfortunately it does pretty much nothing for my lashes. I got it on sale and it has been discontinued so no big loss here, I was still at little sad that it didn’t work for me.


Catrice Lashes to kill

Another green-toned one is the Catrice Lashes to kill that came in a limited edition. Again I am no big fan of the formula. It just doesn’t give me the ‘oomph’ I am looking for. My lashes just look flimsy with this on.


This is one of the reasons why I am so upset that Rimmel pulled out of the German market. I remember when I first started into make up about 13 years ago (shoot me now! i’m ancient) the Extra Super Lash mascara was the first that I loved and repurchased for a while. And then came the waterproof version into my life. I love the results this gives even more than those of the FLE, AND it is easier to remove. I hate that I have to order this online now if I run out. This was a staple that I may have to kiss good bye long term.


essence get big lashes waterproof

Here we go with the first impressions: The result the get big lashes wp gives is quite feathery and flared which I like. It is a great option to have in my stash. It holds the curl. Even though I like the result it is not quite what I had in mind when I read get BIG lashes. I know essence is aimed at younger girls but they had way more dramatic mascaras in their range, and this is just not dramatic at all. We’ll see how this goes.

Same issues I had with the waterproof version. It’s nice but not quite the big lash result I thought it would be. It is black, holds the curl but it is still quite natural. I will use this up but it doesn’t seem to be something special.
And this is my make up remover of choice at the moment. The Hydra Active 3 Skin Perfecting Rich Cleansing Milk removes all of my make up in one go including the FLE and other waterproof mascaras without drying out or irritating my skin. I love this!
Round Up:
Loves: Max Factor 2000 Calorie, False Lash Effect Waterproof, essence multi action, Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof
Hates: essence multi action blackest black, all eyes on me,
The rest is somewhere in the middle.
Maybe this helped some of you, maybe you had at least a good time reading this, I had fun creating this post 🙂
What are your favorite mascaras, is there one you think I should try out?
Have lovely week end!