[Project Clean Up] My Catrice Lipstick Collection (+ Swatches)

Remember way back when I started to declutter my make up? Yeah, I made some progress. I still have too much stuff but for now I have a big ass plastic bag filled with all kinds of make up and skin care that will make it to the wheelie bin soon. Either way I decided to leave my Catrice lipstick collection untouched for now, even though there are a couple of colors that I think will be cut sooner or later. In total I own a whopping 15 Catrice lipsticks and most of them have been discontinued, 5 of them are actually from before the relaunch. If you’d still like to see what I’ve got, right this way please!

Photo 14-04-2014 22 08 40

Let’s begin with some basic information. The lipsticks come in metal tubes. The Ultimate Shines in the silver tube are sheerer and glossier than the more creamy and opaque Ultimate Colors in the black bullet. The Ultimate Shines contain 3.5g /.12oz whereas the Ultimate Colors hold 3.8g/.13oz, they look as if they were the exact same size though. It may just be that the Ultimate Color formula is slightly heavier than the Ultimate Shine formula. Both formulas retail for 3.95€


Photo 14-04-2014 21 54 18

l.t.r.: Hollywood’s Fabulous 40’s C04 The Nude Scene, Out of Space C02 Discover Purple Pluto, Revoltaire C01 Colour Bomb, Urban Baroque C01 Marie Antoinette

The first swatches are those of limited edition colors. The Nude Scene and Colour Bomb are mattes, Discover Purple Pluto is multicolored glitter in a sheer purple base and Marie Antoinette is a creamy peachy nude. The formula on all of these is fine. The mattes are not as moisturizing as the other two, which was to be expected. The lasting power is good, better on the mattes than on the other two in this case. Colour Bomb is easily my fave out of those above, it is such a nice almost neon coral, can’t wait to wear this more again as the weather gets nicer.

l.t.r.: It's A Matt World, Hey Nude!, Frozen Rose

l.t.r.: It’s A Matt World, Hey Nude!, Frozen Rose

Above you can see the three regular lipsticks I own of my favorite formula Ultimate Color. It’s A Matt World is a matte orangey- red, think Lady Danger only a little redder. I LOVE this color because on top of being simply gorgeous it is also really creamy and comfortable to wear, you can barely tell it’s a matte lipstick unless you look into the mirror. Hey Nude! is a pinky nude and it is still available. Frozen Rose is a cool pink that I used to wear a lot. Generally the Ultimate Color formula is really creamy and moisturizing, deep colors and mattes naturally last longer than the nudes  and lighter shades, but generally I would say they come in around 4-6 hrs of wear.

l.t.r.: And The Oscar Goes To, Pink Panther, Simply Rosewood.

l.t.r.: And The Oscar Goes To, Pink Panther, Simply Rosewood.

The next batch are all from the Ultimate Shine line. Simply Rosewood is a rosewood color with some gloss and slip to it. This is more of a fall color for me. Pink Panther is a bright Barbie-pink with glitter. Don’t ask me why I bought it, this color is a lot of things but not me. For some reason I can’t part with it though. I’ll try to make it work over the summer. And The Oscar Goes To is the newest of my Catrice lipsticks. It is a purpley berry pink with a borderline metallic sheen to it. I love how this shade works with my skin. The Ultimate Shine lipsticks are glossier and slippier than the Ultimate Colors which means that the wear time is not as long, they just come off easier but again they are really comfortable to wear and not drying at all and despite having glitter in the formula Pink Panther doesn’t feel gritty on the lips.

l.t.r.: Rouge Satin Midnight Red and Spanish Red; Absolute Moisture Soft Coral, Gentle Beige and Gentle Nude

l.t.r.: Rouge Satin Midnight Red and Spanish Red; Absolute Moisture Soft Coral, Gentle Beige and Gentle Nude

These five above are all from before the relaunch. The Rouge Satins are a classic and wine red cream finish and formula. The Absolute Moisture lipsticks are just that really moisturizing with a little more shine and a little sheerer maybe. Soft Coral is a metallic orange coral, Gentle Beige is just that -a beige- but weirdly enough it is my favorite from the Absolute Moistures. It blends really nicely with my natural lip color and gives a very nice creamy nude. Gentle Nude is a rosy pink, a little muted maybe, a very nice your-lips-but-better color. It’s one of those that I definitely need to wear more, especially now where I am a little over the extremely nude lips.


If you were looking for good drugstore lipsticks I can recommen those two lines. The Ultimate Shines come in 8, the Ultimate Color come in 16 shades and they range from nudes to brights to darks.



Confessions of a Mascara Addict #2: L’Oréal, Manhattan, Catrice and Max Factor

Finally I got around to photograph the second installment of Confessions of a Mascara Addict. I put 6 new mascaras to the test and here are the results:



Photo 05-04-2014 16 50 13

Naked Eyes

My lashes are naturally rather straight and stubborn and a little sparse towards the corners. I am looking for a mascara that really holds a curl and emphasizes my corner lashes, makes my lashes in general really black, long and thick.


1. L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes

Photo 05-04-2014 16 37 02

Black, rubber brush, gold packaging;  this is almost a classic. I like it a lot. It holds a curl, volumizes and seperate the lashes. You can see one coat, in fact all of the pictures show one coat on my lashes. The wand is a really hard rubber brush that kind of stings when it touches the sensitive upper waterline  and the formula is perceptibly scented. The wand is a weird stumpy shape and really thick, all of those things aside though, it gives a nice result.


2. L’Oréal Miss Manga Mega Volume

Photo 05-04-2014 16 36 23

This one I am really impressed with. Super black, holds a curl and gives length and volume. It builds up really nicely. A couple of days ago I just wore two coats of this, some blush and natural lipstick and my lashes were really prominent on my face. Really thick and long and black without being clumpy. This mascara seems to have been received really controversely, some people love it, some people hate it, I count myself safely in the group of people who loves this mascara. The wand has normal bristles, is really big and flexible, it is cut in a conical shape with a sort of wave-profile along the outline. The thicker end really helps to catch the outer lashes.

3.Manhattan Ultimate Long & Curl

Photo 05-04-2014 16 37 44

I used to wear a previous version of this when I was maybe 14 or 15 and fell back in love when I picked this up when it was in offer. The formula seems to have fibres in it, which I quite like but  I know some people don’t. It makes my lashes really thick and long, doesn’t hold the curl that well but it is still pretty great. With this you have to be a bit careful that it doesn’t clump up, but I think as love as you don’t layer coat over coat on, you should be fine. This has a garden-variety mascara wand with normal bristles, if anything it is a little shorter than other brushes.

4. Manhattan X-treme Last WP

Photo 05-04-2014 16 38 13

This gives a very natural result and if you like that, this mascara is your thing. I prefer a little more oomph to my lashes so this is not really my thing. Aside from that it is not a bad product at all. The brush is long, slim and has normal bristles. It tints the lashes nice and black, holds a curl but doesn’t really volumize or lengthen.


5. Max Factor Clump Defy WP/ Covergirl Clump Crusher WP

Photo 05-04-2014 16 49 32

This is another one with a very natural result. Thankfully I got that 30% off or I would be really upset  about spending a lot of money on a mascara that I won’t wear or at least won’t wear much. This one really separates the lashes it holds the curl but the lengthening powers are not that great and it is not really volumizing. It has a slightly curved rubber brush, which generally I like but the formula just doesn’t do for me.  I am a little disappointed with this. Again, not a bad product, just not enough oomph for me.


6. Catrice Glamour Doll WP

Photo 05-04-2014 16 48 41

Out of the mascaras shown here this is by far my favorite. It lengthens, volumizes, separates and holds the curl until I take it off in the evening. I may have found a holy grail mascara here, plus at 4,45€ this is VERY affordable. I really like the slim long rubber brush, too. It allows me to apply the mascara without smudging it all over my eyelid.


Round up:

None of these mascaras irritated or stung my eyes, they are all easily removable with my bebe young care quick&clean cleansing lotion for sensitive skin. The ones that are on power rotation right now are the Glamour Doll and because I try not to use WP mascaras all the time not to dry out my lashes too much I switch it out with the Miss Manga on a regular basis.


If you still like to see some more mascara mini reviews you can read the first confessions chapter here.

Blogmas Day #4: My Favorite Red Lipsticks

My plan for today was to show you my favorite red lipsticks. Then the lighting was shit (there is no nicer way to say that) and then I realized that my favorite reds tend to be limited edition which is no good should you fall for one and really want to buy it -.-

Now, I hope you don’t mind but Igot the favorite reds down from 10 to 5 and 4 of them are definitely still available and drugstore and the third one is MAC, will be back in stores soon AND it has a very close dupe in the standard range, so I consider it still available.

Due to the lack of good lighting (I feel like we never properly moved past dawn today and then immediately on to dusk again) there will be no lipswatches for now, but I will add them tomorrow, when the lighting will hopefully be better!

Let’s hit it, Ladies and Gentlemen!

l.t.r.: Kate Moss 107, Rimmel Berry Queen, Astor Va Va Voum, MAC RiRi Woo, Maybelline Hollywood Red

l.t.r.: Kate Moss 107, Rimmel Berry Queen, Astor Va Va Voum, MAC RiRi Woo, Maybelline Hollywood Red

Photo 04-12-2013 21 51 38

as above: Kate Moss 107, Rimmel Berry Queen, Astor Va Va Voum, MAC RiRi Woo, Maybelline Hollywood

1. Maybelline ColorSensational 540 Hollywood Red
My most worn everyday-red. It is a muted blue-red, it’s almost like a purple. The formula is quite creamy and moisturizing. The color has a light sheerness to it, before swatching it on the back of my hand I was not aware how much the lipstick was actually working with the natural redness of my lips.

2. MAC RiRi Woo
My favorite ever matte. And this is MATTE. This is more like  a lipPOWDER than a lipstick. And it stays on through everything! I personally never had any problems with it being too drying on my lips on me it neither moisturizes nor dries my lips out. If you look up Temptalias comparison post on RiRi Woo und Ruby Woo you can see that the two are almost identical, they are both a beautiful blue-red that will work with many complexions. Ruby Woo is in the standard range and RiRi Woo is set to come back in a holiday collection soon, if I am informed correctly.

3. Astor Soft Sensation Lip Color Butter 016 Va Va Voum
Ooooh, how I love these *__* The Astor lipbutters are some of the best the drugstore has to offer and for relatively small money, too. The formula of these is soft and creamy without being slippery, they are highly moisturizing and have loveliest sheer but very pigmented glossy finish. After a while the gloss wears off and a nice stain remains. Compared to the others this is neutral to slightly warm red but bear in mind that this will work with the natural redness of your lips, too. I wore Va Va Voum here.

4. Rimmel Moisture Renew 400 Berry Queen
This is in the old packaging but correct me if I’m wrong Rimmel kept the old colors in addition to the new ones? Berry Queen is blue red in the same opacity as Hollywood Red that I mentioned above. The formula is super buttery and moisturizing an absolute winter staple.

5. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107
You knew this one would pop up didn’t you. Sorry for bringing it up again but it is so worth the hype! It is my most worn deep dark red, it is SO pretty. It has a considerable amount of blue to it and is very opaque. For a matte it is very comfortable to wear, one swipe and you’re done for the next 5 or 6 hours. Absolutely fab!

I wear my reds with the Lisa Eldridge technique  minus the lipliner by the way: I apply one coat, blot with a tissue and apply a second coat. It really prolonged the wear-time for me. I also found that if I start applying the lipstick from the corners of my mouth on my top lip it makes the application a lot more precise and I don’t end up with lipstick all over my face!

Do you have favorite reds?

P.S. On a lighter note: I wore the eye make up I showed you on sunday to work today (I usually don’t wear make up to work but today I had class before work) and my boss saw me and went ‘Oh my God, what happened to your eyes did someone hit you?’ When I started giggling, he realized that it was only make up xD.
I really like my boss. 🙂

Mini Haul: essence Dark Romance Red Romance Lipstick, Mystery Glam Quad +Swatches

People who know me a little bit and you may have guessed it from my blog title, I am quite partial to the darker side of things. And then essence came around the corner with a (clicheed) goth but goth no less collection aaand I caved and picked up two nailpolishes (reviews and NotDs of those will be up on the sisterhood blog soon!), a lipstick and one of the quads.

essence Lipstick 01 Red Romance

essence Lipstick 01 Red Romance

I always wanted to try one of the new black packaged long lasting, nicely pigemented essence lipstick and there they were two of them in the Dark Romance collection and of course I chose the darker one of the two going by the name of Red Romance. I haven’t worn it yet but it swatched really nicely. It is a nice wine color the way I like them. It has a sheen to it and glides easily on the skin. The scent is quite a classic lipstick scent but not overpowering or overly strong. The lipstick was 1.95€ for 3.8g/.13 oz.

essence Dark Romance 01 Mystery Glam

essence Dark Romance 01 Mystery Glam

The Mystery Glam quad consists of a sheer white golden shimmer, this should be a good highlight color it my work all over the lid too depending on what you are looking for. Then there is a dark shimmery blue-ish green. Colors like this tend to blend into a muddy black-ish cast, losing all of its green shimmer but we will see how it performs on the eye. Next is satin-finished antique gold which seemed to be quite pigmented and last but not least there is a dark blood red with a matte finish this one seemed to be  a little sheerer than the others but buildable (in the swatch above I dipped in my finger three times and layerd the color up). The Quad was 2.95€ for 5g/.17 oz. I have quite high hopes for this quad, the texture was really fine and soft.
Random fact: One of my favorite and most relied upon eyeshadow quad is the essence Over the Taupe quad from the standard range. It is the one I always reach for when I have to look polished and put together but not over the top.

I am out sick today so the promised face of the day with the new products will have to wait until tomorrow but I will include it in the Sunday Round Up.



The Eagle has Landed! Manhattan Lip Lacquer Swatch and Review

A couple of months ago the news hit that Rimmel’s runaway hit lipgloss/stick hybrid Apocalips would be picked up by Manhattan. You have no idea how hard I was partying on the inside when I read that.

I had been lusting after the Apocalips ever since Fleur de Force featured them on her blog but since then Rimmel had pulled out of the German market making it difficult to get my hands on them. I was thisclose to just hang my head and give up on them until I read that they would return under a different name.

Either way, they are here! I spotted the display with them a couple of days ago and yesterday I caved and picked one up. They were launched in six shades at 4.85€ for 5.5ml/.19fl.oz.

I chose a wearable creamy pink. On the display it said Reds Rock as the name, on the actual packaging it just says 50G (Manhattan uses numeral/letter combos as ‘names’).

Lip Swatch: Manhattan Lip Lacquer 50G Reds Rock

Lip Swatch: Manhattan Lip Lacquer 50G Reds Rock

The formula is very creamy and highly pigmented, it seemed to be neither drying nor overly hydrating but still very comfortable on my lips and is completely non-sticky. The doefoot applicator has a dip that holds the perfect amount of lacquer for my lips. The color is opaque in one sweep, lasted several hours on my lips and faded evenly to a light stain before disappearing completely.


Doefoot with a Dip

Doefoot with a Dip

If you are looking for an opaque lipcolor with a creamy sheen, stop looking, this is it!

Unboxing RiRi Woo: Comparison and Swatches

Skadi had to examine the parcel too 🙂
 Soooo, I couldn’t resist. I couldn’t help it. I had to. Even though I probably shouldn’t have. Anyways, I did. And here it is: RiRi Woo
I also bought the Stackable Travel Jars. No more logging around big shampoo bottles for a weekender *yay
Here you can see the embossing, and the new shape of the lipstick.

It is absolutely beautiful: A deep blueish almost pinky-cherry red, that comes off a little brighter on the lips than it looks in the tube. And it is possibly the mattest matte I’ve ever seen. My lips look like they have been powdered. I love that. But it is not for everyone, I know. Despite being such a hyped up limited edition product it comes in the regular MAC bullet with the RiRi signature embossed on the lipstick.
MAC has also changed the shape of the lipstick, I don’t know though, if just for this lipstick or for all that are to come.

I’ve been wearing the lipstick for roughly three hours now and so far it is holding up very well even though I had a big dinner and some tea, and despite being dry RiRi Woo doesn’t seem to be drying.

left to right: Red Racer, RiRi Woo, Deeply Adored, Dark Deed

I compared all of the red MAC lipsticks I own with RiRi Woo because I was worried it would be too close to one of them and therefore redundant but I think this lipstick is because of its finish so unique that the purchase for me is justified. On the back of my hand it does look quite similar to Red Racer, but in my eyes Red Racer is less blue, warmer and definitely glossier than RiRi Woo. Deeply Adored and Dark Deed are each darker and more berry or plummy respectively.

left to right: Red Racer (Satin), RiRi Woo (Retro Matte), Deeply Adored (Matte), Dark Deed (Amplified)

I love how even Deeply Adored is glossier than RiRi Woo. If you wondered what the difference between Matte and Retro Matte finishes is: Matte is in fact shiny compared to Retro Matte 😀

RiRi Woo will be available again in June. If you love matte reds and are okay with a rather dry lipstick you will love this one.