Sunday Round Up #23: Roses, Happy Endings and New Beginnings

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

my weekly therapy is in session. How was your week? Mine was stress- but uneventful.

I am still struggling to properly get my regular work and work for the thesis in order, I just can’t focus properly. However, one of the major stress factors and distractions should be sorted as of thursday. Here’s to hoping it will get a little more peaceful around these realms now.

Speaking of the thesis, I sorted out some hiccups and this means, granted I pass my thesis (which I damn well should [if I get my shit together]) there is a seat at my university of choice with my name on it. Near academic future sorted.

As to stressfactors or my symptoms of stress: one is definitely a messy room. If I can’t bring myself to get up and tidy my room it is bad. Insert 5 empty coffee cups on the desk and random clothes on the floor here. BUT [drumroll, please!] today I finally got my room in order again. Including stripping my be, washing all my pillows and turning around the mattress. Boom. Only my desk is still a wee bit messy, but that can wait. Babysteps!

Photo 19-05-2014 00 23 08

Make Up of the Week
And once again I changed up my make up a little bit. This one is inspired by my lack of time and a make up Lisa Eldridge did on Kate Moss I believe. All I do is create a flawless base with my MAC Matchmaster foundation in 1.0 and some concealer (Rimmel Match Perfection in 010 Ivory and Catrice Camouflage in 010 Ivory), then I powder my face and do my brows. Sometimes I apply a brown flicked half-line on my upper lashline with the Max Factor Masterpiece Glide&Define liquid liner in black/brown, then I whack some of my Miss Manga mascara on and contour my cheekbones heavily with the Catrice Hydrating Bronzer from the Hip Trip LE. The star of the show is the essence Guerilla Gardening mat lip cream in 02 floral glam. That thing is almost neon red. It is mega bright and yeah, it stains. It lasts long on the lips before it fades. I love this thing and I’m glad I found it in my stash again. Total showstopper.

Media Stuff
I can’t leave my hands off Sebastian Bergman. I currently started reading book 3 of the series, which apparently hasn’t been released in English yet. Once again, Sebastian is sort of involved with a serial killer case but his connections and relationships with his colleagues are almost as much the center as the case itself. I learned to love the style in which this series is written: A lot of internal stuff about the characters, literally all of them, creates an intense and complete view on the story. It takes some getting used to, but when you’re in it is so rewarding. I really really enjoy this and I can’t wait for the new book to come out.
I am all caught up on Veep (brilliant show) and I finished Happy Endings, man that made me sad 😦 It was such a good show!

Art Nouveau and Roses

My sister and I went to the Art Nouveau festival in my hometown by way of the rosarium and damn, I had forgotton how beautiful my city can be. I will have to return to the rosarium in a week or two, at the moment only a few roses are in bloom. If you don’t know what a rosarium is, it is basically a park with roses over roses in it. They have some lillies, fuchsias and geraniums, too, but the roses are the main focus and since I love roses, I really want to move in there. I love tulips, too but they were already withering.

Photo 17-05-2014 20 20 41

Photo 17-05-2014 20 25 11

Photo 17-05-2014 20 10 49

The Art Nouveau festival was spectacular. My hometown is a bit of the capital of Art Nouveau and many of the buildings and fountains and parks have survived the war. During the festival some of the houses and museums are open for visitation and come nightfall everything was illuminated with candles and  lampions and the color of the year was red so everything glowed slightly eerily but heartbreakingly beautiful in red.

Photo 17-05-2014 21 29 05

Photo 17-05-2014 21 30 14

At one of the Art Nouveau houses the garden was open for visitation and seriously, the second this thing is open for visitation again I will be there again. The garden was very carefully created by the artist(s) living in the house and it is a masterpiece of light, water and glass in all its aspects. And despite the many people trekking through it with us it had a very soothing, peaceful atmosphere.

Photo 17-05-2014 21 13 28

Photo 17-05-2014 21 10 59
Photo 17-05-2014 21 06 22That was it for my week, I hope y’all had a good one! And now let’s move on into the new week and be productive and happy and healthy!


Sunday Round Up #22: Tomboy Edition. Football, Metal…


Good evening  Ladies (and Gentlemen?),


it’s time for a Sunday Round Up again, but first of all can we take a minute and celebrate what an awesome day for tolerance and love we had yesterday? Europe voted voted an Austrian drag queen to be song contest empress for a year, a resounding slap in the face of His Gross Idiocy Putin, and the twelve points from both Ireland and Spain were particularly remarkable (still two of the most catholic countries over here). For once I am actually proud of the lot of us. Also for the booing and whistling whenever anything Russian came  up. I know it must have been hard for the girls representing Russia and the lady reading their points and I am genuinly sorry that they had to suffer on behalf of their dickhead of a president but this was THE time to make it known what we think about Putin’s policies.

On top of that the NFL drafted its first openly gay player in Michael Sam. He made an extremely brave decision in coming out publicly even before the combine and now he gets the chance to compete and prove himself on the field. While I salute his bravery and I am glad that he received so much support from NFL veterans over twitter, etc. I can’t help but be saddened that we still make such a fuss about his sexual orientation. I hope we will soon reach the state where we don’t give a fig anymore about color of skin, religion, income/ education level and sexual orientation of a person.

That being said one last thing: Donald Sterling deserves all the bad things that are coming his way right now. That is all.

Photo 04-05-2014 22 02 28 (1)

screenshot from my phone: Epica~The Quantum Enigma cover


Let’s begin with some media shizz, shall we? I warned you, the Epica album would come up again and dear god it is a masterpiece! They went rather complex music-wise this time and every song includes both a choir and an orchestra. Production alone is exceptional on this piece, they managed to make everything sound incredible round and smooth without turning into a wishy washy blurr.
Epica may be the only one of my favorite bands  (whose new albums I already have, still have to wait about two more weeks to get Xandria and Lacuna Coil) who has not gone darker at all, they pretty much remained at their level, they may have even gone a little more positive (shock horror 😀 ). Epica have always had strong socio-critical and political messages in their songs, frontlady Simone Simons describes herself as a humanist (philsophical branch that I too subscribe to) and it shows. I am planning on doing a favorite quotes from my favorite songs series soon, because the music of Epica, Delain, Subway to Sally, Xandria, Within Temptation,… is one of the reasons why I am still alive right now. Without them speaking my mind when I couldn’t I wouldn’t have made it through.

Photo 11-05-2014 23 48 08

I am currently finishing the second book in the Sebastian Bergman-series (Hjorth&Rosenfeldt) and I really like it. It is more suspenseful than the first, and it has a lot of psychology in it, centering around a psychologist and all. I can really recommend it if you are into Scandinavian mysteries and some messed up shit. I have the third one already sitting here plus a new Rizzoli and Isles. I love my parrish library ❤

TV-wise I took it light this week and marathoned Happy Endings. Too bad it is gone, it was such a lovely comedy, one of the more intelligent ones. Speaking of dead shows, a ton of my favorite shows were cancelled over the last week  (May Madness). Over the last years I had been lucky but this time they got me good: no more Community, no more Suburgatory (those two hurt the most), then a couple of rookie comedies that I really enjoyed (Mixology, Bad Teacher, Enlisted, Surviving Jack) and 1 possibly 2 shows are renewed for a last season (Cougar Town, Hart of Dixie). Bittersweet that. At least Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back.

My girls are spoiling me rotten at a time when I can’t really spoil them back 😦 My lovely Munderoon gave me a signed copy of one of the German mystery series that I really like. It is SIGNED! I only have one more signed book and they are so special to me. Not sure where I am going to put it but it is going to be a special place.

Photo 11-05-2014 14 49 15

everyday make up… ’twas a lazy day today

What else is new? Well, nothing much so far. Make up is pretty much still the same stuff in the same combination as last week. I may do an updated skin care and hair care routine but I don’t want to put that here, right now.

I am in the process of getting my life back on track. Slow and steady. I will update you on that, too once I feel like I made sufficient progress.

Next week will see some decisions about my future and I will get to work with people who are writing their thesis right now, too. So loads of school stuff and hopefully 3 +1 days of work. That would be great.

Now let’s all make a tick under this week and move on into a new productive one!


Sunday Round Up #20

This was the week of headaches and new things. That being said I still have a headache but I am pushing through this, so bear with me! Also, would someone enlighten the Jets that it is 18 Sundays ’till kick off not 19, unless they have a first week bye (which I highly doubt) then I take everything back.

Photo 28-04-2014 00 29 42

1. Mini UpCloseAndPersonal
It’s hard for me to type this out or even say it out loud, but I have issues getting my shit together for the thesis. I’m behind on everything including submitting my abstract and outline. I just can’t find an beginning or end. I started reading one of the novels I want to use again and take notes and it just takes forever and I can’t make myself focus. Maybe I should read secondary sources instead so I can actually formulate a theory. I am losing my footing. I gave myself until the middle/ end of June to turn in the paper and at this speed I won’t be able to make it. I am failing and the worst thing is I am failing myself. I am letting myself down and I can’t get my crap together. I make a vow to myself to give myself a fresh start every day. That I would start with a clean slate but that isn’t working either. We are getting to the point where I can’t look myself in the eyes anymore and it is affecting my whole life. Why is it so hard for me to turn things around right now, I used to be so good at it. I am heartily exhausted of everything. I want to curl up in my cocoon and not let anyone in. That would be nice.


2. On a lighter note:
– on Wednesday I went to IKEA and picked up another storage element for my make up. I am not ready yet  and not perfectly content with the set up but I am working on  a blogpost about it. I am still working on overhauling my room and I am making more progress every week (baby steps at the moment but it is at least something).

Photo 18-04-2014 12 59 02 Photo 18-04-2014 12 59 20

– I got rid of a big plastic bag of make up and skin care that I wasn’t using anymore. I won’t go through it in detail because that would just make me pull out products that I already put away because I still *might* need them at some point, so the pictures of the bag will have to suffice. Instead I would rather like to show you bits and bobs that I kept in my collection.

Photo 26-04-2014 11 07 37

– Oh the colored liner! I’ve been playing extensively with colored liner especially the ‘holo’ liner by Catrice (It’s duochrome. Again. Never mind.) It’s rather sheer but gives a nice purple-y grey effect especially over black liner. And I picked up the turquoise liner from the essence beach cruisers collection (which looked like nothing special in the press release, but the liners and polishes are actually really nice). The turquoise liner is kind of a jelly texture with some glitter in it, however, the glitter is not scratchy or irritating at all. It says on the bottle the liner would stain the skin but I applied it over a white pencil and it removed just fine, no staining or weird marks whatsoever. I will wear that liner a lot in the hotter months, it’s such a nice pop of color.

-I am in such a summery mood at the moment. Probably because the weather was really sunny and nice recently. I am all for the turquoises, corals and bright reds at the moment. My Call Me Bubbles quad by MAC was at my side a lot, also my light pink blushes like MAC’s The Perfect Cheek and my beloved MAC Crew cheek powder, which was actually marketed as a highlight I believe.

Photo 20-04-2014 12 23 32

3. Media shizz
– I’m in the last season of Friday Night Lights and I am super emotional at the moment, so that is a brilliant mix. I already miss everyone, and I both eagerly await and dread the very last episode. I can’t wait to see the Smash and Tyra again but it’s also heartbreaking that it is over.

-I’m all caught up on Vikings and have already pre-ordered the second season on dvd, it is SO good, and before you ask I love Aslaug and Lagertha in different ways but equally and I am not mad at Ragnar. I was, briefly, but he and I, we are good now. What irks me a little are the blatant mistakes that were made in the wedding episode. I know they were probably made to make it easier for the viewers but it doesn’t change the fact that they are wrong and I know better, and  for some reason it really pissed me off. Why make such big compromises now, after being so relatively close to science before? Oh well, my ranting won’t help anyone so I’ll quit it here, but still. Hnph.

– I finally got the Diamond Edition of the Little Mermaid. It is my favorite Disney movie and the Diamond Edition has the English version as well as the German dubbing from 1989 and the newer one (which I choose to ignore). I have the 1989er dubbing on VHS and kinda grew up with it, so getting the newer dubbing wasn’t an option. I just had to preserve this movie in a different medium so that I can still watch it after the last VHS recorder has died, right? Right!

– Over Easter I started my Harry Potter project and re-read the first volume again. How could I have forgotten how much I loved this and how well-written it actually is. It was like coming home, reading about Harry and Hogwarts again. I kinda can’t wait to read the Chamber of Secrets but I’ll have to figure out my thesis crap before I can get into that.

-What else? Oh, I’m still obsessing over Subway to Sally’s MitGift and Delain’s The Human Contradiction at the moment and on Friday Epica’s new album is finally coming out, but I may have to wait another week before I can get it -.- You see at the music front it is a bit boring at the moment.


I guess that was that for this week, and now let’s move on into a (hopefully VERY) productive new one!

Bye guys!

Sunday Round Up #18

Good day, guys! How was your week? Mine was stressful, with a lot of work strewn in but towards the end it got much better. Once again hard work paid off, I am always glad when that happens. Also, my contract at work turned into an unlimited one, not that I would want to work there for the rest of my days but it is nice to know, that my job is not going anywhere. Anyways, here is what I’ve been playing with over the week:

Photo 06-04-2014 21 51 29

1. Make Up Stuff

I did some shopping this week and I picked up two basics that I will get a lot of wear out of. I chose essence Cookies&Cream eyeshadow in 02 Macaron, c’est bon a light peachy-pink shadow with a silver-white sheen. It is a baked shadow, which I am normally not a big fan of, but all of the baked powders from the Cookies&Cream collection be they shadows or the blush are incredibly soft and smooth. I believe I have never touched any powders that were so soft. And I was a good girl, too! I only picked up the shade that I didn’t have in my collection yet and left the other shadows and the blush which were dupes to colors I already own at the store. Yay me!

The other shadow I picked up was Babushka me from the Kalinka Beauty collection which was on clearance. It is a medium neutral golden brown with a satin-y sheen. I didn’t have such a brown in my collection and it is a great crease color, very subtle but gives a nice sculpting effect. I am wearing a look with these two shadows today  and I am really pleased. The shadows hold up great and are very nice and subtle.

I found a new lip combo while going over my stash  and it contains – lo and behold – a lipgloss. Over the last couple of weeks I had a big issue with dry flakey lips and nothing could heal them. The only thing I could do was keep them as moisturized as possible. Recently I have been wearing Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in 070 Airy Fairy a lot. I still like my nude lips but when I don’t have time for a strong eye I need a little more color on the lips I find, so I don’t look completely dead. Airy Fairy does that. It is a light mauvy pink with a creamy finish, it is not drying but it is also not the most moisturizing lipstick on the block (blog?). To add a specialy moisture boost I added the No 7 High Shine lipgloss in Smile. The color is similar if a little lighter than Airy Fairy. The gloss goes on very balmy with a creamy sheen and it is indeed very moisturizing as promised on the tube. In combination with Airy Fairy it becomes an opaque moisturizing cream with a beautiful buttery shine on the lips, very cushiony and soft. It really covers imperfections and smoothes over the lips, I am in love with it!


2. (Cold) Tea

‘This is a bit of a sensitive topic. I feel like I fell for a scam. Let’s face it I DID fall for a scam. And hundreds of people with me. Turns out every tea is a cold tea. So there.
Well, the weather has become really nice and warm here, finally and I had to break out my favorite tumbler again and dig out my cold teas. Only problem: I have a green tea, a black tea and only one caffeine- free peppermint tea (what else). Now, after my mum said that those cold teas must have been processed in some way to yield flavor in cold water I kinda had to prove her wrong and went ahead and dipped any tea bag in my collection in cold water and lo and behold (I have to stop using that expression!) it worked. Cold water may not be able to pull as much color out of the bags but it definitely flavors the water enough for me. What I like about my cold teas is that the flavoring is light and therefore really refreshing and at the moment I have at least two usually three or more cups a day. Needless to say that I have been really good about meeting my hydration goal lately.


Photo 06-04-2014 21 54 41

3. Broken Book Ban and new Music

Well, well, well. I did it. I broke the book ban. I bought a new Susan Elizabeth Phillips book, devoured it and it was okay. Next I received the new Veronica Mars novel. I devoured that and it was REALLY good. I am so sad it is over and we don’t know yet when the next one will be out, only that there is going to be another one. If you loved the series and the film you will love the book. Oh, by the way, I’m still not able to download the film from iTunes. I should just give up and wait for the dvd (which will be out in July).
Aaaand I went to the library today. I wanted another Fitzek but I ended up with two Hjorth & Rosenfeldts’, books 1 and 2 in the Sebastian Bergman series. I’m about 15 pages into the first and I like it a lot so far. But really, if you got something from the library you are not really breaking the book ban, right? Right!

The new Delain album The Human Contradiction (can we please stop for a second and appreciate that name?) launched on friday. Because I ordered directly from their record company my copy arrived on wednesday, woohoo. And woohoo indeed, it is really really good! The lyrics are probably a little darker and the sound is heavier but I love that. All of my favorite bands seem to go heavier at the moment and I am so ridiculously pleased about that! I still need a little more time with this album but, yeah, so far I really REALLY like it.


4. Empties

Quick round of empties before I let you go: I finished a pack of my peppermint green tea. It happens to be a cold tea but I love this flavor so much I would have bought it anyway and it so happens I already have a back up, it is just so good. Next up is my Naomi Campbell Cat Deluxe At Night shower gel, love the scent, I’m on the second bottle of the perfume and really liked the shower gel. This came with one of the perfumes, I won’t buy the full size though, I still have enough shower gel to finish up before I can even think of buying a new one.
I finished a bottle of my Elnett  Ultra Sleek hair spray. Smells nice (roses!), does the job and doesn’t make my hair crisp or oily, already have a back up of this in use.
Last but not least I finished my trusted Balea Wellness Foot Lotion Grapefruit Mint. Liked this stuff a lot and will have to get a comparable product soon. Unfortunately they don’t do this particular scent anymore, will see what they came up with for the new version. Actually I might even take a look at their more moisturizing offerings, whatever tickles my fancy.


That’s it, a big tick under this week and now on to a happy successful new one!

Sunday Round Up #12: Weirdo Empties, Hydra and Finals Season

I owe you  a Sunday Round Up even though it is technically already monday in Germany, oh well!
Today consisted of volunteer luncheon at my church, studying and sleeping.

Finals Season is underway and I am writing an exam tomorrow afternoon, I had a major presentation this week (which went well, yay) and you just can tell that everything is coming to an end. For some reason I am really calm this year, really focused. I kinda blame it on the new diet but it may just be me getting better and more whole and healthy every day. I love what I’m doing right now and I am so grateful my hard work pays off!

Another thing I am all over at the moment is organization. Organizing my room, my possessions, my life in general. This week I couldn’t do all that much but I made plans for after the Finals Season. One of my plans is to make little organization goals every week like ‘sort one board in the bookshelf’, ‘organize one drawer of the closet’, etc.  Also I want to start, I guess you could call it a diary, taking notes on movies/ TV series I watched, books I read, products I used, just generally things that stood out to me; and infected by the filofax-hype that is going on in the German blogger/YouTube world right now I want to play around with doodles washi tape and stickers (Lord save me!)

I picked up Within Temptations new album Hydra today and it is amazing!It includes collabs with Howard Jones, Tarja, Dave Pirner and Xzibit. Yes, Xzibit. And guess what the collab with Xzibit is brilliant. I never would have thought Within Temptation Indie/Metal would work with HipHop but dear God it does! Other then that they have moved into a more electronic direction which is okay for me and they are not as poppy as they were in the Unforgiving album.
They also put 4 of their pop song covers that they did for dutch radio channel a while ago on the album: Radioactive (originally Imagine Dragons), Summertime Sadness (Lana del Rey), Let Her Go (Passenger) and Dirty Dancer (Enrique Iglesias ft. Usher). Now, I’m neither a big fan of Enrique Iglesias, Usher or Lana del Rey but the WT-versions of their songs are fab and Let Her Go is downright stunning.
Within Temptation have definitely moved away from their metal roots but I am strangely okay with it. So, if metal was never your thing but you do like indie stuff give them a chance, I can highly recommend their music.

Photo 01-02-2014 16 21 29

I’ve been wearing the same look all week long in a slight variation: Kosmetik Kosmo eyeshadows in Utaupia (all over the lid) and Toffee (blended through the crease) with either MAC Feline smudged on lower and upper lash- and waterline or (surprise of the week) my 3- year- old yet still functioning Maybelline Gel Eyeliner as a kittenflick. Add tons of Manhattan Long and Curl mascara, some Catrice bronzer to warm up the face and MAC’s Creme d’Nude on the lips and you got it all together.

I promised you weirdo empties so here we go:

Photo 03-02-2014 02 03 14

I finished a Balea Cream-Oil Shower Marula Nut Oil and Milk Protein. I love the Cream-Oil Showers they are soft and creamy and really hydrating and this particular one smells super nice too. Might repurchase this once I used up all the other shower gels and creams I have stashed away somewhere.
Next up I finished a Balea Refreshing Face Toner for normal/combo skin. Smelled nice, did it’s job, but I prefer toners that pack more of a punch towards clearing up blemishes. This one is probably more for people whose skin is nice to begin with.
Sticking with the skin care theme I finally finished up my Nivea pure effect all in one daily deep cleanser. This one is clay-based and as a mask it was really nice, as a cleanser it made my skin dull and greasy after a while. It seems like my skin just needs salicylic acid to stay clear. Won’t buy this again. It’s not a bad product, mind you,  it just didn’t work for my skin.
I also finished my nth tube of Nivea Soft cream. I really love this cream. It smells really refreshing, it’s not as thick and pasty as the original Nivea cream but still very moisturizing. I will definitely buy this again, but only after I used up all of my other body creams.
I also finished a essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer high gloss. This must be my 6th bottle or so and I am already using my 7th. Absolute staple for me, can’t be without it.
And I needed to include this because I love them so much and I love using them up, too: my .5mm ink longliner. I always have a back up pack of those around, they are my favorite pens to write with, they are so smooth and black ❤

And off we go into a hopefully productive successful new week!